What to give for a housewarming party

Sun, 20 Jul 2014

Your friends or relatives purchased new housing and soon
move? Then very soon you will have to go to
holiday in honor of the housewarming. And at this moment you will face
problem of gift choice.

The housewarming party has been celebrated since time immemorial, and
coming into the house is not empty-handed. Choosing a gift is usually
due to a number of requirements:

– First of all, you should think about the benefits of the thing you
going to give. It must be useful to the owners,
rather than gathering dust on the closet;

– Try to take into account all the wishes of the owners, perhaps they have long
dreamed of buying any thing. It is time to perform this
a dream;

– The gift should be in harmony with the interior of the house;

– When purchasing a gift, consider age, social status
newcomers, as well as the experience of their life together.

So, what to give to the housewarming?

– Most often it is customary to give interior items. It can
all sorts of accessories – vases, figurines, photo frames,
luxury textiles. You can give the original coffee table
or picture. If newcomers love home plants, you can
to please them with a new flower, but when choosing it, proceed from
the dimensions of the apartment. A good gift can be a chandelier or sconce,
for the bedroom you can give an interesting night light. Can also
present a wall or mantel clock.

– Since ancient times, it is customary to give all kinds of housewarming
charms, talismans, symbols. You can donate a horseshoe or
Money Tree. If you are allowed to finance, then you can purchase
a product from precious metals. Your attitude to the owners will show
horseshoe made of wood, made by hand. This cute souvenir
will protect the house from trouble. A good gift will be
figure brownie. Today, straw is incredibly in demand.

– You can make a separate gift to the hostess and the owner of the house.
For women, the best solution would be cooking or cooking utensils.
book. And for the owner of the house a set will be just an irreplaceable gift.
construction tools.

– A great solution would be to buy household appliances, which still
no newcomers, but they need it. Give a good
electric kettle or coffee machine, microwave or
multicooker. Or maybe it will be a dishwasher. Choice not
limited to nothing!

– You can donate and furniture, especially if the settlers are
newlyweds. If you are allowed to finance, give them, for example,
upholstered furniture, a bed or a wardrobe in the hallway. Believe me, settlers
will be extremely happy with such a gift.

– Separately, you can present gifts with hidden meaning.
For example, an aquarium with water that will become a symbol of calm,
harmony and peace or scented candles, symbolizing
family comfort and warmth.

– If you are new to new settlers or you don’t know about them
tastes and wishes, then you can hand them a certificate,
for example, allowing you to purchase any household appliances, items
interior, dishes or anything. But remember that in no case
should give cash. But if you still accept this
the decision then make it original.

Your good thoughts and genuine wishes will bring into the house only
pleasant moments and memories, will give the newcomers the joy and

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