What to eat to lose weight? 4 steps tosuccess

chto-kushat-chtobi-pohudetKnowledge of what and what
the amount of food you need to eat to lose weight is easy, they will give
additional impetus to your efforts in the fight against excess weight.

Your daily diet for weight loss must necessarily
include vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and
healthy sources of protein and fat.

Keep your daily calorie intake for your
eat nutritious food and take part in
regular exercise – all this will allow you to successfully
lose weight and maintain your ideal weight in the long term

So, what do you need to eat to lose weight?

Caloric intake

Calories are a measure of the energy that we get from food, has
the greatest value for effective weight loss.

Daily caloric reduction of food by 500 – 1000 calories
less than what is needed for your body can help you
lose up to 1 kilogram a week, and is the maximum
recommended calorie deficiency for safe weight loss.

You can estimate your daily calorie intake by
multiplying your current weight by 25, if you are sedentary,
by 32 if your level of physical activity is low. Multiply your
weight at 38 if you are moderately active to evaluate daily
your body’s need for calories.

More precisely and in detail in the article: “Step 4. How to calculate
daily calorie intake.

Fruits and vegetables

Your daily calorie intake should mostly
consist of healthy foods that provide the body with all
essential nutrients for good health.
Add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your regular
food intake can help reduce the risk of developing heart
diseases, as well as some types of cancer.

Fruits and vegetables, как правило, содержат меньше калорий, чем другие
Food. They also have a mild effect on the level
blood sugar, thus, can help you control your
appetite. Nutritionists recommend eating fruits and vegetables during
time of each meal.

Whole grain products

Fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and
whole grain foods can help you feel full
longer. Accordingly, it will give you the opportunity to consume less.
calories during the day.

Examples of whole grain foods to eat to
lose weight are – bread and whole wheat pasta, brown
rice and oatmeal.

Such foods, as opposed to food made from
cleaned grains, help maintain healthy levels
cholesterol, improve the performance of your digestive tract and
reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Proteins and fats

And you include proteins in your daily eating plan, like
Do nutritionists recommend? For example, fish, poultry, beans and nuts can
help you get the right protein with extra healthy
nutrients. Fish and nuts also contain unsaturated
fats that can improve the health of your heart.

Now, following our recommendations, you know the exact answer.
to the question “what to eat to lose weight.” Good luck to you!

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