What to eat after training?

est-posle-trenirovkiAttempt to plan a visit to sports
halls or fitness clubs for many, especially considering the modern
rich and “busy” life, develops into a problem.

Naturally, time to think about what you will eat
after training, in a dense work schedule and not at all.

Although it may seem like a waste of time, but what you
eat after exercise is very important.

This is why nutrition for athletes after exercise is
one of the most important meals during the day, the correctness
which may increase or worsen their overall training. But sometimes,
This question causes confusion among practitioners, and not everyone knows
what to eat after class

Let’s analyze how we can try to get rid of
this puzzle.

Today in the article we will consider the following questions:

  • Why do you have to eat right after exercise?
  • What can you eat after exercise?
  • What can not eat after a workout?
  • How long should you eat after a workout?

It is a well-known fact that currently the right diets and
exercise goes hand in hand so attentive
analyzing what you eat during the day will give you the maximum
favor Obviously, the load on a full stomach can make you
lethargic, but complete abstinence from eating before exercise will not bring
no good

Do not make illusions that the less you eat, the better you
get the result. Only a combination of nutritious food with
exercise will have an effect.

Why should you eat after exercise?

For those who are actively involved in weight loss programs,
The most beneficial and important factor is nutritional and
balanced diet.

During training you spend one, two, and maybe more
hours, which leads to the depletion of your energy and fluid in
the body. That is why it is important to fill them in so that you can
recover as soon as possible and start next with ease
workout. Building muscle and maintaining it takes a lot
effort, and regular exercise will help you with this.

Your body also needs energy, so the food you
consume must contain enough calories.

What to eat after training?

zdorovaya-edaIn addition to water, after each workout (cardio
or power) you need to replenish your body with products
high in protein and carbohydrates. In addition, should
calculate how many calories you spend during your workout.

Depending on the number of calories burned, you should eat
exactly half of this amount.

So, after a workout you can eat:

  • eggs and toasts
  • fresh vegetable or fruit juice,
  • low-fat ice cream,
  • cottage cheese with fruit,
  • protein (protein) drinks,
  • cereals and skimmed milk,
  • dried fruit and unsalted nuts.

What can not eat after exercise?

Always stay away from any products that contain
fats. Fat is bad for you, especially after training, because
it slows down the rate at which your body absorbs nutrients and
digestion of proteins and carbohydrates.

You don’t want all the “right things” you ate,
had the opposite result?

It should also be excluded from the food for at least two hours after
the end of the workout all caffeine containing drinks (coffee, tea).

How long should you eat after a workout?

chto-est-posle-trenirovkiThe first hour after the end
training is considered to be the “golden hour” for your body;
means that the body’s glycogen stores are depleted and starts
conversion of glucose to glycogen.

The body needs glucose, which is actively consumed,
to replace the consumed glycogen in the muscles.

Along with the essential products after exercise, also
It is important to replenish the body with moisture lost through sweat. Therefore, in
For half an hour after a workout, you must replenish fluid and
restore the lost glycogen in your muscles.

Remember these necessary instructions on what is after
workout. Remember that you must restore fluid and
energy, compensate for the lost nutrients in your
body to stay strong.

Try to avoid overeating after work, but not
overdo it. After all, fasting does not bring you closer to your goal, but
will only slow down the real result. Good luck to you!

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