What to do when a mercury thermometer crashed.How to properly collect and dispose of mercury from the thermometer?

Вт, 22 май 2018 Автор: Ольга Понамарёва

Despite the recent popularity of electronic
and infrared thermometers, in every home still remains
mercury thermometer, because its measurements are considered the most accurate.
But this type of measuring instrument contains mercury, evaporation
which harm human health.

In order to break a thermometer it is not necessary to drop it. If a
thermometer for several decades, with shaking may
break off the tip, while the contents will scatter in different

But, and if the thermometer still crashed, what then to do?

First of all, do not panic. You can contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations or
eliminate the consequences of the accident yourself.

If a было принято решение о самостоятельной уборке, то к
this must be carefully prepared:

• at the time of harvesting, it is necessary to remove people in
another room;

• put on shoe covers or shoes that are not thrown away

• Wear rubber gloves.

• prepare a soap solution with soda, in which soda should
be at least 3 tablespoons per liter;

• Put the rest of the thermometer in a glass jar of water.

In the event that mercury balls hit the carpeting,
clothes or soft toys, things have to leave for good.
You can certainly try to erode mercury, but it will take 2-3 months.
And it should be done in a well ventilated area, where rarely
there are people. So the balcony for these purposes will not work.

Mercury balls from a flat surface are cleaned with sheets
paper. They need to roll up to each other to form one
big and roll it up on a piece of paper, carefully transfer it to a jar,
where are the remains of a thermometer. All smooth surfaces
contacted with hazardous metal, must be treated with soap and soda
water or diluted with manganese. The room must be ventilated and
2-3 hours to go there is not recommended.

How are thermometers disposed of?

In no case can a thermometer be disposed of on its own, but
all the more to throw in containers with garbage. Need to contact
to the Unified Rescue Service at number 112, and they will tell you where you can
apply, depending on the locality.

If a же остались сомнения по поводу присутствия паров ртути в
apartment, you can contact the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.
Experts will come and take measurements.

When the thermometer broke, you need to act quickly
clean thoroughly and then you can avoid unpleasant
effects of mercury vapor poisoning.

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