What to do if the water is rusty? Can shewash, how to filter rusty water for drinking: upholding,filter – what will help?

Пт, 10 ноя 2017 Автор: Юрий Федоренков

Drinking water from the tap, purchasing brown or
reddish tint, not only looks unappetizing, but also indicates
on the problems of the pipe or pipeline system through which it goes.
What to do if suddenly there was such

Causes of rusty water

The brown color of the water may be due to many reasons, and not
just because of rust. In most cases, this is due to the fact
that dissolved iron or manganese precipitates in water. This reaction
usually spend water sewage treatment plants to release
water from iron and manganese. Often this reaction does not reach
complete. Regulations that govern the quality of the supplied
water, set strict limit values, however,
it is almost inevitable that there will be post-precipitation in the pipelines.
A certain amount of rust is acceptable and completely safe.
However, this residual rust can be deposited in the network.
pipelines, which can be a real problem.

The cause of the staining is iron and manganese, which are in the form
oxides – commonly called rust and manganese dioxide –
pollute drinking water.

But how do these substances get into the water?

1. • After flushing the pipe supplier;

2. • Corrosion in the pipeline or household installation of drinking

3. • Through natural water pollution in its own

1. Utilities carry out cleaning system for several
once a year, or do not spend. These rinses are aimed at removing
deposits in the pipes. At these moments, there is a strong increase
loads on the system, and the consumer can receive colored water.
High pressure water removes oxidized water from the inner walls.
iron and manganese deposits. The supplier in turn tries
discharge wash water to minimize exposure to
consumer, but this is impossible without interrupting the water supply.

Even household filter systems are exposed
washing and it happens that one day a white filter
turns brown.

2. Another cause of brown water is the result of pipe corrosion.
Consequently, it may be iron oxide (“rust”) from iron
utility pipes that are carried by construction
works or pressure fluctuations by rinsing.

The cause for brown water can also be corrosion in household
drinking water system. The reason for this may be the removal of the layer.
zinc in galvanized iron pipes or improper construction
installation. This includes, in particular, ignoring elements when
installing different pipe materials or laying unprotected
steel pipes. The installation of the home installation must comply with
generally accepted technology rules defined by standards and
norms. Another reason for the corrosion of a drinking water installation may be
be improperly configured water softener system.

3. For self-sufficient people with their own well, of course
high levels of iron and manganese can turn water into
brown cocktail Naturally, self-care can also
cause corrosion in a drinking water installation.

Homeowners can also find humic acid in nature.
(humus), which cause darkening of the water. Here, however, water
often transparent, while iron and manganese
brown usually slightly kalamutyat water.

Exposure to rusty water

Per person

Essentially, iron is responsible for the brown color of water from
pipes. If the legal limit is exceeded, the water is no longer
meets the requirements. In addition to visual inconvenience,
the metallic taste of brown water does not meet the standards
quality. Effects usually do not affect human health, but affect
on perception from use.

On the question of the effect of rusty water on health can not easily
reply. On the one hand, iron and manganese are important.
microelements on the other hand increased absorption can
have a negative effect, for example, manganese on the central
nervous system. Brown water also greatly affects the underwear.
Consequently, this phenomenon is classified as disadvantageous.

A layer of rust in the pipes can also accumulate heavy,
toxic metals. Pipeline condition has a decisive role in
this issue.

To pipeline

The effect of brown water on pipelines is very low. To
reduce maintenance costs (cleaning) value
iron must meet the requirements of the norms. If the limit
Exceeded, it may cause damage. Corrosion in
to a large extent can lead to clogging or pinpoint
pipe corrosion. Brown water may indicate occlusal.
at the first signs of pitting corrosion. Household, compact testers,
can determine if the limit is exceeded and provide important
water quality information.

The effect of brown water on the technique

Often problems are caused by poorly soluble sediments that
may interfere technical equipment (can lead to blockages
or pitting). Victims can be domestic plants,
water heaters or filters. At the time it is better to abandon
use of electric kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. If a
filters can no longer work properly, substances can
get in line and affect the corrosion process. Another consequence
possible biological contamination of water. For check
water on microbes and bacteria suitable analysis of microbiological
parameters. Water with a brown tint should be checked for
the concentration of iron (also manganese) to determine whether

Rusty water – what to do?

When brown water flows out of the pipe, the cause is mainly
are cleaning deposits of iron and manganese. Although deposits are not
unhealthy many consumers are wondering what
do with rusty water.

Для начала — сливать воду 3-4 минуты и не пить
her. It is advisable to use all the taps in the home
household Thus, no particles of dirt can be
left in the pipes of the apartment or household installation at home, and high
пропускная способность воды ускоряет процесс

Attention! If a после 3-4 минут вода
it is completely cleared, it all the same cannot be drunk within 20-30
minutes Waiting period can be used to get
information on reported faults via the website or
local hot water line.

What if brown water continues to flow from the tap, and
the water company cannot provide information on the causes
pollution? В этом случае официальное требование должно
быть адресовано водопроводной компании
. In rare cases
It is also possible that microbes get into tap water during
pipe cleaning. It is recommended to find out the official information from
water supplier on what to do in the case of a rusty supply stand
water from the tap. And also independently perform a check.
plumbing to ensure that there are no harmful substances in the water or

Единственной мощной защитой от ржавчины станет
. It will trap oxide particles and allow
you use clean water. In the case of particularly rusted water
they pollute much faster. Filter needed on time
maintain and regularly replace filter cartridges or membranes,
If you have installed a reverse osmosis system. This is done in
first of all for the simple reason that the dirty filter is very
a variety of pathogens begin to multiply rapidly

Вспомним и про отстаивание воды. Can dial
water in pots and leave for some time. Impurities will settle, and
water will get a transparent color.

You, as a consumer, are legally entitled to
получать продукт заявленного quality. As well as compensation for
moral damage to repair or replace damaged equipment or
property. Also, if the supplier supplies you with water that is not
complies with regulations, you can be exempt from
payments for drinking water services.

Remember your rights and feel free to file complaints in
local water utilities. Usually they try to prevent development
events before the courts and promptly respond to claims.

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