What to do if a child is bitten by a tick: firsthelp. When a child is bitten by a tick: what to do and how to preventof this

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Ticks are small insects that are very dangerous.
because they often carry some pathogens
person Even with a single tick bite, the victim can seriously
get sick and become disabled. Consider in more detail what you need
if the tick bit the child and how to prevent

A child was bitten by a tick: what to do and what is the danger

Most often mites suffer such diseases:

1. Tick-borne encephalitis is an infection that affects the head
the brain of the victim. Its symptoms are high fever.
body, dizziness, weakness, fever, etc. To secure
from the development of this disease, already on the first day after
Bite need to enter immunoglobulin as a prophylaxis.

Also no sooner than ten days after the bite you need to pass
blood for analysis to investigate for encephalitis.

2. Tick-borne borreliosis is also a very dangerous disease, which
often asymptomatic. When she goes into chronic
form, then the person becomes disabled.

Tick-borne bolrreliosis is quite common in the territory of the Russian Federation. AT
as a preventive measure for tick bites, you must drink one
doxycycline tablet. This should be done no later than later.
two days after the bite.

3. Hemorrhagic fever is a virus that is accompanied
fever, internal and subcutaneous

4. Crimean fever is also accompanied by weakness and high
temperature. It is treated for a long time with the help
antiviral drugs.

What to do if a child is bitten by a tick: first помощь

First aid for tick bites provides for
such measures:

1. First you need to identify the tick. Для of this следует внимательно
inspect the body of the child. Most often, ticks “settle” in the hairy
parts of the head, on the neck, under the arms or knees, that is, in those
places where skin is thinner and vessels fit closer.

It’s easy to spot a tick – even if it’s small, it’s on the skin
The tubercle will be clearly palpable. If the tick is large enough
and has already managed to pump blood, then it will be on top of the child’s skin
visible (externally, this mite looks like a round bean of gray color).

2. If the tick is not strongly stuck, then his body will be
rise above the skin. Completely he had not yet managed to get through. AT
In this case, you can try to remove it yourself. but
if the tick has completely penetrated the skin, then you need to turn to
to the doctor.

3. To take the tick out of the child you need to carefully grab it.
with your fingers or tweezers and start slowly rotating in a circle,
gradually pulling it out. The whole process can be described as
unscrewing the nut.

ATажно знать, что спешить при этом нельзя, так как при резком
capturing the head of a tick can remain in the skin of a child that threatens

4. Next, remove the tick should be placed in a closed container and
put in the same slightly dipped cotton so that he could not die.
This is necessary for future mite research.

5. The bite site itself should be thoroughly treated with alcohol or
iodine. It is also advisable to wash your hands with alcohol in the event that
you touched an insect.

6. ATынутого клеща в баночке нужно обязательно доставить в
an infectious item to investigate it for infection (this
will help in time to make the child the necessary prophylactic injections).

You must go to the hospital right away if you have
the appearance of the child such symptoms:

1. Increased body temperature.

2. Pallor.

3. Weakness.

4. Headaches.

5. Nausea and dizziness.

6. Redness of the bite site.

What not to do if the child was bitten by a tick

To further exacerbate the situation, after a bite
tick can not do this:

1. It is impossible to put chemical liquids to the bite site.
(gasoline, acids, etc.), as they can cause a burn and

2. You can not dramatically pull the tick or let the child
do it yourself.

3. In no case can not prick the child any
drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

4. Do not squeeze the tick by hand.

5. It is forbidden to pull out a tick with a knife or needle. If a
же он полностью залез под кожу, то нужно обращаться к to the doctor.

6. You can not cauterize the tick with a cigarette or matches.

7. It is impossible to disregard a tick after detection (than
the earlier it is removed, the lower the risk of infection).

8. It is forbidden to apply various compresses to the wound.

9. Do not give the child antipyretic drugs, as they
will bring down the temperature, and it will be unclear how the child responded to
bite and whether he has an infection.

10. It is forbidden to lubricate mites with oil or cream. Despite
spread the opinion, it will not make him take out the head. More
In addition, in this oil the tick will die, and remove the dead insect
will be much more difficult.

ATажно знать, что перед тем, как погибнуть, клещ все равно
spit into the blood a large portion of saliva, which may be
infection so drown it can not be in the oil.

11. Do not squeeze the tick with your fingers. ATообще, желательно надеть
gloves, as the infection can penetrate into the cracks of the hands. AT
last resort, you can use a napkin.

What to do if your child is bitten by a tick: prevention

Before going to an area where there may be ticks (fields, forests,
places with lots of bushes, a river, etc.), the child needs
Be sure to vaccinate against possible encephalitis. Her course
includes two injections with an interval of sixty
days Further vaccination should be carried out every three years.

ATажно знать, что деткам до одного года такие вакцинации не
are held. For this reason it is worthwhile to think carefully before
how to take the baby in the forest.

As for vaccination against tick-borne borreliosis,
Unfortunately, it does not exist. For this reason, it is very important on time.
identify this infection and start treatment.

Also within a month after the bite you need to watch your
condition and see if the dangerous symptoms have appeared (red
circles at the site of the bite, rash, weakness, etc.).

A child was bitten by a tick: what to do to prevent such

The best treatment for tick bites is
prevent such an incident. Для of this следует придерживаться
such recommendations:

1. Before going to the forest you need to dress correctly. It means,
that the child should not have open areas of the body other than the palms and
faces. Legs, neck, back, waist and head must be
covered with a cloth.

In this case, it is desirable to wear a tight scarf and hood, and pants
tucked into high and tight socks so that the tick could not get through
to the body. The jacket or jacket should be with tight sleeves, which
Fit the wrist well.

Proper clothing in the forest is really very important.
therefore, adults and children need to be protected.

2. You can not leave a child in the forest unattended, as he
can get lost or wander into the thick bushes, where not live
only ticks, but also snakes and wild animals.

3. It is recommended to wear light clothes in the woods or generally white.
This is due to the fact that ticks will be clearly visible on such clothes, and
You can remove them even before they adhere to the skin.

4. It is desirable that the fabric of clothing was smooth and sliding. On
her tick will simply not be able to hold out for a long time and slip off.

5. Usually mites live on bushes with a height of up to one meter,
so if you do not want to meet them, then do not go on
высокой траве и кустам и не позволяйте of this детям.

6. When detained in the forest for longer than a few hours you need
use special anti-tick sprayers. They can
apply on outerwear or on the skin. In addition, most
such agents will scare away not only ticks, but also mosquitoes,
mosquitoes, wasps and other insects.

7. After returning from the forest, you must carefully examine
the child (especially the neck and hair), themselves and also their home
pets that were with you. Clothes need to shake out on the street and
thoroughly wash.

8. AT весенний и летний период лучше не приносить домой из леса
wild flowers or leaves, as in such trophies can easily
hide ticks and crawl out in the house.

9. It is not recommended to take with you too small children. it
not only dangerous because of a possible tick bite, it is also
because of the risk of a wasp sting, a snake, or the occurrence of a baby’s allergy to

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