What to do if a child has diarrhea – causesdiarrhea. What to do if a child has diarrhea – how to treat, how to properlyfeed

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Disorders of the chair in children – the problem is familiar to many

What to do if a child has diarrhea?

What safe therapies are effective for eliminating diarrhea
The child has?

What to do if a child has diarrhea – possible causes

Depending on age, number of bowel movements and consistency
fecal masses may be different.

The rate of bowel movement for children:

• breastfed newborns – 5-6 times a day, stools
yellow color, reminds gruel;

• when feeding with mixtures – 4 times a day;

• children at the age of 1-2 years – 1-2 times a day, the chair is homogeneous,
dense consistency;

• children older than two years – once a day, sometimes less.

The main cause of diarrhea in children is adenovirus and rotavirus.
infections. You can become infected in preschool institutions, schools,
hospitals. In addition to diarrhea, such diseases are accompanied
runny nose, cough, vomiting, fever.

Intestinal infections with diarrhea often attack children in hot weather.
of the year. Dirty hands, poorly washed vegetables, poor hygiene.
rules – all this is the cause of the development of salmonellosis,
dysentery. Diseases are characterized by frequent feces, in
fecal fluid masses present mucus, foam or blood.

When worm infestation is always a violation of the chair. With
this child has frequent bouts of abdominal pain,
decreased appetite, weight loss, skin
become pale, apathy and increased

Allergic diarrhea is accompanied by diarrhea, rashes or
other dermatological problems, itching. Required
review the diet of the child, exclude food-allergens.

Not fully formed enzyme system of the baby is not
can always fully cope with the digestion of food –
diarrhea begins, fragments are present in the stool masses
undigested food. Most often children have lactose
failure – the body’s inability to digest milk
sugar. Pathology is accompanied by bloating, emptying
intestine occurs immediately after feeding.

To provoke the occurrence of liquid stool in a child can
long-term use of antibiotics. Required посоветоваться с врачом о
possible replacement of drugs.

Irritable bowel syndrome is manifested by frequent emptying.
intestines, with severe abdominal pain, false urges
bowel movement. The disease can manifest in children after
first year of life.

With нарушении моторики желчного пузыря развивается дискензия
biliary tract – fats are poorly digested and absorbed
by the body. The child complains of abdominal pain, frequent
belching, bitterness in the mouth, diarrhea.

Frequent bouts of diarrhea indicate the development of chronic
diseases – dysbacteriosis, colitis, gastritis. Temporary
intestinal upset in a child can occur on the background of stress,
climate change when teething. Diarrhea in children
may be due to unbalanced nutrition, overeating,
use of incompatible products.

What to do if a child has diarrhea – in which cases it is necessary
Need a doctor?

If the child’s condition does not improve after taking
antidiarrheal drugs, diarrhea lasts more than two days –
need to see a doctor. Medical assistance is required if
feces there are particles of blood and mucus, feces have
dark, black, green or yellow color.

If severe diarrhea, vomiting occurs in infants, see a doctor
must apply within 24 hours. First you need
visit the therapist, he will prescribe the necessary clinical
research. After receiving the test results can
consult an infectious disease specialist or a gastroenterologist.

When you need to immediately contact

• if you suspect a fungal or severe food poisoning;

• with a sharp increase in temperature above 38 degrees, which is not
decreases after taking antipyretic drugs;

• diarrhea is accompanied by severe bouts of abdominal pain;

• with severe diarrhea in children younger than 3 years;

• if the disorder simultaneously began in all members

• if diarrhea is accompanied by muscle weakness, difficult
breathing and swallowing;

• with clear signs of dehydration – lips crack, eyes
sink, urine becomes dark, while crying tears
are missing.

What to do if a child has diarrhea – medicines and folk

Depending on the cause of diarrhea may be assigned
following drugs:

• intestinal diseases – enterosorbents, antibiotics,

• infections caused by various viruses – antiviral

• ферментативная недостаточность — facilities, улучшающие
enzyme production;

• dysbacteriosis – preparations containing lactobacilli,

• глистная инвазия — противопаразитарные facilities.

Что делать, если у ребенка понос, какие народные facilities
help get rid of diarrhea? For treatment strong intestinal
frustration at the child it is possible to prepare herbal broths on the basis
medicinal plants.

Mix the seeds of fennel, oak bark, sage in equal
proportions. Pour 250 ml of cold water 15 g of collection, insist 10
minutes Put the mixture on a small fire, boil for a quarter of an hour.
Give the baby strained broth 120 ml three times a day before
food intake.

Mix 30 g of cherry fruit 20 g of blueberries. Pour 15 g
collecting 250 ml of boiling water, cook for a quarter of an hour. Withнимать в процеженном
form of 55 ml three times a day.

Что делать, если у ребенка понос — чем feed

With диарее ребенка не нужно feed насильно. The main task
parents – to avoid dehydration. Need to purchase at
pharmacy special saline solution, diluted in accordance with
instruction. The amount of the required dose of the solution is determined in
depending on the age of the child and the degree of disorder.

Withмерное количество жидкости в сутки на 1 кг веса для
children of different ages:

• up to 12 months – 130–200 ml;

• from 1 to 5 years – 100-170 ml;

• 6-10 years old – 75-110 ml.

In addition to solutions, it is necessary to drink more pure water, tea from
chamomile, savory compote, rice broth.

With поносе из рациона необходимо исключить всю жаренную, жирную,
smoked, salty, sweet food. Gas-forming and reinforcing
reduction of the stomach properties of milk, legumes, cabbage,
sweet fruit, black bread.

Чем можно feed ребенка при поносе:

• boiled, baked, stewed fruits, vegetables;

• jelly;

• sour, astringent berries and fruits;

• vegetable soups with rice;

• porridges – rice, buckwheat, oat, cooked on

• dried pieces of white bread;

• dairy products.

Eggs should be given only as an omelet, boiled meat and fish in
small quantities. Breastfed babies continue
feed грудью, маме необходимо тщательно пересмотреть рацион.
Artists need to find a mixture without soy and lactose.

Diarrhea in children может стать причиной потери веса и обезвоживания,
therefore, parents need to be attentive to the disorder
chair in a child. If upset stomach is accompanied by strong
vomiting, fever – should urgently turn to
to the doctor.

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