What smells like a cozy home?

What smells like a cozy home?
Tue, May 27, 2014

In each house or apartment is special, unique to this housing.
smell. What smells like in the house? Buns, fried fish or maybe
recent repair? What smells like the neighbors? Smells are known
sometimes they even penetrate the staircase, and they are not always
attractive Their notes in a bouquet of homemade flavors add more
burnt dinner, trash can, cat toilet. Is it possible
get rid of unpleasant odors?

Sometimes at a party you feel so comfortable and cozy that
I don’t want to leave. It happens and vice versa – I want to leave
any room as soon as possible. Many don’t even
think about how much smell can affect our
mood. And they affect, and very much! People have long been
well versed in the smells and their miraculous power. If a
bad spirit in the house – everything goes awry. From ancient times in the huts
bunches of grass were hung, and the floors were swept up by twigs twisted from
freshly cut branches. There were also special rituals of fumigating,
under which used smoldering twigs of various plants.

Today in the home are widely used various aerosols and sprays,
improves odor in the room. But chemistry is chemistry. Improve the smell
indoors it is possible and in other ways – aroma oils,
incense sticks, natural flavors. Choosing
the smell for your home should be guided by only one
the rule is: if you feel joy when you inhale it, peace is
it is the “same taste”.

The house begins with a hallway. Rain clothes and shoes
dried here. A pleasant smell in the hallway will provide a couple of drops.
essential oil on the rug at the entrance. Citrus fruits are suitable for the corridor.

The best fragrance for the bedroom is fresh air. Flowers in the room
for sleep will be superfluous. To the selection of flavors for this room
should be approached very carefully. They have to reassure
relax. You can make some pads with your own hands.
Herbs: Lemon and Lavender soothe nerves, heather and hop cones
save from insomnia, jasmine and sandalwood are suitable for meditation.

Unlike the bedroom, in the living room is not only possible but necessary
place indoor plants. Flavors for the living room should
pick up warm, fit vanilla, mandarin. Living room can
fumigate with incense.

Children’s apartments should be left without flavors. how
It is known that many odors affect children much more than
in adults, too much excitement or aggravated drowsiness.

The kitchen is dominated by its own smells, therefore
There is no need to excel here. With geranium or mint oil
can get rid of unpleasant visitors – if you place
A bottle near the window, invasions of annoying insects can not
to be afraid of

The bathroom suffers from excessive moisture, so it must be
installed good ventilation. For aromatherapy room
This one fits great.

Well, if the office is the smell of cinnamon or mint –
These fragrances promote concentration. Set up to work
also smells of coffee, lemon and basil.

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