What should be able to child in 7 months. Descriptionall skills and indicators of physical development of the child in 7months.

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It’s funny to hear from outsiders: “Oh, quite a man already!”
meeting with the baby, is not it? As if he used to be someone.
to others! But this admiration is understandable: the child is becoming
more independent, and his actions – conscious.

And even mommy herself sometimes with a smile remembers how she wanted
earlier, so that he quickly matured and communication became mutual. Have
Do you have a similar desire? So, it is practically
turned and free time you probably do not
left. Of course, the seven-month-old peanut is very strong
selfishly demands attention to oneself. In constant communication with
waking kid is easy to note what he learned for
last month and what masters now.

What should be able to child in 7 months

A feature of this stage is the acceleration of the development of the psyche.
baby Have него в корне меняется отношение к людям, которых он
He sees: he would never give his smile to anyone, and the first
the counter will be endowed with only a wary look. Ours and others –
this gradation for the baby becomes decisive when meeting with
people. Joy and delight in communication are honored only
acquaintances. The rest of this favor must still deserve.

What does this indicate? Of course, about growing affection for
mother and to relatives, relatives – the peanut learns to relate to himself and
own behavior with them. This is an extremely important stage in the development of
communication skills with others. Kids who haven’t learned
fear strangers now, will not be able to keep a distance and
in the future, even as adults.

The babe is babbling syllables “ma-ma”, “pa-pa” and others, with
This is so funny sometimes mumbles something. He is able to understand what
talking to him. But it is rather difficult for a doctor to verify this: baby
you need to calm down, there should be native faces around it so that it does not
distracted and not frightened, seeing a stranger in the room. therefore
better if small checks will be done by mommy: when
are called familiar animate or inanimate objects, baby
turns his head in that direction or searches with their eyes.

Now begins a funny, though very important stage of development
child in 7 months: he tries himself in imitation. Watching dad
tapping on the table with his hand, the child is trying in all seriousness
repeat this movement. And there are more of these moments,
that gives a lot of positive emotions to adults watching
such touching behavior of a maturing toddler.

The little naughty boy already understands what toys he can get, and
what he can’t reach. He invented a game for himself: take the item
try “on the tooth”, and then quit and start all over again. Such
the circular reaction continues until something distracts him.

By the way, about the try “on the tooth”: on the recommendation
Ministry of Health, from the age of seven months to a normally developing baby
You can give crackers and cookies. With their help, he is not only
satiate, but also satisfy the natural need for biting with
chewing. From the new products in the menu, baby yolk added
chicken eggs, and the variety of permissible cereals and fruit puree
allows you to form his taste preferences.

Parents should know that a child should be able to be 7 months old,
since at each stage of development certain forms are formed
skills. In the absence of progress, it is better if the reasons for the backlog
will determine the doctor. Behind recommendations to experts costs
apply in cases where the child by the end of 7 months:

– not trying to sit down, even holding the hand of an adult;

– do not knock with ecstasy cube on a hard surface;

– does not try to draw attention to itself with the help of sounds;

– does not press her cheek against mommy’s face, showing

– does not caress for native people.

If you see that there is a discrepancy on the specified
parameters, do not be alarmed. Remember that the trajectory of development
each baby is purely individual. But if really
there is some lagging behind peers, then you need to identify
it as early as possible, to adjust, until all vital
important body systems are only being formed.

The physical development of the child in 7 months

By the end of 7 months, the weight of the baby has increased by 600 g, and he has grown
2 cm. The respiratory rate is gradually increasing and now
is just over 30 in 1 minute, but for one inhale-exhale
there are 3 heartbeats. These readings are practically not
will change to one year old.

Standard indicators developed by WHO pediatricians for
age of seven months, allow us to estimate the level of physical

For girls:

weight should be 6.8-8.6 kg, height – 65.0-69.6 cm

head circumference – 41.5-44.1 cm.

And the boys:

weight to match the range of 7.4-9.2 kg, height – 67.0-71.3

head circumference – 42.7-45.2 cm.

Baby gradually preparing to walk, so confidently
crosses legs upright position supported by
mice. He is already completely independent: able to crawl, sit
almost without the support of adults, climb on all fours. If there is
reliance, the world, of course, has not yet turned, but on the knees
rises easily. therefore за непоседой нужен глаз да глаз: очень
it’s hard to keep him in one place.

Exercise for a child at 7 months

The main focus in developing the skills of a child after six months is
on crawling since it works great for strengthening many
muscle groups of the trunk and limbs. In the charging complex include
without fail:

– turn from back to belly;

– turn from the abdomen to the back;

– arching;

– squats;

– circular movements of the hands.

Simultaneously with the physical, the child’s speech development also occurs.
at 7 months, so you need to call all your actions next to
the child or performed with him, repeatedly repeat the words,
while pronouncing them clearly, exaggerating the articulation. You after all
paid attention to how closely the crumb monitors
moving lips of an adult during a conversation? Notice that
sometimes he even tries to reproduce their movement himself, although all this
and far from perfect yet.

Knowing that a child should be able to be at 7 months old, complete the usual
a set of exercises with several more useful for strengthening
required muscle groups.

1. Bending the legs. All actions from
supine position. Take the baby by both warm legs
by hands. First together, then in turn bend and unbend
legs in knees: bend and unbend the left foot, then right, and
finally both legs at once. These techniques are repeated 6 times, they help
develop the muscles of the limbs and joints.

2. Coups. Starting position – lying on
back, performed 1 time. Ask the child to lie on the tummy,
help him. To do this, turn his buttocks with a basin in a bit
side of the coup, and then he will cope. Do not forget that
the child perfectly distinguishes the emotions of adults, therefore
Praise him to hear the approval in his voice.

3. Squatting. This exercise,
crawling skills are already familiar, but your
the baby has grown up and now the implementation can be complicated.

Starting position – lying on спине, выполняется 2 раза. Finger
one adult’s hand is clamped by the crumbs in a fist, and the second hand
should hold his knees.

Take the pen to the side to the side, gently ask him to sit down.
When he takes the desired position, run your hand smoothly along
spine (bottom to top). In response, the back is reflexive.
unbend. Then gently lower it to the right side.

Charging for the mental development of a child in 7 months

All that a baby must be able to do at the age of 7 months must be developed,
otherwise, all processes will not proceed according to the age schedule, but with
lag, which will certainly affect further success.

When communicating in every way provoke a repetition of your unpretentious
words, the pronunciation of the names of the surrounding people and objects.
Strongly, in the form of a game, learn to perform elementary actions.
following the example of adults. And be sure to encourage crawling, getting up
on the knees, walking with a support to start.

To develop speech and enrich the baby with impressions,
show animals, clockwork toys, making with their help
primitive actions available for repetition of the crumbs. By the way
fun no longer need to hang, they are better to put next to
crib, playpen or on the floor.

From this age it is best to offer a toddler
various pyramids, balls, folding nesting dolls, boxes that
easy to unfold. They should be multi-colored, sounding and
bright. At the same time, cubes are still relevant: the crumb learns them
folding and enthusiastically trying to knock them on each

Крайне важно: Вы нужно стать самыми болтливыми
parents in the world, because only in constant communication fully
developing baby. Children’s pediatricians say that age is from 0 to 4
years – the most favorable period when everything turns out
by itself, naturally. If time is lost and the little man does not
received the necessary attention, the further development process
will not go as successfully as it could be and will require
much greater effort on the part of both the child and adults.

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