What should be able to child in 5 months. Everything aboutnormal physical and emotional development of the child in 5months.

Пт, 10 июл 2015 Автор: София Солнцева
Well done, sit down, “5”! However, no, do not sit down yet. Your
the baby is already 5 months old, but this skill is only being formed.
It is not necessary to force him down, but development should be helped.
without fail

Let’s see together what else yours can or can’t
tiny Miracle, what age parameters exist for it.

What should be able to child in 5 months

Surprisingly: only about three dozen days have passed, and the baby
so strikingly different from the same four-month! He learned
the delights of staying upright and often asking,
to be raised, because it is incredibly attracted by a huge
the world around. Hearing someone’s voice or strange noise, peanut
instantly turns on him.

Baby confidently relies on her hands in the prone position,
raises and firmly holds the head. The movements are almost completely accurate.
when he wants to take a rattle. He is already mastering a new look.
movement: learning to hold large objects – a non-spill cup or
soft toy.

If you support under the arms, it is already quite firmly on its
legs. On the flat surface of the crib, the baby is quite easy.
turns and turns around itself, so in a dream
is located in the most bizarre way, to the extent that
the cushion you can see pink heels instead of sniffling

Child development at 5 months is still based on congenital
reflexes, but now they play a lesser role. If before
karapuz smiled to all persons indiscriminately, now he is already my mother’s
smile with anyone not confused. He learned to distinguish between timbre and
voice intonation. It is necessary to talk with the baby unhappy, stern
in a tone of voice that he will sniff and begin to whimper, or even cry at all.
In response to the gentle, cheerful tone of the crumb will smile with might and main,
gazing at you happily eyes wide with immense

And you noted with what keen interest he watches
How and what do adults eat? And even trying to reach them
food? This indicates that it is time for you with a pediatrician.
already think over the mechanism of the introduction of the first complementary foods and its menu. After all
The coming age of 6 months, as recommended by WHO, is
optimal for the introduction of a new type of food for babies.

The child is already able to perceive the world more holistic and learn
previously seen items. So even if you partially hide
bottle with a little water under the towel, he still finds out
habitual source of drinking and reach out to her when she feels

The activity of the little researcher in the knowledge of the material
the world knows no boundaries: he stretches his arms literally to all
available items. He really wants to touch everything, hold it in
palms, taste it. This is no longer at the level
instincts, namely consciously, independently.

Внимание: ни в коем случае нельзя наказывать
baby for inquisitiveness, slapping his palms, as this
will inhibit the normal development of mental processes.

Recall the Japanese education system, where children can do everything for them.
no one says no! But read more and you will understand that speech
It is not about permissiveness, but about caution. Knowing clearly that
a child must be able to at 5 months, parents simply remove from the field
The view of a little Japanese is all fraught with danger. But the fact that
left – please touch your health. What prevents us
learn from this wise experience?

The baby develops very quickly and it is important not to make a mistake, not
start comparing it with other peers: one friend
the little son is smacking a rusk with might and main, the other almost sits on his own. AND
here senseless experiences and excitements begin.

Let your little son and daughter develop as they do
comfortable And to feel calmer, compare skills
child with those indicators that are proposed known
pediatricians of the world. The age of 5 months – the border to form
some skills. Therefore, you should be concerned and sure
consult a pediatrician if baby at this stage:

1. with great difficulty can roll over from the abdomen to the back without
help (or not at all);

2. when lifting the palms from the supine position still
throws back the head and holds it uncertainly;

3. makes no attempt to rest on the fingers of the legs when it
held vertically;

4. hesitantly pulls the handle to the toy of interest, often
misses trying to take it;

5. can not calm down and continues to cry, even if he plays
calm music or mom will sing;

6. does not reproduce clear syllables like “ba-ba”, “ha-ha”;

7. not looking with a look called familiar objects or people
for example, in response to the question “Where is the grandmother?” is not trying to find her

6. does not distinguish benevolent and dissatisfied tone (or facial expressions),
does not stop crying when they begin to communicate with him.

Physical development of a child at 5 months

By this time, baby weight has doubled its weight, who had at

Mean parameters (age indicators developed by WHO)
which should ideally correspond to the crumb:

– the mass of girls corresponds to the range from 6.1 to 7.8 kg, and
boys – from 6.7 to 8.4 kg;

– growth of babies ranges from 61.8 to 66.2 cm, and babies – from
63.8 to 68.0 cm;

– head circumference of small beauties – 40.2-42.7 cm, and
handsome men – 41.4-43.8 cm.

In children, the depth of breathing gradually increases, because
development of the lungs. AND в 5 месяцев средняя частота дыхание
makes 35-40 breaths per minute. Digestive organs all
still immature, therefore it is too early to introduce lure, only in the form

Do not forget that such indicators describe the “ideal”
toddler, but in fact and physical, and psychomotor development child
at 5 months is uneven and may differ from
The above standards. Therefore, worrying because of any
minor discrepancies, you should consult a pediatrician,
overseeing the development of your son or daughter.

Charging with a child of 5 months

Exercise with the baby should be
half an hour of pleasure, causing him to associate with the game.
Accompany all actions with a score that helps nurture a feeling
rhythm You can also include pleasant, fun music. You
you notice, if she pleases karapuz, then he is pretty fast
will begin to move her to the beat.

Swimming, massage, movements are directed at this age to
strengthening the central nervous system, the development of joints,

In the arsenal of already accumulated exercises, you can add new ones,
aimed at the development of emerging skills.

1. To strengthen the abdominal muscles, the development of the vestibular apparatus,
You can put your baby’s tummy on your open palms so that
his thumbs are located on his lower ribs on the side. Legs
heels should rest on the chest holding. Lift the baby in
horizontal position, imitating the flight of the aircraft. You can even with
smile to hum, representing the hum of the motor. Watch how
The body of the crumbs is slightly bent in the lower back.

2. To develop the abdominals, strengthen the back muscles and
front surface of the neck recommended exercise on a kind
squat. Put the toddler back. Put in your palms big
fingers of his hands, he must reflexively hand over the cams. Remaining
clasp your wrists with your fingers. Spread the knobs apart.
pull over until he sits down. Raise the handles, connect them
at the top, grab and hold in this position with one hand.
At the same time, with two fingers, another across the back of the spine
down up. The child, following the reflex, straighten the back. After
This, supporting the head with one hand, lower it back to
surface. Youполняется не более 1 раза в день.

3. Continue to let the kid stray in warm water to
he actively moved the arms and legs. Be sure to support him
at the same time under the back or tummy, and certainly with him
speak up

4. Do not forget about fitball. Jiggle on this big ball
him carefully, so as not to frighten him, while lying on his back and on
the stomach. Control the surface temperature so that the crumbs are
comfortable AND обязательно… You же помните, правда? Sure to
tell in a calm, even tone that you are together

5. You обратили внимание, что иногда грудничок, лежа на животике,
as if pulling on the handles? This he masters intermediate
skill – crawling. Help him with this: put (put)
in front of him is an attractive toy a little bit more,
than the length of its elongated handle. You can put alternately and slightly in
side of the crumbs. Good for these purposes ringing tumbler – bright
the color and melodic overflow of sound rivets the attention of the kid and
He will begin to pull up to her on the handles (creep up). If this
time you put a tight roller under your heels, they will rest against them and
push off. So he gradually goes to crawling.

To improve and further develop what should be able to
baby at 5 months, it takes a lot of time with him
wakefulness period. You в таких бесконечных, но милых сердцу
worries, do not even notice how he will stand on the threshold of six
months – the age of big surprises.

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