What should be able to child in 3 months. Skills andphysical parameters indicating normal child development in 3of the month.

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The development of the child in 3 months is very fast.
The period begins when it is a pity to miss at least a moment nearby,
so fast it changes. After all, it’s not for nothing that the time is coming
go through a regular physical examination.

Doctors will assess the health of your baby, make conclusions about
according to developmental age criteria. But are all doctors
will be able to notice in minutes of communication? Of course not. You
should help them, because no one knows as much about the peanut as
loving parents with bated breath watching every smile
and a sigh of tiny Happiness. Let’s see what new skills
and abilities appeared to him.

What should be able to child in 3 months

Grown up baby just admires with its growing
curiosity. The body changes and the world starts playing
completely new colors. Put the baby on his tummy and he
raises his head, holding in this position for up to 15 seconds. Child
turns it easily on hearing any sound.

Now he gives untold joy watching faces
adults and their facial expressions. And with what pleasure he considers
bright objects caught in sight! Attention: reflexes
have improved and now he is not just reaching for the coveted toy, but
and should be able to grab her. The further fate of the first trophies
known – instantly in the mouth. This is normal, because
the way the child gets to know the world. But you can’t afford
so that small items are available that he can

The baby has become much more active and is able to roll over with
back on the flank. In addition, he began to rise on his elbows.
Such autonomy contributes to the self-awareness of man, as
individuality in the vast space around it.

Based on the fact that a child must be able to in 3 months, you can
understand whether there is cause for concern regarding the formation
necessary skills.

Call a doctor if at the age of three months

– does not hold the head for 1 minute, lying on

– not able to hold the head in an upright position at least
30 seconds;

– does not respond with eyes to the sound of a bell or a rattle;

– does not follow the bright toy moving in the field of view;

– does not smile when he hears and sees mom;

– lying on his back, does not play with his own legs and arms, not
looks at them.

Mental development of a child in 3 months

The smile of the baby has ceased to be a reflex and differs in different
situations: then joyful in the whole toothless mouth, then a little
alert, unsure. Have you heard the first real laugh
your toddler? If not, then it is about to happen. And not
it is simply impossible to laugh in response – the sound is so infectious,
like the sound of a crystal bell. Be sure to answer
smile and talk to him – that’s how it is from heart to heart
stretch the strings of future understanding.

Your child even crying is different now. Mastering science
to manage parents, the baby learns to be capricious. Now if
listen, you can already distinguish by crying when the baby
the real problem, and when he is just outraged: “Where did it go
Mother’s smile? “

The baby now needs the presence of people dear to him. Leave
him briefly alone – after a short time will begin to groan
and even cry. And as soon as you come to the crib, as he smiles
and begin to actively move the arms and legs. At 3 months baby even
knows how to “greet” your beloved mommy
charming and amusing sounds in his performance: “rrrrr”, “ve”,
�”Eige”, “Hey-hey.”

By the way, you have already learned to distinguish the kinds of your crying.
a little miracle?

1. When crying, rubs his eyes and lowers the head of the mother on the chest or on
pillow – tired, wants to sleep.

2. Hear silent sobs, and then a sharp increase in crying until
piercing – very hungry.

3. A very loud, sharp, irritated cry indicates
pain or severe discomfort. Can not understand what is happening?
Be sure to invite a children’s pediatrician, or visit it yourself.
(if there is no elevated temperature).

Physical development of the child in 3 months

Since that time, your baby has gained about 800 g in body weight,
body length increased by about 2.5 cm, and head circumference – by
1.5 cm. Of course, these are average values, they may not
coincide with the actual, because each baby has its

If you want to make sure that the physical development of the child in 3
month is normal, then look at the recommendations of the World
health organizations. According to criteria made
The world’s leading physicians, at this age, the following

– the mass of girls is in the range of 5.2-6.6 kg, and boys –
5.7-7.2 kg;

– the growth of future beauties ranges from 57.7 to 61.9 cm, and
heroes – from 59.4 to 63.5 cm;

– head circumference approximately corresponds to circumference

Your baby perfectly fit into the proposed framework? Oh it
wonderful! And if not, then do not panic anyway. With
lower rates may not be enough power, and at
overpriced, you probably feed your child. Should
consult with the pediatrician watching the crumbs to
identify ways to correct existing deviations from the norm.

Exercise, massage and play with the baby for 3 months

Everything a child must be able to do at 3 months is formed
gradually. Vigorous growth and development of karapuz should help
regular, daily classes. Physical exercise
contribute to the formation of skills of coordination of movement, strengthen
most important systems of the child’s body (respiratory,
musculoskeletal, cardiovascular).

The best time to warm up is the waking period of the baby,
when he feels great and in a good mood. Not
forget to warm up your palms so that there is no discomfort from
cold touch on delicate skin.

1. Put the child on the stomach, let him learn to keep more confident
head and trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Turning him back,
Take the pens of the baby in your own and cross them several (5-7) times
in front of the chest, then bend – straighten the legs about the same

2. Babies love to “swim” if parents properly taught
their bathing. Therefore, let the baby 10-15 minutes to chat
hands and feet in warm water, supporting under the tummy or

3. You can buy fitball and use it for exercise. Inflated
ball, check if it is cold. Put the baby on the surface
spreading his knees to the sides. Shake the child from the side to
сторону, придерживая его за backrest. Calm and smiling
talk to him so that the little one won’t be afraid of the strange

Massage should not be done longer than 10 minutes, as the child gets tired.
Mom’s hand movements should be energetic, but not rough.
There are various massage techniques (kneading, vibration,
shaking, tapping, rubbing), but the simplest is

– several times from the bottom up, run backwards on the back, and
open palms – from top to bottom;

– place open palms under the back of the crumbs at the level of the waist,
then move them to the navel at the same time until the arms are joined –
so transverse and oblique muscles are massaged;

– holding with one hand the feet of the baby at the heels, the second
circle in a clockwise direction around

– having put the child on a back, raise the left handle right
hand and stroke it with your left, moving from hand to shoulder, then
change hands and perform massage for the right handle;

– the exercise for the legs, the direction
arm movements – from foot to hip.

Games contribute to the full physical, mental and
mental development. They are simple, do not cause fatigue and
really like kids.

1. Help your baby roll over on his tummy. He will raise
upper torso, leaning on forearm. Lift in front
face a bright toy, then lower it. The baby will follow
interesting thing, simultaneously training the muscles.

2. Ring the bell (you can use a toy squeaker,
rattle) before the baby, so that he saw the object. And then
remove from sight and re-sound. Ideally peanut
should look for the source of the sound heard.

3. Play with your baby in hide and seek. Cover your face with your hands, ask:
�“Ku-ku, where’s mom?” And with your arms pulled back, joyfully exclaim, “Here’s mom!”
You will not notice how quickly the baby learns to play pranks in the same way.

4. Not забывайте о любимых нами в детстве «Сороке-белобоке»,
�”Ladushka”, “Boy-finger” and other games-rash games, which
at the same time develop thinking and entertain with palm massage and

The number of such games is limited only by your

Fundamentals of the future success of the child – in society, when learning in
school, in adulthood – are laid now, during
close communication with mom and dad. Feeling of constant contact
(physical, emotional) is a very significant condition for
its full formation. Stay close to him
constantly felt your love and care, talk to him when
every opportunity: bathing, playing, before bedtime. After all, ahead – new

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