What pulse should be for burning fat?

  • 1 What should be the pulse of cardio for burning fat?
    • 1.1 Formula for calculating the pulse for burning fat
    • 1.2 Effective pulse area
    • 1.3 Pulse while running
    • 1.4 Pulse for weight loss on a stationary bike
    • 1.5 Pulse for burning fat on a treadmill

Professional athletes have long known that for burning
fat during cardio training is very important to correctly calculate your
heart rate, then energy consumption will increase to the maximum and
fat loss will be much more effective.

How to calculate the heart rate and choose the best
the load that contributes to weight loss with cardiovascular such as
running on a treadmill, exercise on a stationary bike, on an ellipsoid, or
when walking?

Accurately calculate the optimal heart rate, effective at
cardio for weight loss, this article will help.

What should be the pulse of cardio for burning fat?

Calculate the pulse during cardio for fat burning can be
on their own. However, you first need to properly build your
training so that strength and cardiovascular
guaranteed to lead to weight loss.

Professional athletes know that with cardio load
heart palpitations occur, the pulse increases, providing
fat burning effect. However, for optimal results
It is necessary to maintain the heart rate in a certain
zone, not lowering and not raising it.

Experts are unanimous in what is best for losing weight
choose moderate and long enough loads that
performed in the fat burning zone of our heart rhythm.

It can be running on a treadmill at medium speed,
brisk walking, exercise on a stationary bike or on an ellipsoid.
The main thing is to keep the heart rate in one

What is necessary to control during training
your pulse:

  1. Thanks to the heart rate per minute
    Determine whether the load is right for you. When not enough
    intense training will not achieve the desired effect and
    lose weight. If, however, exceed the permissible figure and too
    �”Drive” yourself in the hall, then you can only harm your own
  2. Focusing on the pulse is much easier and more correct than
    focus on your own well-being during cardio
    for fat burning. While running on a treadmill or stadium
    many people give up after the very first kilometer, believing that they
    will be able to continue their cardio due to shortness of breath or strong feeling
    fatigue. In fact, at this point, their pulse in the fat burning zone
    reaches its optimal value, ideal for losing weight.
    To achieve the desired effect, you must overcome yourself and
    continue training
  3. With regular heart rate monitoring, cardio can
    always train in the fat burning zone, thereby creating
    excellent conditions for stable weight loss.
  4. By controlling the heart rate with cardio, you can
    calculate calorie consumption correctly.
  5. Be sure to count the heart rate should people who have
    some heart problems.

The formula for calculating the pulse for burning fat

What should be the pulse rate for burning fat and how
to calculate the pulse for fat loss by yourself? Make it be
it is easy if you know a special formula. However, to begin with
find out which heart rate indicators are normal for

Consider the average values ​​for a person not aged.
over 35 years old:

  1. In a calm state – from 60 to 80 beats per minute
  2. When warming up – from 95 to 115 beats per minute (50-60%).
  3. In the activity zone – from 115 to 135 beats per minute
  4. In the aerobic zone – from 135 to 150 beats per minute (70-80%).
  5. In the endurance zone – from 150 to 170 beats per minute
  6. Danger zone – from 170 beats per minute (90-95%).

The most important thing in every aerobic workout for fat loss is
avoid falling into the danger zone when the body begins to work

Regarding the formula for determining the optimal heart rate
при кардиотренировке, то она достаточно проста: от
maximum self-pulse rate you need to take away your
age, then multiply the resulting figure by the minimum and
максимальный процент
. This formula has long been taken to
arming with many fitness trainers.

The formula for calculating the pulse for burning fat:

220 – age = A

Lower bound: B = A x 0.65

Upper limit: C = A x 0.85

Many nutritionists believe that the intensive breakdown of fats
only leads to a long workout with minimal

An ideal example of such a fat burning training: running on a treadmill
track at an average pace (its duration should not be
less than 40 minutes), as well as interval running, in which alternates
running with maximum and low speed.

Effective pulse area

Effective pulse area для сжигания жира — это 
optimal heart rate for burning calories and staying in such a zone
with cardio training, you can get the desired
the result is a steady decline weight.

Fat-burning area for weight loss with cardio for humans
at the age of about 30 it is considered to be from 115 to 130
beats per minute.
It is precisely at this pace that our body
able to burn the maximum number of calories (respectively
fat) during exercise.

In this rhythm you can work in the hall for quite a long time.
time, thereby ensuring maximum fat burning. If a
According to the scientific data, in half an hour of classes in such a zone, you can
burn approximately 150 calories, of which 75 calories is
directly fat itself.

If a работать с меньшей интенсивностью, жиросжигание будет
occur more slowly. With increased load the body
exhausted in a short time, and the desired effect for losing weight and
will not be reached.

Pulse while running

Many people are interested in what the pulse should be when running for
fat burning. To ensure maximum fat burning while running,
it is necessary to remember that the total is more important
the duration of such a workout, not its intensity.

In other words, it’s better to run half an hour on average or slow.
pace than run 15 minutes at maximum acceleration. At first
option running calories burned more, respectively, the result
fat loss will also be achieved faster.

The main thing is to control the heart rate,
чтобы держать их постоянно в оптимальной зоне – примерно
140-150 ударов
. The exact formula for calculating the pulse in the street
is pretty simple, and determine your ideal indicator will be
not difficult.

Pulse for weight loss on a stationary bike

How to calculate the perfect heart rate for burning fat with cardio on
exercise bike, and what should it be ideally? As is the case
running, here the duration of the workout plays a big role, but not
its intensity.

This means that for effective fat burning is necessary
pedal at least 40 minutes, the speed should be chosen
small. To withstand such a load will be quite simple, but
its effect will be much higher than in the short term, but
exhausting exercise on a stationary bike.

Your heart rate should be kept in the optimal zone and not
to go beyond its boundary, then cardio training will benefit.
Примерное значение для человека среднего возраста – около
135 ударов в минуту
. The exact calculation will help to make
the above formula.

Pulse fat burning treadmill

People trying to lose weight with cardio are interested in how
calculate the pulse for weight loss while running on a treadmill. Here
It is necessary to take into account some of the nuances: while running
Street pulse will always be higher than when running on the track.

The fact is that on the street a person has to overcome
wind resistance, to cope with surface irregularities
where he is running, while the simulator’s perfectly smooth track
she spins under her feet. Naturally, on the street laid out
account for more.

On the treadmill, you can choose a more intense mode
workout than when running outside, however it should not be
high. Heart rate can be up to 150
ударов в минуту
, однако рассчитать более точно значение
the formula will help.

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