What products are possible after delivery and which are not?Proper nutrition of the mother in the first days and the first month afterchildbirth

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Организм женщины после childbirth требует особого внимания.

First of all it concerns food.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one is related to the chest
feeding. H

you can and can not eat in the first days and months
после childbirth?

Питание мамы в первые дни после childbirth

During pregnancy, the body of a woman and her baby closely
connected. Nutrition of the fetus is due to nutrients entering the
the blood of a woman. That is why for pregnant women there are a number
nutritional restrictions. They are associated primarily with the ban
alcohol, which negatively affects the infant. Same often
associated with caffeine from tea and coffee. Another aspect is overweight,
which is recruited with excess nutrition and harms both mom and

And so the woman becomes a mom. Umbilical cord
breaks. However, a number of restrictions may still exist. From
What does it depend on? The fact is that childbirth and the attitude of women to
breastfeeding may be different.

Option 1: Birth with a cesarean section

In this case, the food in the first days of the mass is superimposed
restrictions peculiar to abdominal surgery. Usually in the first
24 hours only scant drinking is allowed, just a few spoons.
Next, add vegetable decoction, lactic acid products. On
the second or third day you can eat some crackers from dried
of bread. During the next month, food comes close to normal –
soups, cereals, light meats, vegetables, fruits are introduced. Observed
correct diet – several times a day in 3-4 hours.
However, all this is corrected in the case of breastfeeding, which
imposes certain restrictions.

Option 2: Natural childbirth and artificial feeding

Some mothers before the appearance of the baby know that they will not
feed it with your milk. Some people have problems with it.
health, doctors forbid breastfeeding. For others
moms is just their own choice. В любом случае после childbirth
women who do not plan to breastfeed return to their habitual
for them the style of food. Fromлично, если оно будет правильным,
balanced, full.

Option 3: Breastfeeding

If a woman plans to feed the baby herself after natural
childbirth или кесарева сечения, для нее существует ряд правил в плане
own food. They concern how to harm a child
the digestive system of which passes only the stage of formation.
At the same time, in the first days it is necessary to organize the production of milk for
feeding How to combine the solution of these two problems? How to choose
the right foods that would help lactation and at the same time not
would hurt the baby?

Какие продукты можно после childbirth

После childbirth женщина должна питаться полноценно. It means that
food must be sufficient to contain proteins, fats and
carbohydrates, as well as a full set of vitamins and trace elements.

Among the products that can be after

• Milk – better as a component of cereals, soups, sauces

• Fermented milk products – it is useful for both mother and baby, only
monitor that does not cause fermentation in the intestine

• Vegetables – those that do not contribute to gas formation, that is, it is better
be careful with cabbage, exclude legumes

• Meat – beef, turkey, rabbit, chicken and other low-fat
varieties will enrich food with protein

• Cereals – necessary as a source of carbohydrates, coarse fiber
to improve the digestion of mother and baby

• Fish – a source of beneficial fatty acids, trace elements

• Fats – creamy and vegetable oils should be in moderation
nursing mother’s diet

• Fruits – within reason, observing the state

Полезно знать: Для налаживания лактации
it is necessary to use in the first few days more liquid. Advise
herbal teas with milk, condensed milk, which is desirable to drink in
теплом виде за час-полчаса до feeding Also recommend for
improve milk production nuts. However, you need to watch them
will affect the child, yet the nuts are quite fat

Какие продукты нельзя после childbirth?

Currently, there are a lot of myths around the chest
feeding. Some women, often on the advice of not very knowledgeable
friends or older relatives, exclude from their diet a lot
useful products. Услышав, какие продукты нельзя после childbirth в
In a particular case, for example, with a sick child, people
carry it on themselves. Especially this trend has intensified since
the spread of the Internet, where you can subtract a lot of “horror stories”
about completely innocent foods and dishes.

And now all meat, fish,
vegetables, dairy products, fruits, eggs and so on.

Of course, someone may be intolerant to milk protein, but
another toddler responds with rashes on mom’s adherence by eating eggs or
berries But it can be individual characteristics. Golden Rule
on the topic of feeding a nursing woman – you can eat everything, but in moderation, and
necessarily Watch how the baby reacts.

However, there are definitely forbidden products. And also
which is simply not recommended to be eaten to avoid

Итак, какие продукты нельзя после childbirth:

• Alcohol – exactly and in no amount!

• Products containing caffeine – strong tea, coffee

• Potential allergens: citrus, chocolate, honey, fruit and
red vegetables

• Onions, garlic, spicy seasonings – can affect the taste of milk and
отвращать ребенка от feeding

Важно заметить, что если алкоголь запрещен
completely, the rest of the products can be consumed little by little and with
caution. Hашка некрепкого кофе с молоком раз в день большой
trouble will not bring. Однако именно в первые дни после childbirth лучше
abandon it, as with the rest of the products in this list. BUT
in the future, gradually try to use them.

Питание мамы в первый месяц после childbirth

Baby appears in the world in the hospital – with the exception of some
special cases. In the same place, mother and child spend their first days
of life. Hаще всего в роддоме мамы обеспечиваются нормальным
nutrition. For someone, of course, it may seem tasteless,
lean, expressionless and not rich. However, it is often just
matter of habit. People get used to fried, fatty foods, various non
very useful seasonings like mayonnaise in large quantities,
an abundance of salt and sugar. Therefore, healthy soups, cereals, stews
dishes do not like. On самом деле именно они безопасны для малыша,
feeding on mom’s milk, and beneficial to the woman herself.

Returning home after a maternity hospital, a woman should take on
arming many of the food rules from this institution. In particular,
food mode.

Принципы режима питания мамы после childbirth:

– must be a breakfast, lunch, dinner and another one or two
eating between them – second breakfast, afternoon tea

– reasonable amount of servings

– time between meals – 3-4 hours

– not to allow both a strong feeling of hunger and excessive

Important! As during pregnancy, in
In no case should the feeding period follow the “eat
for two”. The kid should get all the nutrients, proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, so the full value of food is important, and not
increase its volume.

In the first month, the composition of the food remains basically the same as in
first days. The basis – cereals, dairy products, lean meat,
also low-fat fish, vegetable fats, moderately – butter
and eggs. Under the ban alcohol. Fatty, fried can cause
проблемы с пищеварением у baby It is better to avoid spicy
marinated, bitter in food.

Young mothers often have questions about various
products. In particular, по таким:

– Bread – what, how much? Hтобы не поправиться,
Black, rye bread is usually recommended, but it tends to cause
gas formation.

It is necessary to keep the middle ground. Onчинают вводить хлеб с
dried white. In moderation if not desired
get better, do not eat a few pieces, and even
use for dessert buns, rolls and loaves. Hерный и ржаной хлеб
вводить понемногу, наблюдая за состоянием baby

– Сладости — это приятно, это вкусно, да и
source of carbohydrates. However, so many concerns …

And fears are often justified. First, a lot of complex carbohydrates
– and this is pure sugar or sweets; baking is fast.
gaining excess weight. Secondly, the sweet can cause
allergic reactions. Therefore, it is desirable to use sweets.
moderately, prefer marshmallow, candy.

– Шоколад — любимое лакомство многих.
Onтуральный шоколад содержит полезные вещества и даже, говорят,
promotes lactation …

Chocolate, if it is a quality product, is dangerous with one –
allergic reactions. In some babies, they can have cocoa,
others for sweets in general. Therefore, not in the first days, but at least
через пару недель после childbirth можно попробовать съесть один
slice. If in a couple of days there are no manifestations –
can be used. Of course, observing the measure, as in everything.

Главный совет мамам — наблюдайте за своим
baby, be guided by his well-being, and not by some
abstract tips. So, sometimes fruit, fresh vegetables,
it seems like the baby may have diarrhea. However, often kids
suffer, on the contrary, constipation, and fruits, vegetables, prunes, beets in
Mom’s diet will help solve the problem. Conversely, if the baby is often
weak, better to use fixing products.

Питание мамы в первый месяц после childbirth — это, по сути,
proper nutrition. Fromлично, если оно станет привычным на всю
a life.

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