What pet can not start, if in the houselittle baby: why?

What pet can not start, if in the house little baby: why?

Small children are known for their energetic and
by curiosity. They explore the world with interest, sometimes
getting into unpleasant and even dangerous situations. With the same
By spontaneity, children are pets. However not
All types of animals are equally safe for the baby. Some species
to keep in the same house as young children

Large wild animals

It is now quite popular to keep the houses of exotic animals,
which only a few generations ago were taken from the environment
habitat. These include lynx, caracals, foxes, raccoons, owls and
others. Some extremals give birth to large dangerous predators:
lions, leopards, bears and wolves. Cats and dogs for thousands of years
lived side by side with a man. They adapted to captivity and in
most cases are human-centered. Wild animals
rely more on instincts. They are much more difficult to socialize.
and teach to live in human society.

Even a tame wild animal that is a lifetime
held with people one day can succumb to instincts and attack
on the host.

And if an adult is most likely waiting only
minor injuries, a small child may well die.
Even if you completely isolate a dangerous pet from a child,
the possibility of escape or accident cannot be excluded. Not
realizing all the danger, the kid himself can stretch his hand in the cage to
pet This may well end up losing a limb.

By purchasing a wild animal, an adult takes the whole
responsibility for the consequences on yourself. The child remains only
take for granted cohabitation with potentially dangerous

Therefore, before buying a wild animal in a family in which there is
little child, you need to think very well. To risk
everyone has the right to own life, but you should not risk
health of the child.

Reptiles and Arthropods

Not все рептилии одинаково опасны для маленького ребенка.
Beware worth large species of snakes and lizards. Many of them
able to cause serious bites. Poisonous species are not only dangerous
for the child, but also for his parents.

Even if reptiles are kept in safe terrariums, never
possible shoots cannot be ruled out. Notплотно закрытая дверца может
lead to the fact that the reptile will receive open access to all
premises of the dwelling. And some curious children themselves can
try to get into the terrarium to the snake.

Of course, there are types of reptiles that are considered
calm and rarely show aggression. But still the contact of large
snakes and lizards with a baby should be excluded.

It is also worth refusing to keep the house large and poisonous.
arthropod species. Now became quite popular
tarantulas They attract with their size, variety
colors and simplicity of conditions. But few know that even
Weakly toxic spider species can be a serious hazard.
First, tarantulas have huge fangs that are easily
they rip the skin of a person and leave behind big scars.
Secondly, the bite of even a slightly toxic spider can cause severe
allergic reaction. Also considered a strong allergen.
stinging hairs that spiders are striking from their abdomen to
moment of danger. Harm from exposure to hairs accumulates in
the body.

Large breed dogs

Dogs serve man faithfully for thousands of years. They
focused on his master, easy to learn and good
socialized. But some breeds can be especially dangerous for

In fact, aggression and disobedience can be
any breed of dogs. Most often this is due to the wrong

However, if a toy terrier bites a person, the consequences are unlikely
will be so meaningful. Even a child is easy to protect from such a dog.
But if a bulldog attacks, the consequences can be very

К тому же многие собаки недолюбливают маленьких
. Yes, and some unconscious actions of the child is quite
able to provoke a dog to bite or attack. In addition, the dog
may just be jealous of the baby, whom the owners give too much
a lot of attention that will cause aggression to the “extra” member

Of course, many large dogs are quite adequate and good.
brought up so as not to cause any harm to the child. However not
you should forget about the parasites and infections that pets suffer.
The immunity of a small child is not yet sufficiently formed, and therefore
the baby can easily get infected by a serious pet
a disease.

Small rodents and birds

Now it’s time to talk about those types of animals that are not
are dangerous for the child, but they themselves can easily die from
careless actions baby. Popular hamsters, mice,
ornamental rats, small birds and parrots are very fragile and
gentle creations that require careful handling.

Very young children rarely measure their strength, and therefore
reluctantly могут навредить pet

The sudden death of a hamster from the fact that he squeezed too much
or dropped, it may well hurt the child.

Every parent should understand that responsibility for home
the animal lies primarily on it. Not стоит покупать малышу
pet as a toy. Every living thing needs
creating optimum conditions for him. Child himself
due to lack of experience and ability to do this can not.

It is worth buying small animals only if
parents themselves are ready to provide the pet the right conditions
content. The child needs to explain in advance how to handle
with a fragile pet.

Thus, virtually all species of animals can be threatened.
health of a small child in one way or another. Notкоторые животные
dangerous in their size and aggression, others are carriers
parasites and infections. Also never be ruled out.
an allergic reaction in a child to a new pet. But it is not at all
means that a small child and pets in the same family
not comparable.

Always follow the principle of rationality.
Large and dangerous animals need to be completely isolated from the baby.
Dogs and cats need to be vaccinated and processed in a timely manner from
parasites. Before acquiring small rodents and birds, baby
it is necessary to clearly explain that these are not toys and they need to be very
be careful about it.

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