What kind of fruit can be nursing mom? ValuableInformation: fruits allowed nursing mother in the first months afterchildbirth

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Every mother wants her baby to grow up healthy and strong.

For this it is important to adhere to proper nutrition even from the first
months of life when the most valuable product for the child is
breast milk.

However, during lactation, a lot of “overlap”
restrictions on the daily diet.

It is not surprising, because everything that is used woman with milk
enters the child’s body.

What kind of fruit can be nursing mom? Of course, not all. With their
choice you need to be careful not to cause a child
allergies and intestinal disorders.

Gradual entry into the diet

Fruits and seasonal berries are rich in vitamins and healthy.
trace elements source. They give mom and child the necessary for
maintaining immunity substances, especially important in the first months
после childbirth.

However, immediately after the birth of the child must be careful.
Harmless, at first glance, tangerines, can cause a baby
allergies. The children’s organism is not yet ready for experiments, therefore
fruits should be introduced into the diet nursing gradually.

If a woman really wants to eat kiwi or orange –
deny yourself this can not be. The main thing is not to overdo it.
When a mom refuses herself to the desired fruit, her body will experience
stress. A bad mood will leave a mark on the child. Despite
that he is no longer in the womb, feels perfectly his mother, with
which 40 weeks was connected by the umbilical cord.

What fruits can nursing mom: the most useful fruits

1. Первый фрукт, который женщина после childbirth может ввести в свой
рацион — это яблоко. Vitamins in them is not very
a lot, but they are completely safe for the newborn, great
stimulate the appetite. The first month is desirable to use not fresh
apples, and baked. Then preferred green varieties. If a
the child’s body will respond normally, you can gradually try
and other types of apples.

2. Виноград. It is very important – which one
grapes want a woman. Light yellows are considered the safest.
and green varieties. So that the child does not have colic
It is recommended to use separately from other products.

3. Богатый витаминами экзотический киви не
prohibited by nursing mothers. It is necessary to adhere to the same rule,
as with other fruits – eat it in small portions.
It is advisable to introduce kiwi in the diet when the baby turns three
of the month.

4. Гранат — это настоящий «сундук с
treasures “, where there is a huge amount of useful trace elements
and vitamins, both for newly-made mother, and for the baby. The first
time a woman is recommended to eat about 30 grams of pomegranate in
day, the rate can be gradually increased. Pomegranate lovers
Juice doctors advise you to dilute it with water.

What fruits can be nursing mom, and which can not

Doctors believe that a woman during the lactation period can eat
absolutely any fruit, if not overdo it with the quantity.
However, there are some fruits that cannot be consumed immediately after
childbirth. They are administered when the child reaches the age of 4-5 months, when
a little stronger body

1. Carefully need to treat the sink, as it can
provoke diarrhea and colic, not only for mom, but also for chad.

2. Apricots and peaches lead to bloating. Enter them into
ration with caution should be no earlier than when the baby
исполнится 3 of the month.

3. “Red” berries and fruits. Strawberry, cherry, sweet cherry is
strong allergens. It is necessary to approach their use extremely
Caution. It is not recommended to experiment if the child is not
4 months. If a у чада не была отмечена аллергия на продукты
nutrition, nursing mom can try some strawberries.

4. Any citrus is considered a strong allergen. When you enter them into
the ration is not to be in a hurry. You can start with a regular lemon by adding
its in tea. In the absence of a negative reaction of the body of the baby,
The newly made mother is allowed to try the orange slice.

5. Banana is also considered harmless to the child’s body.
Doctors advise them to use nursing mothers to maintain
immunity and stimulate lactation. Allowable rate – one banana
in small pieces throughout the day.

It is important to understand that in the first few months after the appearance
the world of children’s body is still very weak. Not formed
immunity, the stomach is not a way to take all the food. Any
experiments with fruits and berries are not recommended before,
чем малышу исполнится 3-4 of the month. Preferably pre
consult with the family doctor, he will help to make
nursing mom the right diet.

What fruits can nursing mom: valuable tips and

The first время после childbirthой деятельности женский организм и
the child’s body needs to replenish the supply of vitamins and
useful minerals that can be obtained from fruit. To not
hurt yourself and your baby, the woman is desirable
Guided by the recommendations of doctors.

1. With the introduction of a new fruit or berry in the daily menu,
product quantity not must be more than the allowed limit of 150
gram. In the absence of rash and colic in children, the rate is gradually
allowed to increase to 300 grams per day.

2. Первые несколько месяцев после childbirth желательно не
experiment with fruit allergens. This period is better
give preference to apples and pears – they are safe and contain
enough vitamins for the formation of immunity Chad.

3. Pineapple is an exotic fruit that is not considered strong
an allergen. Despite это, его не рекомендуется вводить в режим
food until the baby is 4-5 months old.

4. Any фрукты и ягоды настоятельно рекомендуется хорошо мыть
before use, even if they are torn from a tree growing in
own garden

Какие фрукты можно кормящей маме в первое время после childbirth, и с
the use of which it is recommended to wait – advice will give
doctor. A woman should remember that a newborn’s abdominal distension
even completely harmless apples can be caused by eating them.
more than the norm.

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