What kind of care does a plum need in autumn: feed up andprocess it. How to prepare the plum for the winter: whetherto cover?

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Plum quite winter-hardy culture, tolerates cold, but
help tree need.

The important role played by the autumn care of the plum, as well as
preparation of the tree for the winter.

If you spend some time on all the necessary procedures, then
yield will always remain at its best.

In addition, additional fertilizing and treatment from pests
prolong the life of the fruit tree. How to properly care for

What the plum needs in the fall: basic care and treatment

Any tree needs care throughout the season, but in the fall
the gardener’s main task is to prepare the garden for the winter so that the plants
successfully suffered frosts. How to do it?

Top dressing of plum in the fall

The last dressing of plum feeds the tree, replenishing stocks
fruiting nutrients. This procedure
carried out after harvest, before the onset of frost. Solution for
top dressing is prepared at the rate of 30-40 liters per fruit bearing

Recipe for 10 liters of water:

• 2 tbsp. l potassium sulfate;

• 3 tbsp. l superphosphate.

All fertilizers, which include nitrogen, are transferred to the spring.
For autumn dressing, the following types have proved to be a good idea.

• Organics. Such dressings restore the root system,
affect its growth, help the plant to resist diseases and
pests. As organic fertilizers in the autumn use
humus or compost.

• Phosphate-potassium fertilizers. For good fruiting plum
needs potassium, it is additionally introduced in the form of supplements. If a
the sandy soil, phosphate fertilizers do not apply, they impede
root breathing.

Autumn feeding of the tree is carried out in warm weather, not yet
frost came. In this case, you need to strictly follow the dosage,
otherwise there is a risk of death of the tree. For young trees, by age
till three years, apply one kind of top dressing in the fall. And more adults
plants can be fertilized with various mixtures, alternating them.

Novice gardener is difficult to determine the dosage and type
top dressing plums. In this case, you need to pay attention to the very
tree, degree of pain, amount received

Important! After feeding you need to cover the soil
straw or compost. Experienced gardeners planted around a tree
siderata, which serve not only as a tree top dressing, but also
protect it from weeds.

Autumn plum treatment for pests and diseases

In addition to dressings, it is important at the stage of preparing for the winter
process plum from pests. Active pest control
must be held throughout the season, and autumn –
final stage. In this period, insects are preparing for winter, looking for
Overnight, so all the efforts of the gardener should be directed to
destruction of wintering colonies.

К обработке дерева приступают после сбора harvest. More often
plums are plagued by aphids, so the main spraying
fighting it When the number of pests is negligible, spend
spraying folk preparations: infusion of garlic with economic
soap, wormwood, onion peel.

In addition to folk remedies apply a solution of Bordeaux liquid,
mechanical collection of pests, digging the soil under the bushes that
helps to reduce the number of hibernating generations. Only system and
An integrated approach to plum care in the fall will help grow
healthy tree with good yield.

How to prepare the plum for winter: pruning, whitewashing and podzimny

In order for a tree to survive the frost well, it needs to be in advance.
to prepare. Experienced gardeners have a few secrets that
it is important to know and apply.

Подзимний watering сливы

If a лето выдалось сухим, то осенью нужно провести
влагосберегающий watering. It is carried out before the onset of frost, in
late October or early November, but after leaf fall. If a грунтовые
the waters are deep, then the earth should be soaked for two or more
meters. With the surface flow of water, the soil is moistened to a depth
до 1 meters.

Подзимний watering проводят осторожно. If a осень стоит дождливая,
it is better to abandon irrigation. And make grooves around the trunk,
on which excess moisture will go into the drainage system. Too big
the amount of moisture in warm autumn leads to repeated growth
plants, sometimes to bloom, which is unacceptable.

Whitewashing a tree

After the leaf fall, you need to clear the old tree bark from the trunk and
skeletal branches. During this procedure, everything is removed from the tree.
lichens, and other parasitic growths. Remove the bark better
scraper, and then cleaned with a metal brush. Conduct such
manipulations need to be careful not to touch the healthy bark
tree. All rubbish is carried out and burned off-site.

Whitewashing the trunk and skeletal branches saves from spring burns,
pests and diseases. Carry it out after cleaning the plum. Working
The solution is prepared from lime, clay and mullein. For prophylaxis
various diseases add to the mixture of bluestone, which
dissolved in hot water. Consumption of substances up to 300 grams. on 10 liters

Pruning in the fall

Any tree needs proper pruning, which is directed
to remove broken branches, tops and damaged shoots.
Sanitary plum care should be carried out throughout
of the season. In the northern regions it is better to refrain from autumn pruning
сливы, так как срезы сильно иссушают tree. In regions with mild
Climate sanitary cleaning does not hurt. The procedure takes place in
several stages:

1. After the autumn planting of a sapling, it is immediately cut. Wherein
the trunk is shortened by 2/3, and shoots by 1/3.

2. Mature trees need anti-aging pruning, while
which remove the sick, damaged and thickening shoots.

3. Young trees are thinned slightly, shortening only strongly
growing shoots so that the crown remains symmetrical.

Do I need to cover the plum for the winter?

This question worries every gardener, but a single answer to it

In regions with a harsh climate, insulation is required.
trunk, skeletal branches and spud pristvolny circle. To this end
a ruberoid is wrapped around the barrel;
which impose reflective foil.

Pristvolny circle mulch with the onset of frost,
using compost or humus. Such shelter will help
survive the tree snowless winters. If a снега достаточно, то им
дополнительно утепляют ствол дерева до уровня skeletal branches.
This option is suitable for the northern regions of the country.

Young saplings can be warmed differently by equipping a hut above them
from fir branches, which are tightened with twine. Additionally dropped
the snow will be another layer of cover. Inside the shelter you need
put cut mint shoots that will save the tree from

In the southern regions it is enough to carry out mulching
the circle. Young trees and saplings especially need it.

Autumn plum care is very important, it is aimed at preparing
tree to the cold. Do not neglect all described
procedures, because the main goal of the grower is to get a good

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