What is your mother on the sign of the zodiac?

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Using horoscopes, you can find out not only your future, but also
realize what is happening to you at the moment. Every woman
– this or future mother will be helpful to know the features
your attitude to children, look at your behavior. it
will help you improve relationships with children, and make your family
happier and stronger.



Woman – Aries is always trying to become the best mom on
light To do this, she will turn over tons of books, browse
thousands of sites, do everything possible to ensure that her child becomes
the best, the most intelligent and perfect in the world! A tips and tricks
specialists (doctors, teachers) for her is an empty sound, because she
it’s best to know how to treat and what her baby needs, because she is
super mom! Moms – Aries too early begin to believe that their
children are old enough, therefore, they impose a mass on them
duties and hopes. Moms organize family life as much as
convenient for them, practically ignoring the needs of their “already
adults “children. That is why the children of Aries “shortened”
childhood, they soon become independent and responsible, and
fly away from the parent nest.


Женщина — Taurus не представляет свою жизнь без детского смеха в
house. After all, children are the flowers of life, they are more precious than all the treasures of the world,
therefore she loves them endlessly and worships them. At the same time she
fair and keeps control of all children’s problems. Mama-
Taurus — самая нежная, она постоянно ласкает и целует своих малышей.
But as they grow up, such hyper custody and love begins to “stifle” them. After all
these moms intend to bind to themselves and control life
baby even after marriage.


This mother primarily teaches children independence. She many
spends time and money on education and games, is proud of the achievements
children in school and success in their small hobbies. it мама —
Democrat, because she tries to be the best friend for her child.
But if she wants excessive obedience, she risks spoiling
trust relationship with your child. Twins достаточно легки в
relationship with their children, but rather superficial. That’s why
they stop consulting mothers quite early. But still,
friendly relations between them persist throughout
of life.


Mama – cancer is very sensitive to any small things in relation to
to my children. Tears of her offspring Mom is ready to change in any way
for a smile. She can tear her child off to pieces and in
the same time be the most tender and tremulous. Loves very much
to collect such sentimental things like letters,
drawings, photographs – everything that reminds of how it grows
children. Мама Crayfish слишком серьезна в воспитании и учебе своих детей.
Часто дети Crayfishов становятся очень домашними и семейными.
The emotionality of children develops under the influence of mom’s experiences,
and this may bring them troubles in love affairs.

a lion

This mother is a real queen. She is committed to giving her children
only all the best, quality and expensive. The most important thing for
A lioness is to see your child happy and confident.
She enjoys playing and teaching her offspring, applying
various developmental techniques. She is too much time and effort
devotes to the outside, but completely forgets about the inner world
child, which is more important for emotional development.


Very restrained mom. From the side it may even seem that she
холодна к to my children. But it is not. Virgo всегда очень внимательно
listens to your child, advises and when necessary, helps. This
Mom teaches children independence, to think with his head. She is
will support and help her child all his life. My feelings,
basically, it expresses actions, and not caresses and words. Virgin
special attention is paid to physical development, hygiene and proper
nutrition of the child. �“A healthy mind in a healthy body” is the real motto
мамы – Virgin.


Libra, бывает, устают от домашних дел, шума и бардака, и
become hot-tempered and irritable. However, these moms are always
справедливы и честны по отношению к to my children. Kids Scales
Often they are real sweethearts, they try not to
upset and not upset your mommy. Very often mother – scales
becomes her child, above all, a friend. Especially this
concerns daughter. With age, they add up trust
relations of girlfriends that further very well affects
heart and family affairs of the child. But if women have Libra
began a passionate romance, then they can completely forget about their


Mothers of scorpions are highly developed intuition, so she
almost always knows when something goes wrong and tries
protect your children from mistakes. This мама любит своих детей безгранично
strongly and faithfully, giving them all their time, strength and resources.
Однако Scorpioы способны постоянно создавать детям эмоциональные
stresses and poke your nose in all the affairs of the child. They always want and
in all control their children despite their age. With
In this they limit the independence of children in their emotional
of life.


it самая серьезная и организованная мама, у нее все происходит
According to the schedule: food, games, swimming, sleep. This мама — настоящая
the queen of games, holidays and various children’s events. Her
stunning sense of humor will never give a single child
get bored! Archers are caring, help their child in mental
development. However, in the emotional life of her children are provided early
to ourselves. As a result, their personal life develops “as


This мама очень строга и требовательна. Do not accept the mess and
disobedience. Too serious about the correct mode and
the order does not allow the child to feel free and at ease.
However, so much love and tenderness is hidden behind this “iron mask”!
After all её малыш — это центр её вселенной, и она готова свернуть горы
to fulfill his dream. Дети Capricornов быстро делают успехи в
интеллектуальном development. But they, like the children of Virgos, lack
Mother’s tenderness and warmth. Therefore, children of these signs is enough
slow emotional maturation.


Aquarius is freedom-loving and decisive, always ready for
adventures. Therefore, mothers of this zodiac sign give the child a full
freedom of thought and action so that he can arrange for himself
framework of what is permitted. However, at the same time, Aquarius is the most powerful of
all signs of air. And so children with a weak personality (in
more daughters) they are tied to themselves for life. BUT
sons of mothers of Aquarius sometimes become real “mother’s
sons. “


This мама – самая чуткая и отзывчивая. She is делает все возможное и
impossible for the happiness and well-being of their children. Mom – fish
perceives children and themselves as one, and therefore devotes them
absolutely in all areas of their lives, even in those that are too early for them
know. it способствует преждевременному формированию эмоциональной
and the child’s sex life. Fish склонны чересчур опекать своих
children, depriving them of the opportunity to fill their “bumps”. Give them more
freedom and believe in their power.

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