What is the use of orange juice? Amazinginformation about orange juice, the secrets of its preparation andpossible harm

Вт, 09 янв 2018 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

Two or three oranges … And now – a full glass of vitamins
is ready. Orange juice is a favorite drink for both adults and children. Him
useful properties and availability make juice an indispensable product
daily consumption.

But can orange juice harm human health, and
What useful properties does it have?


The composition of orange juice and its value

Everyone knows that orange juice contains many
vitamins and beneficial microelements, such as: manganese, iron,
fluorine, iodine, copper, zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
sulfur. And also vitamins of group B, A, E, C. That is, you can make
the conclusion that orange juice is a storehouse of useful elements.

As for the calorie juice of oranges, it is
about 60 kcal. This figure may vary depending on
content in one portion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Basically,
Orange juice is rich in carbohydrates. Their content is 13
grams per serving.

From the above it can be concluded that orange juice is not
only useful, but also low-calorie, which, of course, will please
losing half of humanity. With the help of orange juice you can
not only lose a couple grams, but also support the body with a charge
vivacity and energy during the diet.

The benefits of orange juice

Orange juice has a positive effect on the body and
incorporates almost everything necessary for health
human, vitamins and trace elements. The following are useful.
oranges juice properties:

• Strengthens immunity

Due to its composition, rich in beneficial vitamins and
elements, orange juice has the strongest positive
effects on the human immune system, which is responsible for
fight against various viral and infectious diseases.

• Interferes with the development of diabetes mellitus and

Orange juice neutralizes inflammation that occurs
вследствие сахарного диабета или atherosclerosis из-за употребления
greasy and sweet food. Drinking orange juice, you can forget about
these unpleasant diseases forever.

• Serves as cancer prevention

Orange juice – a storehouse of vitamins, especially highlighted
Vitamin C, because it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important to the body.
by slowing the growth of cancer cells and preventing mutations
healthy. Thus, the juice of oranges acts as
эффективной профилактики онкологических diseases.

• Stabilizes blood pressure.

The juice of oranges, possessing many antioxidants, has not bypassed
side and hesperidin – the most important antioxidant that has
positive effect on blood vessels. This item in
orange juice, able to reduce elevated arterial
pressure, thereby preventing the risk of cardiovascular

• Fights anemia

Anemia – lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Get rid of it
diseases can, using foods that are rich in iron.
Orange juice is one of them. It contains enough
the amount of iron, so that with regular use of the product,
beneficial effect on hemoglobin levels in the blood.

• Cleans the body

Orange juice contains vitamin A, which is excellent.
cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, thereby rendering
positive effect on the kidneys. Moreover, vitamin A is capable
improve vision

• Lowers blood cholesterol

Orange juice effectively cleans the blood vessels,
preventing high cholesterol and problems with
cardiovascular system.

• Positive effect on blood circulation.

Orange juice contains folic acid or vitamin B9,
which provokes the formation of new blood cells in the body
human, thereby improving blood circulation.

• Improves the condition of hair, nails, skin

Orange juice, like any other useful product, has
positive effect on skin, nails and hair. Beauticians
recommend making facials on the basis of oranges juice, and
nutritionists claim that regular use of orange juice,
delay the first signs of aging.

• Improves the digestive system

Orange juice contains fiber, which is beneficial
affects the digestive system and improves its performance. Moreover,
according to research, due to the high content of oranges in juice
vitamin C, people are not afraid of a stomach ulcer, as this vitamin
destroys the causative agent of the disease – Hilicobacter Pylori.

• Contains folic acid

Folic acid is an essential element during pregnancy.
Keeping her level normal helps to avoid various
congenital defects in children.

• Protects teeth from caries

Calcium, which is also contained in orange juice, not only
favorably affects the bones and teeth of a person, but also
prevents caries.

• Useful during diet

Orange juice is not only low-calorie, but also has in its
composed all natural types of sugar, thereby replacing sweets and
facilitating the sweet tooth difficult period of the diet.

• Improves liver function.

Orange juice, representing, in terms of chemistry,
alkali, perfectly cleanses the blood and destroys acids, thereby
performing liver work and preventing kidney stones.

Who is harmful orange juice: contraindications to
to use

No matter how useful the orange juice is,
forget that each product has its own contraindications, ignoring
which can harm your body. Oranges juice is not
It is recommended to use in the following cases:

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Do not forget that orange juice has an alkaline basis,
what can be detrimental in the presence of gastritis, pancreatitis,
stomach ulcers, colitis, and urolithiasis and

Сахарный диабет

The use of orange juice can negatively affect
the presence of diabetes because oranges juice is rich in all
natural types of sugar.

In addition, orange juice has a negative effect on tooth enamel,
splitting it. That is why it should be drunk through drinking

You may notice that orange juice has no malware
impact and has a minimum of contraindications.

Proper use of orange juice

Orange juice is recommended to drink for half an hour before meals.
The average recommended amount per day is about 50 ml, but if not
an allergic reaction is observed, then you can drink it daily
one liter per day, gradually increasing the dose. Should not drink
fasting orange juice, as it irritates the stomach wall.

The juice of oranges will retain all its useful qualities, if
stored in pottery or glassware.

Orange juice is a delicious, healthy and affordable drink for
whole family, which will help solve many health problems and
charge the body with energy. Regular use of orange
juice will bring a lot of benefits if you stick to the recommended

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