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Sour-milk products are called
by fermentation of milk or its derivatives. Going on
the ripening of these products by combining the dairy base with
lactic acid bacteria or yeast. Dairy products
used in its pure form, used for baking and
desserts, sauces and marinades.


What is the use of dairy products

All fermented milk products can be divided into two categories.

1. Продукты, получаемые в результате молочнокислого
брожения, когда сахар преобразуется в молочную кислоту
telling these products characteristic soft taste with sourness.

This category includes sour cream, cottage cheese, varenets, yogurt,
yogurts and all that.

It is the lactic acid that gets into the stomach and prevents it
development of putrefactive processes and fermentation.

2. Продукты, приготовляемые в результате соединения
lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation, in which, in addition to dairy
acids from sugar are produced alcohol and carbon dioxide.

This series is represented by kefir, koumiss, matsoni and bifidok.

Bifidok, by the way, is one of the most delicious examples of lactic acid
products enriched in the process of making probiotics and
prebiotics, to give them additional therapeutic and dietary

Usually dairy products are made from cow’s milk,
less often – goat, even less often from milk of sheep, donkeys, buffaloes,
camels, mares and deer.

For dairy products characterized by light cream or
milky white color, soft taste with a pleasant sourness or taste

Nutritious and beneficial properties of fermented milk products,
known since ancient times, these days have gotten hotter
confirmation from scientists, doctors and nutritionists.

Caloric content, composition and nutritional characteristics of fermented milk
products vary depending on the specific type of product
its fat content, naturalness of its manufacture and many others
factors, but there is something that unites dairy products.

A considerable part of the useful properties provide contained in
fermented milk products vitamins (group B, A, E, PP, C, and many
others), micro and macronutrients (sodium, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium zinc,
calcium, selenium and others).

Phosphorus and calcium are priceless for strengthening and bone formation.
system and teeth. That is why a variety of curds include
baby ration from the first feeding, and recommend fermented milk
products for pregnant and lactating mothers.

What is the use of dairy products for digestion

Due to the fact that milk proteins in dairy products
are present in the already partially split state, the same for
example, a glass of kefir in comparison with milk, digested twice
faster and 90% against 30%. Calcium is also excellently absorbed.
Both are vital for functioning.
human cardiovascular and nervous systems.

With antibiotic treatment, as is well known, it is under attack
useful microflora of the digestive tract. Harm caused to her, fermented milk
products are literally neutralized within a few hours. In
number, and therefore they are indispensable in the diet of patients with influenza, acute respiratory infections and
other “winter” ailments, when there is no appetite, and the body needs
spend your energy primarily on your own recovery and not on
digesting heavy foods.

A glass of kefir for half an hour for eating, whets the appetite, stimulates
digestion and for many hours ahead promotes the absorption of vitamins
and minerals (including vitamin D and iron) from all the other
consumed during the day eating.

The benefits of dairy products for well-being

Something dairy in the evening menu, be sure
will promote good sleep, and the same at any time of the day – will reduce
body fatigue and improve mood.

Fat-free dairy products include in the menu of diets and
fasting days arranged for weight loss, what
contributes to the property of these products (not necessarily degreased)
speed up metabolism.

Dairy products повышенной жирности полезны для набора
weight, during the recovery of the body after illness and during
great physical exertion.

Also, regular consumption of dairy products
helps in:

– reducing the manifestations of any allergic reactions;

– removal of toxins from the body;

– improve skin condition;

– strengthening hair and nails;

– slight diuretic effect and reduction of edema;

– increased hemoglobin level;

– improvement of respiratory organs;

– strengthening of immunity.

In the summer heat fermented milk drinks, at least in its pure form, at least
as a base of cold soups, it refreshes remarkably, quenches thirst and
protect the body from harmful aspects of UV radiation.

When dairy products are harmful, how to eat them, choose and

To preserve the beneficial effect and nutrition of fermented milk
products without harm, it is not recommended to use them while
baking and chocolate.

Still not worth giving in to the habit of sweetening everything.
fermented milk, because, firstly, it is so easy to eat lot
sugar, and secondly, it will interfere with the process of digestion. If very
I really want to – you can add a spoonful of honey.

Despite the undeniable benefits of dairy products, their
use should be limited or at least chosen
low-fat versions, with a number of diseases.

– atherosclerosis;

– hepatitis;

– hypertension;

– obesity;

– diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

With gastritis and ulcers, it is not helpful to drink kefir and acidophilus, but harm
from fermented milk products with these diseases of the stomach will not
if you choose fermented milk sourdough and sour milk.

It is important to remember that they are tasty, wholesome and safe.
high-quality and fresh dairy products.

Therefore, it is wise to treat them with a purchase
private owners, even if cottage cheese and smetanka seduce natural
country origin.

Многие кисломолочные продукты можно приCook в домашних
conditions. It is very useful to have such a device as
yogurt maker, but with the most common utensils in his kitchen you can
get the freshest, very tasty and immaculately quality
творог, ряженку, йогурт и lotе другое.

Following industrial technology, homemade yogurts and the like
similar should be prepared with frozen or canned
fruits and berries, as acids from fresh fruits can
destroy lactic acid bacteria.

Good dairy products from the store have two
quality mark:

– short shelf life, indicating that they are made
without assorted artificial additives. And it is better that he not expire in
the day of purchase. Sometimes it changes the quality of the product significantly.
For example, in one-day kefir ethyl alcohol contains only
0.7%, while in a three-day kefir – 0.88%;

– minimal composition without an abundance of dyes and stabilizers.
For many products, for example, for natural sour cream, composed
generally only cream and sourdough should be indicated.

The naturalness of a number of fermented milk products is easy to check. TO
example, if you stir a spoonful of sour cream in a glass of hot water, then
the real one will dissolve completely, without sediment.

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