What is the use of coconut sugar, how is itused in cooking. Can coconut sugar harmto the body

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Coconut nectar is used in the production of coconut sugar.
Palm trees, belonging to the Palm family, the genus Cocos. The word “soso”
has Portuguese roots and is translated as “monkey”. Stains
on the fruit of the tree is very reminiscent of the face of a mammal, because of
what it got its name. It is assumed for the first time
The plant appeared in Southeast Asia. Growing it
engaged in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, in India and the peninsula

Substrate is extracted from fruits of a coconut palm, from its nectar
produce sugar. Coconut juice contains glutamine and more than 15
amino acids. In order to get sugar, first nectar a little
they are heated in the sun – in this way the excess moisture is evaporated.
Then it is cooled in the shade, which leads to crystallization
product. The resulting sugar has a caramel flavor and is not
inferior to brown sugar.


Sugar characteristics

In color, coconut sugar usually resembles shades of brown,
yellow and orange – light yellow, sandy, pale brown and
others. The product has a delicate sweet taste and delicate

Factors that can also affect color, sweetness and smell

– picking season;

– method of extracting nectar;

– type of palm;

– location of collecting nectar, etc.

Sometimes the characteristics of brown sugar can differ even in
its various packings. Coconut sugar is bought in supermarkets,
order on the Internet. It is necessary to pay attention to what
packed product. The packaging must certify the buyer that
in front of him is 100% natural coconut sugar. In some products
producers, because they add to coconut sugar
brown, its percentage is reduced by half. Despite,
that it reduces the cost of goods, most buyers do not make a difference
notice In stores, tropical sweetness can be purchased at

– powder;

– granules, reminiscent of coffee;

– pressed bars;

– thick paste, reminiscent of honey.

Coconut sugar

The largest producers of the product are Indonesia and
China. The results of the comparison of coconut and brown sugar
showed that coconut sugar contains much more
zinc (about 10 times), several times more sulfur and iron and in
several dozen times more nitrogen, which suggests that
coconut sugar is very healthy. A larger percentage of sugar is
sucrose, the rest – fructose and glucose. 100 g product contains
375 kilocalories. A large ratio of nutrients
due to the fact that coconut, unlike other species
sugar, not heat treated.

Coconut sugar is one of the most healthy products
this is because it includes such valuable chemical
elements like magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins B6 and B3. Him
Consider healthier brown, cane sugar and maple
syrup In addition, it includes inositol, which
positive effect on the nervous system and reduces anxiety.

It has the lowest glycemic index among these.
he products, which is 35. A couple of years ago, the primacy
occupied cane sugar, its glycemic index was 68.
useful products this index is lower, it indicates
how quickly the carbohydrate-containing product breaks down. Tall
glycemic index leads to a sharp production of insulin,
increase blood glucose levels, resulting in carbohydrates
deposited in fat. Some believe that those who replace
sweeteners coconut sugar, do not remember the problem of excess

Coconut sugar harm

It is necessary to refrain from using the product in the presence of
individual intolerance. Diabetic patients also
worth limiting yourself. Despite, что он менее вреден
white sugar, coconut in any case has a high
carbohydrate load.

Absolutely any sugar, including coconut, refers to enough
calorie foods, so they are not recommended to abuse.
The nutritional value of white and coconut sugar is the same, so it does not
It is recommended to use in large quantities. In the opposite case,
this may result in a reduced level of “good cholesterol”,
increased triglyceride levels and overweight.

Coconut sugar for weight loss

Despite, что сахар очень питателен, он не является
The best assistant in the issue of weight loss. When added to a dish,
final calorie content increases. However, if you add
moderately concentrated coconut sugar
sweet taste, keep track of calories consumed (carbohydrates,
fats and proteins), not exceeding the norm, then saturated
minerals and vitamins sugar will only benefit.

A lower glycemic index of the product allows it to be considered
the best substitute for the usual sweeteners (brown sugar and
sugar beet). Coconut sugar is digested slower than white
considered the best source of energy. Him добавляют в выпечку, кофе,
tea instead of white sugar. Such a replacement will allow blood level.
glucose lowering and rising more slowly. This is
especially important for people with type 2 diabetes, because
they must constantly monitor blood glucose levels.
However, if you abuse the complex carbohydrate, about getting rid of
extra calories you can forget.

Some claim that after adding coconut to tea
sugar, instead of white, the acute feeling of hunger disappears. Adding to
coconut sugar does not allow you to get hungry before the next
food intake. It is curious that the high glycemic index
maple syrup and honey are also different, which attracts more people
on the side of coconut sugar.

Use in cooking

Coconut sugar can be used practically in cooking.
any dishes, because it completely replaces the white. 10 g coconut
sugar is equal to 1 g of refined. Most often coconut sugar
has a nutty or caramel flavor that explains why
It is often used for baking confectionery. Coconut
sugar is valued by both adults and children, because it blends so well
with natural coffee.

You can cook an amazing delicacy, covering the coconut
sugar crushed cocoa beans, which are fruits
purple color with a tart taste. For dessert
only fresh beans are used that are not

Sugar is also used to make coconut cream.
he will need:

– 50 g of flour;

– 500 ml of coconut milk (preferably unsweetened);

– 5 yolks;

– 50 g of powdered sugar;

– 50 g of coconut sugar.

In a well-mixed mixture of flour, powdered sugar and yolks
pour boiled milk with added sugar. Leave
mass on low heat until it thickens, after
then cool.

�”Useful” sugar does not exist, so buy coconut
sugar or not, everyone decides for himself. When buying organic
sugar substitutes should pay attention to the reputation of the company,
producing product, expert reviews and recommendations – in this
The case of coconut sugar will not do any harm.

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