What is the difference between prosecco and champagne? Parsingsparkling wine

What is the difference between prosecco and champagne? Parsing sparkling wine

Sparkling wines have long been a sign of aristocracy and
beautiful life. And although the types of sparkling drinks quite a lot,
Classical champagne became the most popular all over the world.
more fashionable in recent years prosecco. When external similarity between
drinks there are enormous differences.



Родина sparkling wine очевидна из их названия. Champagne
called only wine made in the province of Champagne that during
France, whereas Prosecco comes from the valley of the same name in
the Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

According to the laws of the European Union, called champagne or
Prosecco can only wines produced in these

Grape varieties

For the production of champagne blend used several
grape varieties – usually these are chardone, pinot noir and pinomeny.
Prosecco is made from only one grape variety –
gler This variety got its name only in 2009, and before
this was called, like wine – “prosecco.”

Depending on the blend, champagne wine can be either
white and pink and red. Prosecco – always only
straw yellow drink.

Production method

The traditional champagne production method is “champenois”,
involves several stages of fermentation and laborious perennial
the process of preparing a bottled beverage.

First, the wine is fermented in oak barrels (primary fermentation),
after that with a new batch of yeast continues to ferment in

Wine bottles regularly rotate at different angles for
uniform loss of yeast sediments. This process does not last.
less than 15 months, and good winemakers – from 2 years. At the end
fermenting winemaker freezes the neck of the bottle and extracts the ice
cork with excess sediment.

Champenois – the most expensive method of manufacture
sparkling wine.

Prosecco is usually produced by the Sharma-Martinotti method, or
�”Tank” method that conveys the essence of the process.

As in the case of champagne, after the initial fermentation stage in
�”Quiet” wine add yeast and sugar to ripen bubbles, but
at the same time it is not bottled, but left in the same wine
tanks. Instead of 15 months, secondary fermentation lasts only
a few days after which the steel tank cools sharply, the dead
the yeast is filtered out – and voila, the proseco is ready!

With this method, the wine is less in contact with yeast,
preserving the freshness of taste and aroma, in addition it is significantly cheaper
classic champenois.

Thus, champagne wine is more complex and
�“Aging” while the taste of prosecco remains brighter and

Taste and aroma

The taste of champagne depends not only on the harvest, but also on aging in
manufacturing process, and may change over time.

The characteristic aroma of “brioche”, reminiscent of toasted bread,
achieved due to the decay of yeast sediments after two years
excerpts bottles. This is the minimum period for brut, and for
milleosim wine aging period is increased to 36 months.

Classic champagne wine has many facets.
tasteful with rich notes of almond, cherry and peach,
объединенных общим ароматом хлебных тостов

In Prosecco there is a completely different character – light and bright.
drink shimmers notes of pear and citrus, fresh flowers and
apricots. Вместо игры вторичных ароматов в просекко нарочито
the original flavors are underlined, which makes this sparkling drink
easy to drink and understandable, not only for experienced tasters.


Due to the difference in the production technology of bottled pressure
classic champagne almost double that in Italian
prosecco, so French sparkling is more “sparkling.”

Prosecco’s recognizable champagne mousse foam will be more
light and inconspicuous, although the pearl bubbles in the glass will
chained in the same way as in champagne.

In addition, Prosecco may not contain bubbles at all.
– the so-called “quiet wine” is quite rare, for
outside of Italy is almost impossible to find.


In recent years, prosecco has won a significant part of the store
shelves. In 2018, its cost starts from 600 rubles. Completely
A decent bottle of Prosecco from the Treviso region can be purchased at
1500 rubles range.

Champagne is much more expensive – the base bottle
will cost three times more expensive than prosecco.

This is due to both the production of and the recognition of
brand of individual wine houses. The cost of a bottle of this
Champagne starts from 3000 rubles and above. Classic Brut Moet
can be purchased for 4000 rubles.

Sparkling Cocktails

Игристые вина прекрасно сочетаются с фруктовыми
, поэтому существует огромное количество рецептов
both on the basis of champagne, and with prosecco. Worth trying
classic cocktails designed for specific types of wine.

Беллини — классический итальянский коктейль из
white peach pulp and prosecco. One part peach puree need
mix with three pieces of prosecco and ice, shake until smooth
states in the shaker and strain into glasses. This cocktail is frequent
guest of italian parties.

French 75 – коктейль, изобретенный в начале XX
century, used to be called simply “champagne cup.” To
make a french cocktail, mix one part
lemon juice with two parts of gin and a few drops
sugar syrup. The resulting mixture should be poured into a narrow glass and
add the same amount of champagne.

Prosecco or champagne – what to choose

It is impossible to objectively compare champagne and prosecco, because
There are a huge number of flavor profiles in both
drinks. To определить, какой напиток выбрать именно для себя,
pay attention to the general rules.

Champagne – a deeper drink that opens from
fruit notes to the smells of pastries, butter and nuts.

While prosecco usually has a slight yeast
tones, but at the same time remains no less voluminous, overflowing from
floral and fruit aromas to the smell of fresh hay. Both drinks
become worthy of aperitifs, or accompany dinner with fish, white
meat, pasta or cheeses.

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