What is remarkable grapes “Bazhena”: descriptionvarieties. Features of planting and reproduction of grapes “Bazhena”, careover grade

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The grapes of “Bazhena” is known among gardeners, lovers and
professionals for their stable yields and good taste. it
universal variety suitable for fresh consumption
making wine, juices and other preparations. Grow table
grapes are not as difficult as it may seem, it is enough to comply
simple rules.

Description of the “Bazhena” variety and characteristics of grapes

The hybrid variety was bred in Ukraine by the breeder from Zaporizhia
V.V. Zagorulko. As a result of long work and crossing
famous varieties “Arcadia” and “Gift Zaporozhye” turned out a new
excellent grapes. He quickly gained popularity, today his
cultivated on an industrial scale. And this is no accident!

Variety “Buena” относится к белому столовому винограду раннего
ripening period. From the formation of ovaries to full aging
the fruit passes less than 100 days. Harvesting begins in the middle
August A young plant begins to bear fruit after three years
after landing.

Bushes are powerful, give a good growth for the growing season, stable
bear fruit due to bisexual flowers. Shrub leaves
pale green, large, carved. The grapes are resistant to
pea, not reborn.

Good plant immunity allows you to grow grapes without
frequent spraying and treatments. Variety “Buena” устойчив к грибковым
diseases and rot. Ripe berries do not attract insects, although
very aromatic and sugary.

The harvest for a long time preserves the presentation of what you like.
gardeners. Clusters withstand long transport
almost no loss.

The advantages of the “Bazhena” variety and its disadvantages

The main advantage of grapes are its berries. They are large,
elongated and incredibly tasty. The mass of one berry reaches 25 gr.
Dense and weighty clusters will decorate any table. With good care
the weight of one bunch exceeds 2 kg. But this is not the limit.

The berries themselves have a pleasant amber shade, although in the stage
technical ripeness can be pale green or light green. By
taste reminiscent of ripe cherries. Sugar content in grapes
about 18%. The flesh is juicy, crispy. The skin is dense, allows
berries to withstand precipitation and not to crack, but when eating
almost not felt.

The yield of the variety is high, on one plant big matures
number of bunches. However, in order not to overload the young plant
need to resort to rationing ovaries. Gardeners have noticed that
stepchildren do not bear the harvest, but only take away the strength of the plant, their
necessarily cut out.

Among the shortcomings of the variety are a special love for the warm
climate. The vine does not tolerate lowering the temperature below -21 ° C, with
This is partly frozen. In the central part of Russia, the variety is grown
only with careful shelter for the winter.

Byсадка винограда «Бажена» и размножение сорта в домашних

The grapes of this variety are well propagated by cuttings in
домашних conditions. Saplings quickly take root and start growing.
After a few years, you can get the first harvest. but
At first, the cuttings will have to be carefully looked after. Young
plants do not tolerate drought, so watering should be

If you have vaccination skills, the variety can be grafted onto
other varieties. Thus, winter hardiness can be improved.
plants, but the ripening of berries will increase slightly.

Byсадку виноградной лозы проводят с учетом климатической зоны
cultivation. The fact is that in the South of the country berries are baked on the scorching
the sun, seedlings are placed in a shade. But in moderate
shading is unacceptable in a climate that will adversely affect
yield. Byсадку проводят на хорошо освещенном участке,
protected from the winds. Высаживают саженцы весной или in the fall. In the south
In the regions, the vine takes root well in the fall, but in the central part
Russian landing transferred in the spring.

Gardeners have noticed that виноград «Бажена» хорошо растет на
fertile and loose ground. Before planting seedlings soil need
how to prepare: dig, free from weeds and
to fertilize. In the fall, the beds are filled with humus and left until spring, and
before planting make mineral fertilizers, sand.

The wells for planting thermophilic varieties do deep to
the root system did not freeze during the cold season. Optimum depth
landing pit 80 cm. Do not forget about the drainage layer.

Tip! Consider that the grape variety “Bazhena”
growing fast. If you plant bushes tightly to each other, then
they will compete for nutrients and moisture in
As a result, one plant will die. Yield will be low.
The optimal distance is at least 5 m between plants.

How to prepare grapes for planting

Young саженцы с длинными побегами плохо приживаются, медленно
grow and may not move the upcoming winter. Before landing
cuttings pruned, adhering to some simple rules:

– choose the strongest escape and slightly shorten it;

– the remaining shoots cut out completely.

Strong the shoot is cut so that 2-3 buds are left of the root.
With such pruning, the sapling will quickly take root and put all its strength on
increasing the root system, which is very important at the planting stage.

Grape care: watering, feeding, pruning

This variety loves moisture, it is necessary for normal growth and
development of the bush, the formation of juicy berries. Watering lay on another
stage planting cuttings. Grape responds well to the root

Water the grapes often, especially during the formation of the ovary.
At the same time take into account the natural precipitation. If the moisture in the soil
enough, the soil is allowed to dry. Excessive moisture not
will benefit the plant.

Feed young plants start in 2-3 years
cultivation. Until that time, there should be enough nutrients
that were laid when landing. Each gardener has his own recipe
feeding, it is important to remember that fertilizer need to be in the spring and
in the fall. In addition, good results are obtained by feeding on a sheet.

Adult grape bushes need pruning. Variety “Buena”
cut short, most often with 2-3 peepholes or 6-8. Do it
in order for the bush to form powerful shoots. Pruned vine
in the fall after harvest or in early spring, until it started
sap flow.

Protection of grapes from diseases and pests

The Bazhena grape variety is rarely ill, but adult plants
periodically in need of preventive treatments. Most often their
проводят весной и in the fall.

Shrubs are sprayed with a solution of iron or copper sulphate.
The solution is prepared according to the instructions. Sprayed the vine in the evening
time that the leaves are not burned in the sun.

Important! Pests rarely attack this variety,
therefore, additional processing of grapes does not need.

As can be seen from the article, to grow grapes “Bazhena” is not at all
complicated. The variety is high-yielding, suitable for personal consumption and
sales. Differs in good taste characteristics and high
preservation of the harvest. Shrubs do not require frequent treatments and

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