What is known about the benefits of cashews and their characteristicsbiology. How are they useful for weight loss and can it be from cashewsharm

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Nuts are a unique element of a healthy diet. And all of them
in their own good, but exotic sweetish cashews, in shape
resembling a comma, differ extremely useful,
diverse properties.


How do special properties and composition create cashew benefits?

Trees harvested from cashews are grown only in
tropical climate.

Each nut is attached to the bottom of the overgrown stalk,
taking the form of a pear-shaped fruit of red, orange or
yellow color.

The so-called apple pokazhu sweet-sour taste,
are processed into juices, jellies and jams, but behind the growing regions
nuts, this “fruit” practically did not become known, its, in contrast to
Cashew, do not export.

You may notice that cashews are sold only in peeled form, and for
There is a good reason for this. The fact is that in a fresh nut between
the shell and the nucleolus have a layer of specific poisonous
oils, even when in contact with human skin causing strong
burns. Therefore, in the production of cashews in a special way neatly
cleaned and thermally treated to neutralize the substance.

Ready-to-eat cashews are eaten for nothing, add in
confectionery, sauces, pastries, they are very popular in muesli
and mixtures of nuts and fruits for a healthy snack, they are also tasty
as a snack – fried and salted.

Like any nuts, cashews have high energy value.
– about 600 kcal per 100 g. In comparison, again with other nuts
(hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), cashew contains a little fat
(about 42%), but in squirrels (25%) cashews exceed cedar twice

Plus they should be called and the absence of cholesterol, allowing them
for a diet table for diseases of the cardiovascular

Cashew is highly valued for its vitamin content:

– thiamine (B1) is involved in protein metabolism, heals
intestinal microflora and is necessary for the activity of the head

– riboflavin (B2) keeps the nervous system in order,
helps iron digestibility, protects eyes from UV light and
regulates the activity of the thyroid gland;

– niacin (B3) is required for protein synthesis and amino acid metabolism,
improves blood circulation and participates in the development of

– tocopherol (E) is indispensable for young healthy skin and action
known in cosmetology vitamin in the nuts supported by the presence
Omega-3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants that prevent
aging of the body;

– calciferol (D) is involved in the exchange of phosphorus and calcium,
improves their digestibility, is indicated for skin diseases,
supports gum health.

A high iron content creates the ability of cashews to increase
hemoglobin in the blood, to act as a means of preventing anemia, cashews
reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood and accelerates the production
red blood cells.

The combination of magnesium and amino acid tryptophan increases the production of
serotonin, which affects the improvement of psycho-emotional state,
increase stress tolerance and normalization of sleep.

Cashews can and should be eaten with type 2 diabetes,
as they normalize blood sugar levels and through
properties of mono- and polyunsaturated fats lower resistance
(resistance) cells to insulin.

How exactly is the benefit of cashew

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of cashews
due largely to proanthocyanidins, cashews can
recommend to improve immunity and prevention during
flu epidemics.

If you mix the nuts with honey – you get an inflammation remedy
sore throat.

For respiratory diseases (including bronchitis and
pneumonia), cashews act as a bronchodilator, antitussive
and sputum diverting agent.

Cashews are extremely beneficial to oral health:

– phosphorus and calcium strengthen teeth;

– a number of biologically active compounds destroy bacteria,
causing caries and other common dental

– improves the condition of the gums, including, decrease
inflammatory processes in them and bleeding disappears;

– tooth enamel becomes less sensitive to hot and
cold food.

The benefit of cashews will be appreciated by those who want to quit,
because this nut reduces craving for nicotine.

Also, the benefits of regular use of cashews are expressed in

– increase the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and cleansing them from
cholesterol plaques;

– reducing the risk of developing gallstone disease;

– normalization of the production and acidity of gastric juice;

– strengthening joints;

– increased production of melanin, which protects the skin
UV radiation;

– normalization of a constant level of blood pressure and
warning it drops.

And only cashew among all nuts have a unique property.
regulate the activity of the human sweat glands, that is, reduce

Cashew is a tonic and vividly replenishing food.
recommended for people in the period of serious illness and
the rehabilitation period after them, after operations.

Women planning pregnancy and during it, cashew nuts
will be very helpful as they have a positive effect on
reproductive system, actually rejuvenating it, increase
probability of conception, as well as:

– improve the work of the heart of a woman;

– reduce the manifestations of toxicosis and relieve heartburn;

– contribute to the formation of immunity and bone system

Nuts, finally, an excellent source of minerals (potassium, phosphorus,
iron), the need for which increases during pregnancy. TO
For example, in 100 g of cashews the copper content provides 200% of
The daily need for it is an adult.

Regular use of cashews during breastfeeding
activates the production of milk and increases its fat content.

The benefits of cashew for slim figure

Surprisingly, cashews can be present in diverse
diets – for weight loss and for his set, but this is explained
quite simple because cashews:

– even in the minimum amount they feed the body with a large supply
life energy and long saturate;

– normalizes appetite, preventing its painful leaps in
the side of overeating, but also preventing the loss of interest in food;

– accelerate metabolism, and a fast metabolism is necessary for
excretion of toxins and slags, excess water and excess

– promote fat burning.

Способны ли причинить кешью harm здоровью

Despite the above benefits for weight loss, cashews still
quite calorie and fat, so that in order to avoid excessive
weight gain and the development of obesity, you should not get carried away.

Но еще быстрее, чем набор веса, harm кешью при их переедании
manifested by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, sometimes
– shortness of breath and severe dizziness.

We should not forget that nuts are a highly allergenic product and
of course, with the intolerance of any of them, with great probability
harm кешью примет форму аллергии.

Due to the cashew content of oxalates, capable of being combined with
кальцием образовывать песок и камни в почках, чтобы не было harmа
from cashews, the amount of nuts eaten must be minimized when
disorders of the urogenital system

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