What is coding for obesity?

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    • 1.1 What is coding for obesity?
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Many people have become disillusioned with a variety of weight loss diets.
and want a more cardinal method that will relieve them from
overweight. This is especially true of those people who do not have
free time for fractional meals or visiting sports
the hall. Obesity coding comes to the rescue
techniques that give good results. Most
Common coding methods for losing weight are: method
Smelov and Dovzhenko method.

Coding for obesity

The coding method for obesity is to conduct
psychotherapy sessions for suggesting certain information
to the patient. Psychological setting produces a subject with
overweight fear of excessive overeating that gradually
leads to its decline.

The principle of the coding is a strong impact
on the subconscious mind with a concomitant problem, therefore it is normal
hypnosis, in which the doctor with the help of installations inspires
patient certain beliefs. Psychological programming
human to fear helps to change the established eating habits and
priorities, dulling the usual reflexes to eat. AT
As a result, the habit of healthy eating is gradually developed.
without overeating.

Regardless of the coding method chosen for obesity, treatment
should only be carried out by a specialist doctor who has extensive experience
in this area, and importantly, positive results from
work done.

What is coding for obesity?

Overweight coding consists of several steps to
the patient has smoothly undergone a psychological attack, since the psyche
the person becomes vulnerable. The first stage of any method is
in finding the root causes of obesity and the problem that makes a person
started to get better. ATедь если найдена причина чрезмерного набора
weight, the psychotherapist to deal with it faster, and adjust the person
on the right lifestyle.

Many cases of excessive obesity lie in the following

  • unwillingness to rethink their past life;
  • jamming problems with food;
  • general depression, fear of loneliness;
  • excessive agitation.

AT результате поглощения большого количества пищи психологическая
the injury develops into a physical problem that requires not only
hypnotic treatment, but also possibly medicamental, since
all the internal organs begin to suffer.

ATторой этап кодирования от ожирения заключается в проведении
hypnotic sessions during which the patient is instilled fear
before using a particular product, fear of the common
overeating or aversion to those products from which a person is not
can refuse by yourself. These are the products from which
excessive weight gain occurs. For example, experienced
the psychotherapist even after one session instills aversion to the cake
or candy.

Where better to go?

To the selected method of weight loss gave a person
positive results you need to know exactly where is better
to apply for coding for obesity? According to numerous reviews
Patients can be made the only correct conclusion – contact
you only need to specialists, so as not to lose time and

If a person decides to encode, you must select a doctor
who has a degree from a medical institution with a degree
a psychologist or psychiatrist, and not from some health center,
therefore it is better to go to a well-known clinic famous for
positive reviews. Do not trust the alternative procedure
doctors who call themselves energy therapists or

Coding for obesity по методу Смелова

Smelov’s method is to influence certain areas
brain, reacting incorrectly to certain foods. ATедь в коре
brain located two centers responsible for feeling
hunger and satiety. ATоздействуя на них, врач Смелов
developed your way to lose weight: 

  • there is a smooth immersion in superficial hypnosis;
  • special phrases are pronounced leading a person to
    short-term psychological stress that is positive
    valid for obesity;
  • there is an impact on the brain centers that
    responsible for appetite and satiety, reducing their activity.

AT результате проведенного сеанса по методу Смелова происходит
loss of appetite. ATырабатывается устойчивый результат, в ходе
which is a slow weight loss and awareness of what is needed
eat right and low calorie.

By the method of Dovzhenko

Coding for obesity по методу Довженко разработано примерно
30 years ago and during this time it shows positive
results at different stages of obesity. During this period, developed
the technique has been recognized by many modern psychotherapists,
поэтому активно используется на практике.

The essence of the method is soft effects on the psyche and
the subconscious of the person, while the patient’s desire is necessary, otherwise
the process will not work. Coding is often only
two sessions in which the correct schemes are developed
power supply.
A person with overweight gently inspired
developed schemes of proper nutrition, as well as instilled harm from
eaten extra foods.

Coding for obesity в домашних условиях

Coding for obesity в домашних условиях, например по
the recorded video is extremely dangerous since the invasion of
subconscious part of man. A man with such a state
cope on their own just can’t so better
contact a specialized clinic.

The effects of mental uncontrollable physician
invasions of the subconscious mind are: incessant overstrain,
aggression, inexplicable fear.

In addition, you need to know and contraindications to
conducting psychotherapeutic procedure:

  • any mental abnormalities;
  • severe hypertension;
  • severe cardiac abnormalities;
  • oncological diseases of a different nature;
  • Drunk;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the human body.

The problem of excess weight is solved only by complex measures
therefore, in addition to psychological impact, it is necessary to competently
develop a diet and force yourself to do the minimum
physical exercise.

ATыводы: Многочисленные отзывы людей с лишним весом показывают о
the prevalence of this method of getting rid of extra pounds.
Some drop 10 kg. weight per month after coding obesity,
on others the method does not work at all, since not everyone is exposed
psychological impact. Still worth a try
This technique, as most still observed
steady result, and to check whether a person is subject
mental technique or not, you need to turn to
a psychotherapist.

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