What if your child is being hurtkindergarten?

Mon, Jul 21, 2014

Any mother tries to save her child from all problems
make his childhood happy. However, very often in children
there are conflicts in the team. And the most important thing is not to hurry,
and fully understand the situation, teach your baby to communicate
with peers.

Should closely monitor the psychological state
baby Pay attention to the mood in which baby
comes from kindergarten, is he happy to go there? If you
feel that your child is experiencing discomfort in the nursery
team, then you need to figure out what the reason. Try
call him in a frank conversation. Often children rely on themselves,
if they can’t find a common language with other guys. Task
parents – to prevent this, otherwise the baby will feel
uncertainly in any team. In this case, the child may even
refuse to go to kindergarten.

If the baby doesn’t contact you, talk to your caregiver.
After all, she could not help but notice the conflict among children. Tutor
can help you in this situation.

The main causes of the conflict of the child and his peers:

1. Nefarious, “funny” last name. It is desirable that
In this case, the teacher conducted a conversation with the children that
Each has his own last name, this is the story of each person’s family. Any
should be proud of her, and there are no “funny” surnames. Ask for
caregiver call your baby only by name. With time
children will forget their last name and they will have no reason to bully
a child.

2. Inability to give change. Even in the children’s team each
strive to prove their leadership and this is at the expense of others
babies weaker. If your child is shy, help him
overcome yourself, teach to fight back. As soon as the baby shows
yourself strong, all problems of this kind will be resolved. I need to hand over
give immediately, as they say, do not wave their fists after the fight. And this
does not mean that repulse must be with the use of physical force,
words can also resolve any conflict.

3. Speech therapy problems. Often in kindergarten age
Children have problems with speech. This may be a reason for
ridicule Go with the child to the speech therapist, your baby will get
correct speech, get rid of the complex, and the children will stop over it

4. Physical defects. Explain to your baby that no one is
the world is not perfect, and its feature only indicates its
uniqueness. The child must acquire self-confidence, then
he will not pay attention to the attacks of other children. Some
disadvantages can be hidden. For example, bulging ears are easy
masked by properly selected hairstyle.

5. Overweight. Ask for вашего педиатра подобрать вам диету или
consult a nutritionist. First, your baby will get better,
secondly, peers will no longer have reasons for

6. Unfashionable clothes. Buy some new ones for your child.
modern things. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but
mental balance of the baby will be restored.

As soon as you find that your child is being hurt in
garden, do not immediately run and punish the perpetrators. Find out the reason
such an attitude to the baby and allow the situation to be peaceful
by. Tutor всегда пойдет вам на помощь и поможет в
conflict resolution.

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