What if a baby chokes: it shouldknow every mom! If the child choked: the most important thing is notpanic!

Ср, 22 июн 2016 Автор: Елена Саблина

Little kids are happiness for every mother.

You can look at them endlessly, like fire and water.

They give us smiles, feelings of tenderness and need, evoke
we are a flurry of love, although motherhood does not do without

Especially disturbing for all moms are those moments when babies suddenly
something choke.

In order to prevent a sad outcome in such situations,
you need to know exactly what to do if the child choked.


When a child can choke

There are countless cases in which a child can choke.
First, when feeding. If the mother is breastfeeding, the milk pressure
can be very strong, or the child sucks very actively.

Contributing to the fact that a newborn is choking may
the structure of the female breast, the wrong attachment to it. Are possible
such situations and when feeding from a bottle. Too large portions
the mixture comes in when the nipple of the bottle is cut too large
little hole.

Feeding a baby in a horizontal position.
The correct position is with a half-arms on the back with a raised

The baby can just get out of breath, her mouth quickly
filled with saliva. This is due to the fact that the kids still do not know how.
to control and combine the process of swallowing with the process of breathing. TO
the same unusual for newborn food, whether it’s mashed potatoes, porridge or
a mixture that gives kids new and unusual sensations.

A common case when children take in the mouth of strangers
items that are within their reach. therefore
it is necessary to make sure that there are no children near
small parts of toys, rattles, caps and so on.

What to do, the newborn choked on regurgitation

The most frequent sign that a child is choking is
cough. If the baby is actively coughing after choking,
it means that the airways are free and nothing threatens them. In that
If the mother does not need help. The most important thing is not to let
liquid, food, or foreign matter blocked the airways and
caused suffocation, asphyxia. Much more dangerous when a child chokes
something and can not get rid of it. That
urgent and urgent care is required;
Signs like: baby’s blue skin tone, wide
open eyes, fright in them, excessive salivation, open
mouth, the baby can not cough and cry, constantly climbs hands to
the neck.

One of the saddest and most frequent cases when newborns
choke on regurgitation. This is the cause of many deaths.
among babies, and the culprit is irresponsibility and connivance
mom To prevent this, it is necessary to observe simple
rule of After the child has eaten, you need to hold it in
upright, “pillar” so he burped.

What to do if babies choked, every mother should know
as a multiplication table. Never shake it too much.

Возьмите новорожденного за ножки и поднимите вниз head.
Lightly pat on the back, but only gently, what not
to injure a child, may suffer from hard claps
internal organs of the infant.

You can also clap your baby by putting it on your lap.
tummy down. The head must be below the level.
chest. It is necessary to clap strictly between the shoulder blades.

In no case do not knock on the back of a baby who is in
upright position. When patting the head and back of the baby
should be tilted slightly forward.

Do not forget to monitor the general condition of the baby, his breathing and

If the newborn choked, and then fell asleep – is it scary?

For many moms, the situation is when the baby is choked or
choked, are the real stress, much more than
for the baby himself.

The most effective preventive measure besides the standard
�“Hold the bar” is strict tracking to
the child in the first months of life was sleeping on a barrel. Moreover, it is important these
barrels alternate.

After the baby has eaten, in no case put it on

If the baby choked with a mixture or breast milk, he coughed and
fell asleep, then be calm, he is all right. If the child
choked with a foreign object, you must take action
to remove it, and only when you are absolutely sure that
Nothing threatens the breath of your child, you can stack it

If the object still remains in the airways, but the child
breathes, wait for the ambulance doctor, put the baby on the flank and
pull the legs to the tummy. Do not let him roll in his sleep
so that the object does not move further.

What if a child chokes on solid food or
foreign object

Breast milk, formula, saliva is not the only thing that can
choke baby. Very often these are foreign objects, such as
small details of rattles, bottle caps with medicines,
vata, in short, all that our baby can reach. TO тому же
some mothers have been actively feeding supplements since four or five months,
hard food pieces can also get into the airways. TOак
prevention – attention, attention and attention again! What to do,
if the baby choked on something by an outsider?

Take the baby in your arms and turn it to your back. Hold
child with one hand so that the palm was at the level
ventricle of the newborn. Bend your back forward with your free hand.
gently pat the crumb between the shoulder blades. Foreign object
thanks to this, move forward and come out of the respiratory

The second way – clasp the baby’s waist from behind, palm
position at the level of the navel, click on the tummy until the baby is
coughing up an object or piece, which choked.

You can put your baby on a free hand so that your palm
supported his breast, and rhythmically slap between the shoulder blades.

Another way: put the child on the back, with two fingers,
forefinger and middle press gently under the sternum.

You can last alternate ways: five claps – five presses
under the sternum.

Due to vomiting, the air duct reflexively reduces from it
foreign objects come out. Use your fingers or a spoon to press down.
root of the tongue, this will contribute to the fact that the airways will begin
shrink, therefore, will push out all unnecessary.

Do not forget that if a child stops breathing, it is necessary
immediately, without losing a second, do him artificial respiration.
Ensure that the baby’s chest lifts “inhale”.

If the situation gets out of control and nothing helps,
call an ambulance, and until the doctors arrive, continue
try all the ways one by one.

Most importantly, keep calm, do not panic, that you
you can scare the kid even more. Be collected on that
how fast you begin to act depends life and
health of your child. If the situation is not of a discharge relative
safe “choked – coughed”, you need to call a doctor
to inspect the child, since there is a possibility of hidden
injuries, both physical and psychological.

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