What does Cameron Diaz eat?

Paparazzi photographed Cameron Diaz from all angles, but so
could not find in 38 year old actress even the slightest signs
cellulite or excess fat. In an interview with USA Weekend Cameron
admitted that she had previously managed to keep her figure, especially not
taking care of what she eats and what kind of lifestyle she leads, but in
recent years have to follow the diet.

What does Cameron Diaz eat?

– When I was over 20, I ate fried food from morning to evening. But
I had to end this, – says the actress
 –  Я люблю жареного цыпленка и картофель фри, но в
Recently, my body has become more difficult to cope with and
will be unfair to him to continue so
to eat

Now the actress does not eat white bread and pasta. Salt adds to food
only after readiness. Specialty breakfast star: boiled egg
proteins, baked tomatoes and oatmeal, cooked from whole grains
water. And she now prefers roasted chicken to
grilled vegetables, chicken breast, fish, lean meat and
shrimps with olive oil.

What does Cameron Diaz eat?

Very rarely does an actress allow herself to relax and eat hot dog.
during a sports match.

– Nothing beats a hot dog and beer while playing Dodger.
It is such a pleasure to eat a great hot dog during a match! –
sure star.

His main secret Cameron considers water sports. She is
loves surfing and diving, loves to go swimming and kayaking,
spends a lot of time on the beaches.

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