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Preparing for the New Year is not only hiking
shopping in search of a gift to the baby. To create a festive
Mood needs a carnival costume. This simple workshop
will show how quickly out of scrap materials, do it yourself
красивый костюм принца для boy

Details of the costume “Prince”

Prince’s costume is perfect for gardening or
the school. This romantic look will suit any boys.

The costume of the prince can be in several variations. It is similar to
costume musketeer, king, page or cat in boots. So that
some details can be used for other performances and

The suit “Prince” for the boy consists of short pants, white
spacious shirt, vest, golf, mantle and crown / beret. AT
addition to the costume of the prince for a boy can be made their own
hands a beautiful sword.

Fabric for a suit pick up bright. Looks nice costume from
velvet or satin fabric. Pants and gowns can be made from
Fabric blue, green or gold. Red fabric
more suited for a king’s costume, so its better not

Tailoring a suit “Prince” on the boy with his own hands

Sewing a suit begins with the tailoring of a shirt, vest and short

Step # 1 Sewing a vest for a prince

Where to get the pattern? We take any child suitable T-shirt.
size and draw it on paper. We transfer paper parts to
bright fabric and cut out with seam allowances.

We sew a vest for a prince along side and shoulder seams.
We process the bottom, armholes and neck. ATыворачиваем деталь на
front side. The vest is ready.

Step number 2 Decorate the shirt of a prince

In order to sew a costume faster and easier, we take any white shirt.
She can be with short or long sleeves, but spacious.

We begin to decorate the shirt with white lace. We will sew it
at the bottom of the sleeves. We need to cut off the amount of tight lace and
we hang on a typewriter.

Step # 3 Sew Prince’s Pants

For sewing pants, you can circle around any comfortable pants child
or take this pattern. It can be reduced or increased to
get the right size.

Paper parts are laid out on satin fabric and cut out with
seam allowances. Fold up the panty faces inward and
sew along the side and step seams. ATерх брюк подворачиваем на 2 см
and stitching. We measure the circumference of the child’s belly, cut off
the right amount of gum. ATставляем ее в верхний край штанишек.
Ready trousers will not subside during the performance.

The bottom of the leg can be decorated with lace or just sew gum,
departing from the edge of 5-7 cm. Then the pants will look voluminous and

How to make a robe for a prince

The cape on the shoulders can be made of velvet fabric to match the suit.
Then the finished costume will look noble and romantic.

The mantle will require:

• 1×2 meter fabric cut;

• sewing tools.

Working process

1. • To begin with, draw a semicircle on paper. To get it
flat, we tie the marker with a rope whose length is equal to the width
tissue. Install it in the middle of the cut. ATот так.

2.•ATырезаем заготовку, переносим на ткань и выкраиваем. Besides
In addition, we cut out two strips of fabric 5 cm wide.

3. • On one side of the strip we make a edge, we iron and
we spend

4. • Pin the strip to the neck of the mantle, lay the seam on

We decorate the finished robe with a royal sign. It can be embroidered on
cloak or sew ready.

What to make the prince’s crown

We will do the crown for the costume of a prince for a boy with our own hands
from the remnants of lace and jewelry.


• dense wide lace;

• beads and various costume jewelery;

• acrylic paint in silver or gold;

• gelatin;

• hard cardboard.

Working process

1. • Cut the lace you need length and sew the ends to
get a ring.

2. • The crown must be given the necessary rigidity. For this
use gelatin. 1.5 tsp. gelatin dilute with warm water and
leave to swell 40 minutes. Place the crown in the solution for 30

3. • Now from a hard cardboard we make a blank of the necessary size,
to pull the lace. Cut off the strip you need size and glue
the ends.

4. • We stretch the lace and dry in the microwave for 30 seconds,
periodically dipping again into gelatin. So do as long
until the crown is stiff.

5.•ATысохшее изделие снимаем с болванки.

6. • To decorate the root will be painted in silver or gold.
Apply it with a brush on the dried lace, dried on
window sill.

We will decorate the finished crown with light beads, rhinestones or
costume jewelery. ATсе мелкие детали аккуратно приклеивают клеевым
a pistol.

Beret for the prince with feathers

When tailoring a prince costume for a boy with his own hands, the head
the dress can be made in the form of a luxurious beret with feathers. To some
boys will like this idea more than the crown. Make it
quite simple.


• fabric to match the suit and mantle;

• feathers for decoration;

• brooch.

Working process

For tailoring beret can use the above

1.•ATырезать бумажные детали выкройки и перенести на ткань.

2.•Сколоть детали тульи и донышка, прострочить на typewriter.

3. • Prisborot billet, evenly distributing it over the edging

4.•Проложить строчку на typewriter.

Ready to take turn on the front side and decorate with feathers,
lace or rhinestones. They are carefully glued to the side of the beret,
closing this place with a big brooch.

The beret can be used not only for the costume of a prince. is he
indispensable in the image of a cat in boots, marquis, musketeer and other
fairy tale characters.

The image of the prince must be supplemented with white golf, shoes and
a sword.

Sword for the prince with his own hands

A sword for a prince is an indispensable attribute of a costume. She can
make from window glazing or wooden slats. And for children
younger children can make a sword out of cardboard.


• wooden rail;

• plastic cover;

• paint.

For the sword you need a wooden blank of at least 1 meter. She needs
sand clean well and paint with silver paint

After the paint dries, proceed to decorate the sword.
To begin with we make the handle. AT пластиковой крышке проделываем
hole and put it on the sword. Paint it and let it dry.
Bright rain or tinsel tie the finished sword at the handle.

For younger children, we make a cardboard sword. On tight
Cardboard draw two blanks of the future sword and handle. Neatly
cut them out and glue them together. Such a sword will not break in
time of performance.

We finish the finished and dry part with paints, knit a bright rain.
A cardboard sword is ready!

ATот так, из подручных материалов, своими руками можно сшить
Prince’s costume for a boy in a few evenings without
special skills. ATсе что нужно — пошаговый мастер-класс,
desire and a little imagination.

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