What can you say about the benefits of grass tarhun.The reasons for the popularity of seasoning and features of use

Чт, 10 май 2018 Автор: Анна Кедрова

Wormwood – a little appetizing plant, but from the tarragon,
entering with it in one race, can not refuse all over the world.
Also known as tarragon, it serves as an indispensable spice and
a wide spectrum drug


How exactly is the use of grass tarhun

The second common name of the plant is tarragon. Savory,
slightly tart taste and delicate aroma of its long narrow leaves
unique, except that there is something aniseed in his smell … But in him
there is almost no bitterness characteristic of herbs close to wormwood.

In Europe, tarragon (in the past often referred to as the eastern manners
dragon’s wormwood) came late – at the end of the XVI century, but immediately took
prominently in the gardens of pharmacists, taverns, nobles, and simple

Herring is rich in essential oil, coumarins, ascorbic
acid, flavonoids, resins, vitamins of group B, carotene,
alkaloids, minerals.

Estragon in any form is good as a general tonic during periods
influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections affecting
respiratory system.

With existing diseases of a specified nature, a large
anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties are important

Tarragon cardiovascular system supports boosting
elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, normalizing
blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.

When treating kidneys, tarragon’s diuretics are layered on
its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, so
alleviating most of the symptoms of the disease.

Great use tarragon for the gastrointestinal tract,
since the plant is:

• increases appetite;

• enhances the production of gastric juice;

• contributes to the digestion of heavy foods (very fatty,
sweet, containing a lot of carbohydrates entering the stomach in
worsening digestibility combinations);

• improves intestinal motility;

• treats increased gas formation.

Warm drinks, such as tea from tarragon, help from dental
pain and relieve painful swelling of the gums and in essence, to treat
oral cavity they do not even need to drink – enough light

In addition, the regular use of tarragon,

• prevention of beriberi;

• general body strengthening after serious illness or

• the disappearance of headaches (including chronic

• normalization of daily biorhythms, which can be especially
useful in cases requiring changes in activity and rest periods
(for example, with a specific work schedule).

How to use in the kitchen grass tarragon for the benefit of
health and taste satisfaction

The possibilities of using this plant in the kitchen (and in
food industry) is extremely wide:

• fresh and dried ground tarragon is added to vegetable
stews, meat dishes, poultry, fish and seafood, egg dishes and from
pasta, cheeses, casseroles, salads, side dishes and sausages

• when soaking apples and pears, pickling tomatoes, mushrooms and
cucumbers, sauerkraut, tarragon, in addition to enriching their taste and
flavor, serves as a preservative (inhibits the activity of bacteria) and
retains the hardness and color of the harvested ingredients;

• tarragon is obligatory in French béarne sauce,
is found in some varieties of Dijon mustard sauce
ravigot and mayonnaise;

• fresh green tarhuna (it is recommended to add more
Any herbs and spices can be flavored vegetable

• with plant extract (and at home, for example, with
dried greens) make soft non-alcoholic
carbonated and non-carbonated drinks (the most famous –
emerald green “tarragon”);

• also flavored liqueurs, wines and

• In marinades, tarhun gives the meat a special tenderness and saves
his juiciness.

And so as not to spoil the food and fully reveal
the charm of the tarragon, it is important to observe two rules:

• fresh herbs are added to salads, ready-made sauces, pies and
snacks, in the second already prepared dishes, but it is unacceptable to spice it
something that will be subjected to a strong heat treatment
(simple warming up of the dish is allowed), as under the influence of
high temperatures fresh tarragon unpleasantly bitter;

• for second hot dishes, snacks, and pastries (for example, bread)
use dried tarragon herbs and ideally recommended
to lay it in the second and first courses 5 minutes before readiness,
for full brightness of taste and preservation of good tarragon.

It is useful to know that due to the specifics of the details of taste and aroma,
tarkhunom can replace salt in dishes at diets, where its
use is restricted or not permitted at all.

The houses at hand can have in stock not only the tarragon dry or
fresh just from the store – it’s very easy to grow on
windowsill and it is also possible to stock up – greens
crushed, mixed with salt and, laid out in cans, stored in
cool place. Additionally, can be poured into vegetable jars
refined oil. In addition, the tarragon can be saved in

What is the use of herb tarhun for weight loss

Tarragon itself does not directly affect weight loss, but a number of it
complex properties quite contributes to this, since

• accelerates metabolic processes, which allows you to spend
more calories for the same time periods;

• Useful in eating disorders due to
improving digestion and increasing digestibility of food and drinks
beneficial substances;

• tones and refreshes, helping to overcome the blues and feeling
physical fatigue on the background of upcoming or past
fitness training.

And separately it should be noted that tarragon in combination with the complex
biologically active substances of ginger (for example, in fragrant tea with
it, lemon and honey) impressively not only accelerates, but also
normalizes metabolism.

What can be harm from grass tarhun

With great care should be used tarhun when
susceptibility to allergic reactions and can certainly
harm the grass tarragon women during pregnancy.

Of course, from a few leaves in your favorite dish or glass
There should be no harm to the soft drink, but it is important to consider that
with excessive use (and sensitivity in all people
different) the plant is able to provoke miscarriage.

But at the time of feeding the baby, if he was 3 months old,
tarragon moms are not prohibited, but again – in moderation.

Strictly speaking, excessive use of this plant is in principle
not useful – biological relationship with a wormwood gives it
specific properties and if persistently and for a long time exceed
the recommended rate per day (4-6 g of dry tarragon, 50 fresh,
500 ml of drinks from it), can cause intestinal upset and
even poisoning, the first signs of which are nausea,
dizziness, faintness.

It is very desirable that there be no harm from the grass of tarhuna,
refuse spice in diseases of the stomach with increased
acidity of gastric juice, and it is absolutely contraindicated in

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