What can you eat instead of sweet and flour whenlosing weight?

For some people, it is enormously difficult to refuse sweets, if
for some people it is not difficult, that is, sweet tooth,
who are used to indulge themselves with pies and sweets every day.
Вопрос: «Чем заменить сладкое и мучное при losing weight?», встает
edge if it comes to diet. We will deal with the replacement of the usual
harmful goodies.

What can you eat instead of sweet and flour when losing weight?


  • Replacement options
  • Video clip on how to replace the flour and sweet
  • Tips to not so much like sweet tea

Replacement options

We will determine the products that will become assistants in the process.
losing weight

  • Фрукты. Topping the list of correct
    substitutes. In fruit, unlike favorite sweets and pastries
    contains beneficial sugars and glucose. Want a sweet? Boldly
    You can eat apples, bananas, kiwi, oranges, pineapples,
    grapefruits, tangerines, pears. By the way, grapefruit and pineapple are not only
    satisfy the need for goodies, but also help in the breakdown of fats,
    and kiwi and bananas perfectly satisfy hunger. You can make fruit
    salad and fill it with low-fat yogurt. 100-200 grams

  • Ягоды. What you can replace sweet with
    losing weight Suitable blackberries, strawberries, strawberries, cherries, cherries,
    blueberries, currants, raspberries. Горсти в сутки enough. Berries not
    only involved as a substitute for your favorite candy, but are
    source of beneficial vitamins.

  • Сухофрукты. Can I replace them on a diet
    sweet pastries or sweets? Yes, prepare a mixture of dried apricots,
    prunes, raisins and other dried fruits with honey. If you want
    sweet, then dried fruits are perfect for tea and separately.
    But do not overdo it, more than 100 grams per day is impossible.

  • Овощи. Good come to the table sweet
    carrot root vegetable, cabbage, turnip, cucumber, tomato.

  • Мед. How to replace the sweet on a diet no matter how this
    delicacy? Пару чайных ложек будет enough. He possesses a number
    beneficial properties and tasteful, improves metabolism, which
    prevents fat deposits.

  • Горький шоколад. One record per day is not
    hurt. Pay attention to the composition, chocolate should be
    at least 75% cocoa. In addition, it has iron.

  • Сок из свежих фруктов без консервации. You can
    freeze the berries in water, and get ice cubes with berries.

Take to eating all these foods in the first half
of the day

Disaccustom yourself to tea with sugar, at first it will seem to you
bland, but over time you will learn to feel the taste of brewed
leaves in the circle, and the sugar cube added there will be
perceived to be very cloying. If it is difficult to refuse
sugar, you can brew packets of stevia, it is considered
natural vegetable sweetener.

Video clip on how to replace the flour and sweet

Watch the video, which provides advice from a specialist in
physical culture and sport:

He explains in detail why it is desirable to replace sweets with
Our table is something more useful and how it can be done.

Tips to not so much like sweet tea

First of all I want to say about the psychological factor, about
suggestion and motivation. If you decide to replace the sweet and flour on
proper nutrition, you are already great fellows! In order to
completely abandon the hazards, you need to be clear
the cause and nature of the destruction of the body sweets. A character
such that all harmful artificial sweets
refer to simple carbohydrates.

When a person eats a piece of cake his glycemic index,
showing blood sugar levels, soars into the sky.
This situation occurs due to the fact that the body is not
it took to expend energy in the splitting of carbohydrate, since it
plain. Then there is a sharp huge drop in sugar levels.
It is this sharp jump back and forth that makes you feel
gluttony, and you break away, re-eating the second cookie or
pie There is a dependency.

Hence the first advice and the following ones:

  1. Motivate yourself, now you know the cause of the endless thrust.
    Plus, imagine the consequences of eating sweet and flour:
    caries; orange peel that gradually absorbs each
    centimeter thighs, buttocks, waist; fat belt where there should be
  2. One motivation will not be full. Completely replace the sweet and
    flour protein is impossible, but their advantage is that with their
    eating you forget about the flour because of the saturation of the stomach. it
    useful snag for the body. Suitable fish, white meat, poultry,
  3. Use the trick by brushing your teeth. it помогает не только
    forget about pastries, but also food in principle.
  4. Drink plenty of water, thereby filling the stomach. Can
    Prepare a mint tincture or add lemon slices to the water.
  5. Keep an active lifestyle: swimming, running, snowboarding.
  6. Distract yourself by reading a book, watching a movie. Good
    helps get rid of traction full sleep.
  7. Another tricky way – before you want to try
    Glazed cheesecake or something else like that, read the composition.
    Be sure, after the words “monosodium glutamate”, �”Flavoring,
    identical natural strawberry “and other chemical additives with
    letter E sweet you want less.

Now you know what to replace with a sweet during a diet, we wish
you finally get rid of this addiction and eat useful and
no less tasty foods. With the list above, you have everything
work out!

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