What are the seedlings useful for?

One of the most useful products in the world –
проростки. In germinated seed synthesized
enzymes, vitamins, plant hormones, antioxidants and others
biologically active substances necessary in order to
start the growth process, moreover, the content of vitamins in the seeds
increases many times, sometimes dozens of times.

So, when germinating, the concentration of vitamin A in radish seeds
increased 40 times, the dose of vitamin B6 in barley grains increases
25 times, the same amount becomes more vitamin C in seedlings
red peas, and in green the amount of vitamin C increases in
7 times. They reach their maximum at 4-7 day of germination.
Vitamins in seedlings are much more than in the vegetables and fruits themselves.
For example, vitamin A in radish is 40 times less than the germinated
seeds of this plant, the most useful folic acid is less than 7
times, nicotinic acid in 9, and vitamin B6 in 5.

Far from all the components necessary for young plant
life and contained in seedlings are known to scientists. However, something
already opened. For example, glucoraphanin was found in broccoli –
substance with a powerful anti-cancer effect. As it turned out in
sprouts broccoli it is 20-50 times more than in the cabbage itself. AT
America already has a company selling branded seedlings
Brocco Sprouts in which the content of this active substance is very

AT России проростки всегда можно найти в овощных отделах крупных
supermarkets. ATкуса, конечно, никакого, но их можно просто
add to vegetable salad with juicy tomatoes, lemon juice,
olive oil and so.

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