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In case of insufficiency of cardiovascular blood circulation
prescribe Carrel milk diet, which is therapeutic.
Carrel’s Milk Diet is a series of fasting days.
for a strictly-defined timeline for enhancing the action of medical
drugs. Contraindications include individual
milk protein intolerance.


When and how is the Carrel milk diet used?

Milk Carrel Diet for Cardiovascular Diseases
aims to eliminate and establish disturbed in the body
processes. Due to the low daily calorie intake from
the body removes excess fluid. Salts are dominant in the diet.
calcium and potassium, and sodium salts are minimized.

The Carrel Milk Diet consists of four steps, each of
which is different in its caloric content. At all stages it is necessary
follow the basic principle – fractional food. Main product
ration – milk, which is necessary to drink 100 ml
every 2 hours. Carrel’s milk diet is used exclusively
prescribed by a doctor, is difficult enough, but contributes
rapid absorption of drugs, which contributes to
speedy recovery.

Benefits of the Carrel Milk Diet:

  • Cleansing the body of carcinogens, toxins;
  • Normalization of alkaline and fermented milk balance;
  • Normalization of blood pressure;
  • Cleansing blood vessels from blood clots;
  • Getting rid of puffiness;
  • Saturation of the body with useful amino acids;
  • Restoration of female regenerative function;
  • Improving the condition of hair, nails, teeth.

Disadvantages of the Carrel dairy diet:

  • Possible risks of an increase in acetone blood (relative to children,
    adolescents and women over 40);
  • Increased blood cholesterol (when drinking milk
    high fat content);
  • Possible bloating, indigestion and flatulence.

Противопоказано употребление молока при: язве
stomach, pyelonephritis, pancreatitis, kidney disease and
pancreas, allergic reactions.


Carrel’s Milk Diet is used for heart conditions.
failure. Chronic circulatory failure –
inability of the cardiovascular system to ensure all organs and
body tissues necessary substances for normal
life activity. Chronic failure develops
circulatory disorders in violation of the contractile function of the heart that
may be caused by various diseases.

Chronic circulatory failure can trigger
accumulation of oxidized carbohydrate and fat metabolism products,
which leads to disruption of acid-base balance in the body and
prevalence of acidic environment. Carrel’s Milk Diet Recognized
to clean tissues, organs and muscles from metabolic decay products,
as well as remove all excess fluid from the body.


Menu при диете Карреля молочной состоит из четырех этапов,
each of which has its own characteristics. Duration first
two stages of the dairy diet is 2-3 days, and 3-4
stages from 3 to 4 days respectively. Amount used on
each stage of salt is reduced to 5 grams per day.

Первый этап: Калорийность суточного
рациона = 450 Ккал:
Белки = 20 (гр); Fat = 20; Carbohydrates =

It is necessary to drink 100 ml of warm milk every 2 hours.
(from 8:00 to 20:00). At 22:00 it is recommended to drink a glass
freshly squeezed fruit juice (apple, orange) or 100 ml
warm broth hips without sugar and additives.

Второй этап: Калорийность суточного
рациона = 1000 Ккал:
Белки = 40 (гр); Fat = 35; Carbohydrates
= 135.

  • 8:00 – A soft-boiled egg. Salt-free bread 150g;
  • 10:00 – A glass of milk;
  • 12:00 – Dairy product 100 ml;
  • 14:00 – Rice porridge on water 200 gr with butter 5
  • 16:00 – A glass of milk;
  • 18:00 – Dairy product 100 ml;
  • 20:00 – Warm milk 100 ml.

Третий этап: Калорийность суточного
рациона = 1250 Ккал:
Белки = 50 (гр); Fat = 40; Carbohydrates
= 160

  • 8:00 – A soft-boiled egg. Salt-free bread 150g;
  • 10:00 – A glass of milk;
  • 12:00 — Картофельное пюре 200 гр со сливочным маслом 5 gr;
  • 14:00 — Мясное суфле 100 гр со сливочным маслом 5 gr;
  • 16:00 – A glass of milk;
  • 18:00 – Hard boiled egg;
  • 20:00 – Milk 100 ml.

Четвертый этап: Калорийность суточного
рациона = 1550 Ккал:
Белки = 75 (гр); Fat = 60; Carbohydrates
= 180.

  • 8:00 – A soft-boiled egg. Baked apples 100 gr. Salt free bread 200
  • 10:00 – A glass of dairy product;
  • 12:00 — Картофельное пюре 200 гр со сливочным маслом 5 gr;
  • 14:00 — Мясное суфле 100 гр со сливочным маслом 5 gr;
  • 16:00 – A glass of milk;
  • 18:00 – Hard boiled egg. 100 ml;
  • 20:00 – Milk 100 ml.

Can I drink water?

Can I drink water with the Carrel milk diet? Therapeutic
method of heart failure is aimed at getting rid
organism from excess fluid. Consists of frequent meals
(every 2 hours) and a relatively small amount of basic
liquids – dairy product (700 ml per day). Strict option
treatment method allows only the use of juice (vegetable,
fruit) or dogrose broth at 22:00, while excluding

Due to the fact that the Carrel dairy diet has been known for a long time (since 1865
years), she has undergone many changes. So, MI Pevzner
proposed to amend the diet, reducing the use of dairy
product up to 6 times a day, replacing its evening reception with 100 ml
vegetable juice with the addition of 20 grams of glucose. �”How much to drink water
is it possible? ”- there is no definite answer. With strong thirst allowed
drink a glass of purified water without gas, but not more than 0.5-1 liters per

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