Weight Loss System Minus 60: from cover tocrusts

sistema-pohudeniya-minus-60Very often for those trying
to lose weight, it is very difficult to lose and not even gain 10 again
kilograms. Therefore, the promises made by the new Weight Loss System
Minus 60 – seem to be completely impracticable. Similar results
believe the inhabitants, can only be achieved during the plastic
surgery or treatment in a special clinic.

However, the author of this technique proved by example,
that so many kilograms can be reset by yourself,
subject to certain rules.

Strictly speaking, it would be wrong to call this system a diet.
After all, its author, Ekaterina Mirimanova, offers completely
review their views on eating behavior and diet.

At the same time, the weight loss program itself does not provide for fasting.
or other very tight restrictions.

The main thing is to introduce changes gradually, but consistently, and
stick to them religiously. Better to give up on something.
small, rather than putting yourself in a very tight framework, and then
suffer from constant breakdowns.

Healthy diet should be an integral part
everyday life, and not to become a heavy burden, but to be
pleasant habit. And if more specifically?


What is the essence of the system of weight loss Minus 60?

The first provision of this program is that until 12.00
you can eat anything. Food eaten in the morning is not fat
transformed, and serves to generate the energy needed
body within a day. In addition, you can drink without restrictions.
pure non-carbonated water. Control Yourself in Salt Consumption
not necessary, but the food can not perepalivat.

Sugar is also allowed, but brown is better and must be consumed.
also in the morning. Milk chocolate to replace more
useful bitter. It will be difficult for those women who have to
cook for the whole family: in this case, the dishes will not have to
to try, and only to smell. What about lunch? To less
eat, go to the use of small plates – portions
automatically decrease. It is best to have soup at lunch – if
it’s broth, it’s better not to put potatoes in it.

Permitted dairy products, fruits, except
grapes and bananas, the rest of the fruit can be considered mandatory.
Meat and fish, naturally, low-fat, it is better to cook. Very helpful
steamed and boiled vegetables, with the exception of potatoes. And desirable
stop using mayonnaise.

According to the “Weight Loss System Minus 60”, to deny yourself dinner
not worth it. A great choice for him would be fish stewed in water or
meat. For taste, you can add a little soy sauce to them.
Tasty and healthy dish can be prepared in a blender, where
put low-fat cottage cheese, greens, cucumber and tomato, a little
salt. You need to eat less than at lunch. And dinner should be held
no later than 4 hours before bedtime. Green tea is better for drinking
or coffee without sugar. The system is fairly strict.
compliance with the regime: you need to try to eat at the same time
time every day. Among the few bans diet – alcohol.
Of course, in certain cases, it is not forbidden to drink a couple
glasses of dry wine.

What to do if you are going to visit? Similar events are not
should be an excuse for breaking the diet. In the end, on
any festive table there is not only a salad with mayonnaise, but also
cheese, and cold cuts, and vegetables, and fruits.

Is this nutritional program easy? Maybe she
much easier than many other techniques, but still have to
pull yourself together.

However, those who have already tried the weight loss system Minus 60
Catherine Mirimanova, they say that a new way of life can
get used to in a few weeks. In the end, harmful
eating habits were formed over the years. But the result, especially when
connecting certain physical activities will not force itself
wait a long time.

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