Weight Loss on Oatmeal: Rules and Recipespreparations

Strict diets pose many dangers, so it’s best
sticking to a “healthy” sustainable nutrition plan
weight loss without harm to health. One such option is
Oatmeal for weight loss. Familiar from childhood grass will help and reset
kilograms, and provide the body with nutrients.

Weight Loss on Oatmeal: Rules and Recipes preparations


  • How to choose oatmeal for weight loss
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the oatmeal diet
  • Oatmeal diet for weight loss
  • Fasting days on oatmeal
  • How to cook oatmeal for a diet or fasting day
  • Cooking “lazy” porridge in the bank (video)

Oatmeal is rich in minerals, vitamins, contains a large amount
proteins, beneficial carbohydrates and fiber. It is considered nutritious.
food, the feeling of fullness after eating oatmeal is preserved
for a long time. This allows you to eat less during the day. Besides,
fibers of oatmeal “bind” fat molecules in the intestines and not
allow them to be absorbed. Due to this property, fat is derived
from the body.

In the article we will consider not a strict mono-diet consisting only of
oatmeal, and a healthy diet plan that includes
use of oatmeal.

How to choose oatmeal for weight loss

Oatmeal – the grain received from grains of oats by a peeling and
grinding (similar to rice and rice flakes). In the shops
You can find many variations of this cereal, but not all of them.
Suitable for weight loss.

The best option for oatmeal for weight loss – regular oatmeal
flakes without any additives. They contain less calories than
other species are therefore more useful.

Choosing between large and small oat flakes is better.
stay on the first option. Large oatmeal cook longer
but it is more nutritious, retains a sense of saturation for a long time.
Besides, этот вид хлопьев содержит больше клетчатки, что очень
useful for digestion and weight loss.

Овсянка при похудении

Избегайте употребления хлопьев быстрого preparations и с
various additives. For example, flavored flakes contain
sugar, which adds them calories.

Easy transition from flakes with additives and flavors to
ordinary will allow you to remove from your diet to 20 thousand calories
for a year and lose weight up to 4-5 kg ​​without any other changes
habitual diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the oatmeal diet

Due to its beneficial properties, oatmeal has the following

  • prevents accumulation of fat in the stomach and intestines;
  • slows the growth of blood glucose levels and controls its sharp
  • helps the intestines function properly, prevents
  • reduces the risk of cancer, because contains selenium;
  • improves the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of developing
    heart failure;
  • boosts immunity;
  • slows the aging process, because contains antioxidants.

But, in addition to the benefits, oatmeal for weight loss also has
limitations. They are few, but you need to consider that taking oatmeal
long time can cause weakness due to low calorie content.
Also elevated fiber content in oatmeal can cause
bloating in the intestines, and accelerated metabolism may interfere
absorption of certain drugs. Besides, овсяная диета не
recommended for renal and heart failure. therefore
Before it starts, be sure to consult with
a doctor.

Oatmeal diet for weight loss

There are several options for oatmeal diets. In all cases
several meals during the day are replaced specially
cooked oatmeal. It can be a replacement for all meals,
those. mono-diet on oatmeal, but this option is more suitable for
handling days and should not last more than two days. Detailed
You will find a description of the fasting days in porridge below.

The best option for oatmeal diet for weight loss – when
oatmeal replaces no more than three meals a day.

The rest of the meals are healthy foods, also
promote weight loss. We will look at an example of exactly
such a diet consisting of three phases.

  • Первая фаза составляет два дня. During
    this time is allowed to consume 1000-1200 calories per day.
    The daily amount of food is divided into 6 receptions, so as not to weaken
    metabolism. To lose weight in a “healthy” way, be sure
    should eat something other than oatmeal. So, three meals will be
    make oatmeal, and the other three must include
    fresh fruit and fruit juices, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates.
  • ATторая фаза длится также два дня, но суточная
    the calorie rate increases to 1200-1400. Daily ration should
    include healthy, nutritious foods that are important to the muscles and
    help get rid of excess weight. Oatmeal must be eaten
    at least twice a day. It is also ideal to start in the second phase.
    physical exercises – yoga, stretching or at least long
  • Третья фаза овсяной диеты для похудения
    is three days. During этого времени необходимо постепенно
    return to your usual diet. Daily caloric intake
    makes 1500-2000 calories. Still need to eat oatmeal
    at least once a day.

What products are allowed on oatmeal

Spinach, broccoli, fish, chicken breast, turkey, low fat
yogurt, lettuce, cereals, carrots, beans, mushrooms, radishes, any
berries and fruits, honey, citrus, tea.

What not to eat and drink during the diet

Sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol, packaged fruit
juices, yoghurt with additives, pastries, highly salted products.

Данная 7-дневная диета на oatmeal является сбалансированной и
�”Healthy.” The main weight loss occurs in the second phase, and in
during the third phase, the new weight is stabilized and preserved.

Fasting days on oatmeal

Unlike a long-term diet, during which you need to completely
change your usual diet, fasting days are considered more
simple way to lose weight. Of course, the results will be
less significant and stable, but this method is suitable when
you need to quickly lose 1-2 kg, get rid of edema and excess
body fluids.

And oatmeal as the main ingredient of the unloading day
fits perfectly. Due to its useful properties, it
helps speed up metabolic processes, improves digestion,
nourishes the body with nutrients.

Правила разгрузочного дня на oatmeal просты: вы
готовите с утра oatmeal по одному из рецептов, делите ее на 5-6
meals and eat during the day. In addition to oatmeal on this day
You can drink kefir, green tea, eat apples. About other rules
разгрузочного дня на oatmeal узнаете – тут.

Any liquid can be drunk half an hour after meals. AT
a week you can arrange no more than two fasting days.

How to cook oatmeal for a diet or fasting day

Существует несколько вариантов диетического preparations
oatmeal, which is suitable for both long-term diet and for
fasting day.

Самый простой рецепт – это овсянка, сваренная на
. Pour oatmeal (1 cup) with water (3 cups) and
let it stand for 30-40 minutes. Then cook over medium heat until
readiness, no added sugar or salt. AT готовую кашу можно
add some dried fruit, nuts or honey.

Приготовление овсянки

Porridge should be liquid and jelly-like. AT таком виде она лучше
cope with the task of getting rid of excess weight, edema and will
useful for digestion.

Even more useful and easy to prepare will be
«ленивая» овсянка, которую готовят с вечера.
Ingredients may vary by preference, but
oatmeal, liquid (water,
milk, kefir, yogurt, whey or fruit juice) and filler
(dried fruits, fresh fruits and berries, nuts, spices, honey or
jam). Рецепт очень простой – залить oatmeal жидкостью и
leave overnight. During this time, the flakes swell and become ready for
consuming Just before the meal, add the filler
and mix.

Еще один очень популярный вариант «ленивой» овсянки
  в  банке. Her also
готовят с вечера, но в отличие от preparations в тарелке или
чашке, oatmeal в банке можно взять с собой в качестве перекуса или
just eat along the way.

Рецепт preparations несложен. AT небольшую
jar to fill a third with oatmeal, pour liquid (milk
or kefir) to cover a layer of flakes, pour in the spices and
fruits (apples, bananas, berries, cinnamon, ginger, any nuts),
on top add yogurt without additives or fermented milk sourdough.
Close the lid and refrigerate overnight. Shake in the morning
and dietary wholesome oatmeal is ready to eat cold or
warmed form.

Для preparations любого из вышеуказанных диетических рецептов
овсянки следует использовать крупные хлопья долгого preparations.
AT отличие от мелких и «быстрых» хлопьев, они содержат больше
useful substances because less processed.

ATкусный и низкокалорийный рецепт овсянки с

ATместо покупных сладостей или хлопьев быстрого preparations с
various supplements can be prepared dietary, but very
tasty and healthy dish. Приготовьте oatmeal любым способом –
boil on water, steam it up overnight with boiling water or milk, etc. BUT
Before eating, add a little to the ready-made flakes.

AT отличие от овсянки с сахаром вариант с honey содержит меньше
calories, and also very useful. You can vary this dish,
adding nuts or dried fruits to it.

Cooking “lazy” porridge in the bank (video)

Пошаговый рецепт preparations диетического и простого блюда –
oatmeal in the bank. Ideal for fasting day or diet
на oatmeal.

Применяя эти рекомендации и употребляя oatmeal для похудения,
You can lose weight in a useful and gentle way. Effect
will increase if dietary dishes with oatmeal supplement physical
load. Combining fasting days and a seven-day oatmeal diet,
You can lose up to 7-9 kg in 6 weeks.

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