Carbohydrate-free diet

Carbohydrate-free diet — это схема питания, направленная на
control of carbohydrate intake. In this diet, proteins
(squirrels) will be the main food. They slowly split and thanks
this even small portions of food are digested for a long time, providing
long satiety. This nutritional plan is successfully used.
athletes in preparation for competitions, as well as bodybuilders,
who need to “dry” the body and make the muscles prominent and

Carbohydrate-free diet


  • Carbohydrate-free meals – approximate weekly menu
  • Permitted and Denied Products – Table
  • Basic rules for carbohydrate-free nutrition – important points
  • How many carbohydrates can you eat in this diet?
  • Harmless carbohydrate diet
  • Recipes for a Carbohydrate Diet
  • What is a carbohydrate-free diet (video)?

This type of food has gained great popularity from those people
who want to get rid of extra pounds. This type of diet
It will be interesting to all people who dream to always be in shape, and
also become beautiful and slim.


Carbohydrate-free meals – approximate weekly menu

This menu is approximate, and each person can
adjust according to your tastes. For example, instead of fish
eat meat, and instead of raw make boiled vegetables (non-starchy).
Approximate menu without carbohydrate diet for one week:


Завтрак: кусочек сыра, a glass of leaf tea.

Ланч: сок из 150 грамм зелёных яблок.

Обед: 175 грамм варёной нежирной филейной части
pork, juice from 1 orange.

Полдник: стакан листового чая и кусочек твёрдого

Ужин: 150 грамм капусты брокколи отварной, 150 грамм
hake, 150 grams of vegetables – squeeze the juice.

Tuesday. Завтрак: 1 варёное яйцо,
a glass of leaf tea.

Ланч: 1 варёное яйцо, стакан овощного (некрахмалистого)

Обед: 150-175 грамм хека, порезанные овощи, стакан кофе

Полдник: кусочек сыра и стакан овощного juice.

Ужин: 50 грамм ветчинной части свинины, огуречный
salad, half of any citrus fruit, a glass of leaf

Wednesday. Завтрак: 150-175 грамм варёного
pork fillet, some vegetables.

Ланч: чашка отварного напитка из шиповника, кусочек

Обед: 175 грамм отварного филе курицы или говядины,
several slices of avocado.

Полдник: стакан кефира и половина цитрусового

Ужин: порция отварных овощей, a glass of leaf tea.


Завтрак: 2 варёных яйца, a glass of leaf tea.

Ланч: апельсин.

Обед: 175 грамм вырезки свинины, овощи в виде
cucumber and tomato with greens, a glass of coffee

Полдник: выпить стакан кефира.

Ужин: 120 грамм хека, овощи целиком с листьями зелёного
salad, a glass of classic savory yogurt.


Завтрак: 200 г творога (0% жирности), стакан листового

Ланч: кусочек сыра, чашка чёрного кофе.

Обед: 150-175 грамм хека, 200 грамм нарезанных свежих
cucumbers, a cup of coffee drink with milk.

Полдник: стакан обезжиренного кефира.

Ужин: цветная капуста в отварном виде, стакан
natural yogurt.


Завтрак: 2 варёных яйца, 200 грамм овощного сока, 50
грамм cheese

Ланч: стакан классического йогурта.

Обед: 175 грамм вырезки отварной, овощи (листья
салата), a glass of leaf tea.

Полдник: кусочек сыра и чашка кофейного напитка без
sugar with milk.

Ужин: 150 грамм овощей с зеленью, сок из одного
апельсина, кусочек cheese


Завтрак: 1 яйцо, стакан зелёного tea

Ланч: 1 яйцо, 1 грейпфрут.

Обед: 200 грамм отварного хека или мяса, 200 грамм
vegetable salad, a glass of coffee.

Полдник: стакан классического йогурта.

Ужин: 50 грамм ветчины, 100 грамм салатных листьев,
стакан зелёного tea

Vegetable dishes can be made using a variety of
ingredients, as long as the products are non-starchy. To such
Products include:

  • broccoli;
  • cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • any greens;
  • avocado.

Instead of meat, you can cook meat or fish soup
meatballs and make a salad using chicken breast and
mushrooms. The main thing in this diet is not to use in cooking
запрещённые продукты, которые могут только
harm, and the detail will be considered disturbed.

Permitted and Denied Products – Table

The above menu for the week consists of the main permitted
food during a carbohydrate-free diet. But во время
you can afford another
protein foods, vegetables and even a little fat in the form of nuts. Table
products that are allowed and prohibited during this type
diet food.

Allowed foods are the basis of nutrition:

  • Eggs and meat – boiled, with a minimum amount of fat (chicken,
    beef and lean pork in the form of sirloin);
  • Low-fat fish and seafood;
  • Nuts (walnuts, peanuts and others);
  • Low-fat cottage cheese and cheese (50% fat);
  • Vegetables and root vegetables. Green vegetables have value;
  • Sour fruits (citrus fruits, green apples, pears not
    too sweet, blueberries);
  • Butter and vegetable oil (olive, coconut).

Foods that are allowed to a minimum
quantity and not every day:

  • Potatoes;
  • Rice, oatmeal, quinoa and other gluten-free cereals;
  • Legumes;
  • Dark chocolate.

Strictly forbidden products:

  • Sugar and all foods using it during
  • Wheat, rye, semolina, couscous, bulgur;
  • Sausages, canned vegetables and canned meat, pates – everything
    it is considered surrogate products that are harmful to
  • Sunflower oil, hydrogenated fat;
  • Store juices, sweet and simple mineral carbonated
    water, ice cream.

This list of products should always be with a person
which adheres to a carbohydrate-free diet.

Совет: Необходимо помнить о том, что сахар
does much harm, even more than cigarettes. He becomes
cause of the most complicated vascular diseases and heart diseases.

Basic rules for carbohydrate-free nutrition – important points

  1. After eating it is forbidden to drink for 30 minutes. It is necessary for
    того, чтобы размеры желудка уменьшались, и пища хорошо
    . Water will add unwanted volume and with it food
    it will be worse to digest.
  2. All products are better to use raw or boiled. If a
    I want to fry meat, fish or vegetables, then it needs to be done
    with the addition of olive oil to the pan. When frying
    такого масла выделяется меньше канцерогенов, а
    calorie dishes will be much less than dishes, fried on
    sunflower or other oil.
  3. You need to eat fractional portions – 5 times a day. Organism
    get used to taking a small amount of food at the same time.
    This will improve the digestion and metabolism.
  4. Последний приём пищи не позднее 20 часов вечера. If a
    eat later, the food will be poorly digested, and may
    cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Following all these rules, and strictly limiting consumption
carbohydrates, can be for two weeks to lose 10 pounds. therefore
the use of a carbohydrate-free diet for weight loss is the ideal
option for people who are overweight and dream of
get rid of it.

This type of diet is a strict diet, therefore
approach to it must be careful. To avoid trouble
with health, it is necessary to go to
consultation to the doctor. Do not use this view
dietary people who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract,
liver, vascular system and heart. Must with caution
out of this diet, adding 20 carbohydrates per day. Thanks
this body will not experience stress and will not get lost
weight. Another important rule of this type of diet
is that a person should drink 2 liters of water a day.
People who lose weight should consume from 3 to 4 liters of clean
unboiled water.

How many carbohydrates can you eat in this diet?

On this type of diet you need to eat carbohydrates in a limited
quantity. No more should be ingested daily
40 grams of carbohydrates. The first week is better to use no more than 20
grams of carbohydrates per day. Thanks этому быстрее запустится
metabolism, and fats will be burned faster.

After two weeks of this type of food, you can arrange a couple
days of rest. At this time it is necessary to saturate the body with carbohydrates
but do not eat sugar and sugar foods. Need to
prefer buckwheat porridge, fruit that is not listed in
the main list (melon, peach, grapes) and nuts. At that time
decreases the amount of protein consumed, that is, the amount of food for
once should not increase much so as not to stretch

Совет: Во время дней отдыха в домашних условиях
You can cook different porridges (oatmeal, millet and others),
fruit purees and other dishes.

Harmless carbohydrate diet

Despite all the advantages of this type of diet,
It is necessary to consider the harm of a non-carb diet for health. Even
if a person badly wants to lose weight and decided to give preference
just such a diet, he should be aware of possible negative
moments of its use. Disadvantages of a carbohydrate-free diet:

  1. The appearance of constipation. It is necessary to use a large amount
    vegetables rich in fiber.
  2. Violation of secretion of the pancreas. This happens when
    a person consumes a large amount of fat. To the body does not
    overloaded, you should eat only lean meat and fish. Dangerously
    for life a combination of fatty foods and alcohol (acute
  3. The appearance of a large amount of protein metabolism. Their decays
    kidney filters are clogged and therefore there is a risk of
  4. The load on the liver. If a функция печени снижена (это бывает при
    various diseases of this organ), then from this diet is better
  5. Do not use this diet for diseases of the biliary tract
    ways. Such diseases include: gallstones,
    dyskinesia and others.
  6. The occurrence of atherosclerosis and vascular diseases. From
    eating fatty foods can increase blood cholesterol. But
    such a factor is present if a person has been on a diet for many years and
    his age over 40 years.

Recipes for a Carbohydrate Diet

For each person will be comfortable compliance with this type of diet,
as you do not need to cook a lot and stand for several hours
slabs. Recipes for a Carbohydrate Diet очень простые и доступные
for any person. For breakfast you can cook:

  • Omelet with bacon. Pour a teaspoon of olive into the pan
    oil and put on fire. Put the bacon bits and fry them
    until tender crust appears. In a bowl, stir 4 eggs and some
    milk Pour the mixture into the pan, sprinkle with herbs and put in
    an oven to bring the dish to readiness;
  • Fried eggs with cheese. Pour some olive oil into the pan and
    put on gas. When it warms up, break two eggs and fry until
    readiness Put on a plate and sprinkle with grated cheese. To decorate
    greens and a slice of tomato.

For lunch you can make something more interesting and tastier:

  • Grilled vegetables. This dish can be prepared for residents of private
    houses in your yard. Products without carbohydrate diet, baked
    on the grill, retain all their properties and nutrients.
    Bulgarian pepper and onion peel and cut into four parts.
    Grill and put on a plate, sprinkling with greens. Same
    the way you can cook meat, mushrooms and fish.
  • �”Curly broth”. This dish is very easy to cook. Fromварить
    chicken or beef broth. Put meat on a plate and in broth
    stir in the beaten egg, stirring the dish with a spoon or a whisk.
    When the egg rolls, a little salt and remove from heat. Pour into
    plates and sprinkle with chopped dill.
  • Soup with meatballs. Make from lean pork stuffing.
    Form small balls. Water put on gas, and when she
    boils, put meat balls into the pot. Add any
    allowed cereal, cook until it is ready, salt and remove from
    of fire.

What is a carbohydrate-free diet (video)?

It is worth noting that any dishes for a carbohydrate-free diet will be
tastes better if you sprinkle foods with ground cheese. Even используемые во
snack time raw vegetables laid out on a plate and sprinkled
cheese, look more appetizing and will taste better.

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