Weight gain during pregnancy

Tue, Nov 15, 2016

Many future mothers are confident that pregnancy is the time
when you can finally relax and stop fighting
round shapes, engaging in an unequal battle with fresh pastries. AND
really – who will appreciate the flat tummy or wasp waist,
if to replace these achievements of fitness and constant self-control
rounded sides come in and loose robes hide
plump silhouette? But why do people in white coats belong to
weight gain is so severe? After all, scales are almost the first thing
meets us on the threshold of the obstetrician-gynecologist’s office in the female

Weight gain during pregnancy — предмет особого внимания вашего
attending physician, and not by chance. ANDменно равномерная прибавка
kilograms suggests that with mom and baby all in
okay, and the pregnancy is normal. To understand how
Parameters are assessed by a specialist, you should know how to form
weight of the future mother.

Some mistakenly attribute those extra pounds to the child himself,
but this is certainly not the case. The baby himself almost the entire first half
pregnancy weighs very little, starting an intensive set of grams
only from the second trimester. Yes, and the average weight of a newborn is usually
ranges from 3 to 3, 5 kilograms – not so much, if
consider that normally a pregnant woman adds at the time of delivery
about 8 – 10 kilograms.

The weight of a pregnant woman consists of:

  • Total blood volume increase;
  • Breast growth;
  • Enlarged uterus;
  • Amniotic fluid;
  • Weight of the fetus.

ANDменно эти граммы и килограммы считает ваш лечащий врач,
correlating when viewed weight of a pregnant woman with indicators
special tables. Why is weight control for pregnant is so important? On
early physicians can be alerted by weight loss associated with
strong toxicosis. If nausea and vomiting are so severe that
interfere with getting the necessary calories and vitamins – this is alarming
symptom requiring medical intervention. Hard flowing
toxicosis is not a normal condition, so if your
the body rejects any food, and kilograms melt – necessarily
ask for help.

Toxicosis of the first trimester goes away, leaving instead
awakened appetite. On the one hand, it is beautiful, but with
the other is the prospect of leaving the hospital walls with the same figure as
in the last months of pregnancy, not very attractive.
However, it is worth bearing in mind that the doctor is not at all worried about
sweet buns and extra chocolates. Sharp weight gain in the second
half of pregnancy can talk about edema. ANDменно по этой
The reason for this is that weighting is done weekly, and
indicators are carefully compared with previous data. Treat
proposed by a specialist diet will have to be very serious – because
using some foods, a pregnant woman loads her kidneys,
already working in enhanced mode. Therefore, salty, spicy,
smoked is better to exclude from the diet in advance, and in the presence of edema –
forget about these products for a certain period. Normal weight should
increase in the second and third trimester gradually, commensurate with
your baby’s height, but closer to childbirth the weights are usually
freezes. ANDногда будущая мама даже теряет 1-2 килограмма. Get scared
this is not necessary – after all, the baby is gaining the main weight by the 38th week,
and dieting or taking anti-edematous drugs eliminate
excess fluid from the body.

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