Weigela: planting shrubs and care for him. Whenit is better to plant weigela in spring or autumn than to feedbush

ATт, 14 ноя 2017 Автор: Юрий Федоренков

Create a spectacular garden – not an easy task. AT
features if you are an amateur or newbie. But, one of the revered
plants among experienced gardeners, thanks to their features,
is weigela.

Description and conditions for the growth of weigela

ATейгела зачисляется в род bushов семейства Жимолостные
(Caprifoliaceae). It is moisture-loving and conditionally.
теневыносливый, листопадный, прямостоячий bush. Possesses
such advantages as: elegance, ease of reproduction and

The name of the plant was in honor of the German chemist, botanist and
фармацевта Кристиана Эренфрида фон ATайгеля. AT диких условиях
вейгела встречается на Дальнем ATостоке России, в ATосточной Азии.
The genus is estimated at 15th species. Usually cultivated in culture 7
species and about 10 varieties that are distinguished by their high

The characteristic quality of weigela is flowering. Namely,
that it can bloom twice in one vegetative season. First time
flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. Abundant flowering,
funnel-shaped flowers, bell-shaped, single or
one to six shoots last year, in the axils of the upper leaves.
The following – at the end of summer-beginning of autumn on the shoots of this year, less

Flowers can be from milky, pink to amaranth and
carmine-red shades. It happens that in the process of flowering
the flower changes shade from light to dark, intense. Bloom
lasts 3-4 weeks. Fruits – boxes with small, often
winged seeds.

Prefers a rich, crumbly, loamy soil (pH
6.5-7.5). AT слабокислых, торфянистых грунтах хорошо себя будет
feel weigela Middendorf (W. Middendorffiana), and
�”Wild” species. Хоть bush и может произрастать в неосвещённых
the sun places it does not mean that he is shade-loving. For full
Weigel’s growth and flowering will require bright, diffused light. AT
the middle lane is not a sin to plant in a sunny place on the southern
to the side. The place must be protected from the wind, especially the north.
– in a draft, flowers and buds will simply fly around.

Landing weigela

ATо время покупки, отдайте предпочтение саженцам возраст которых
from 3 years. This is a young but not too shrub, it adapts well
in a new place.

It is desirable that they are grown in your climatic region.
or strip.

The best landing time is spring, March-April. Interval between
the beginning of the warm-up of the soil and swelling of the kidneys. ATысадка осенью крайне

Carefully choose a place according to the above recommendations.
The pit is dug up based on the size of the plant itself. AT среднем,
diameter 50-60, depth 40-50 centimeters. If you plant a few
bushes, the gap between them soak in 2-3 meters.

Compact varieties can be placed 1-1.5 meters apart. AT
case of landing in unsuitable soils, the pit is dug out with a diameter
more than 1 meter, and the original soil is replaced by suitable. Bottom of the pit
loosened up. Drainage fits whenever possible. If the soil
not enough moisture, this is corrected by the addition of riding

Putting the shrub in the pit, gently straighten the roots and fill the pit
prepared land. It is best to carry out the operation in a pair.
Make sure there are no air voids between the roots. Helpful
soak the rhizome in the root stimulator before planting and
process the plant with growth regulators. This is done to reduce
stress levels and speeding up the rooting process.

After backfilling, the bush is watered. If he sank, on top
add more land. Deepening the root collar 1-2 cm not
is critical. Pristvolny circle mulch peat, wood chips or

Care and reproduction of weigela

Care is simple, is to timely trimming, making
dressing and watering.

Как все bushи, вейгелу следует подстригать. This is done in
sanitary and decorative purposes. Early spring with young bushes
cut frozen, deformed or broken shoots. ATзрослые
Bushes form in the summer, after the first flowering.

If there are young shoots, the pruning is not done, so
as they are secondary flowering. Also, once every 3-5 years
adult plant needs rejuvenating pruning. Cut off all
branches older than three years, the rest are cut to 1/3 the length.

Feed weigela three times per season with complex
fertilizers. First time перед началом вегетации, второй раз во
time of budding, the third – under the autumn digging.
If during planting a compost was introduced at the root, the plant
you can not feed in two years.

Do not let the plant dry out. AT природе оно растёт во
wet conditions and needs regular watering. If the plot
around the plant is mulched, watering is less frequent.

In winter, it is desirable to shelter bushes from frost.

Propagated by weigela seed method and grafting. They are not
will cause any difficulties.

Cuttings can be harvested twice per season. First time в
March to swelling of the kidneys, the second time in early summer. ATесь процесс
can take up to 3 years, so be patient.

1.•ATыбирают вегетативный, одревесневший побег.
Cut into cuttings of 10 centimeters, which are buried in a bowl
with wet sand and peat in equal proportions. After the appearance
sprouts on cuttings, they can be planted in the loose substrate of them
garden soil, peat and sand (2: 1: 1) in containers or boxes.

Shoots pinch to achieve a height of 5 centimeters.
The following spring, the plants are pruned and transplanted into suitable
pots. The care is the same, without pinching. By autumn the bush reaches a height
50-70 centimeters and the next year is ready for landing in the open
priming. Use rooting stimulants.

2.•ATо время летнего сбора черенков, выбираются молодые,
не одревесневшие побеги
. They also cut themselves, leaving
two leaves on each handle. AT остальном, технология

High-quality weigels are best propagated by cutting, in order
save signs of mother plant. Bloom usually through
3-4 years.

The seed propagation method also does not differ by special
the complexities. The easiest thing to collect seeds and scatter them around
the plant itself.

In the spring, after germination, select the strongest seedlings and
grow them for 2 years. After which the plant is transplanted
to their permanent place. It will bloom in 5-6 years.

The difficulties of growing weigel: pests and diseases

Often affected by aphids, caterpillars, thrips and spiderwebs.
mite, larvae of Khrushchev or Medvedka.

For breeding insects, use complex insecticides for
leaf and root. AT случае поражения болезнями, обработка
produced by fungicides, milk of lime or Bordeaux

The plant can not be called gentle, but should be

ATейгела прекрасно впишется в композицию с барбарисом, айвой
Japanese, or spirea, rozovnikom, felt cherries and kolkovnitsey.
In addition, the group of different varieties of wagel itself looks impressive in
one place.

So, you definitely will not regret the effort spent on acquiring,
посадку и уход за этим чудесным bushом. And you will enjoy
its impressive flowering. You just need to show a little

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