We carry out cutting of currants in due form -This is a pledge of the harvest! How and when to currant

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Growing a healthy currant bush that delights the crop is

Each variety needs specific care, mainly

Why cut currants

Pruning currant bushes is used not only to form
bush, but also to improve lighting, airing and enhancing

The quality of the harvest of useful berries depends on the correct pruning.
Start caring for shrubs need from the moment of planting. From early
care depends on the development of currants and growth rate. Pruning
promotes the formation of strong shoots, which mature
good large berries.

If pruning is done incorrectly and out of time, then the shoots
weak ones are formed, many die, and not yielding a harvest.

It is impossible to grow currant bushes without pruning at all. This is bad
affects the health of the plant. It becomes subject to
pests, in particular, the kidney mite. Pruning является
preventive pest control helps
regain shrub strength for proper development.

Timely pruning currants gives new planting material
with which you can expand your plantation currants.

Of course, not only young saplings need pruning.
Along with this, soil loosening, fertilizer, irrigation and
mulching. Such care increases the survival rate of seedlings,
provides a good harvest.

Basic rules for currant trimming

Pruning проводится по разным правилам, в зависимости от

  • Sanitary pruning is done to remove the sick and
    damaged branches. It helps to thin the crown, improve

  • Molding pruning helps to form the right bush.
    Cut out unnecessary shoots.

  • Anti-aging pruning helps to update the shrub, get rid of
    non-bearing branches, stimulates the growth of new young shoots.

  • Pinching is carried out to remove the top of the shoot.

Pruning смородины осенью

The main goal of this crop is to achieve a better harvest.
It is necessary to carry out the procedure so that the branches remain on the bush.
different ages. Cut out all the shoots that stop
bear fruit and older than six years.

Spend autumn pruning every year after they fall
leaves. In the first year after planting pruned all shoots above the third
the kidneys. After pruning, the bushes consist of 5-6 branches.

In the second year after planting, remove the extra zero shoots,
leaving no more than 5 pieces. These are the future skeletal branches of the bush. Than
thicker planting bushes, the fewer shoots are left.

At the end of the third year the formation of the bush ends.
No more than 5 zero shoots are left, the rest are cut.
The tops of the annual branches are shortened by 3 buds, also cut
and three-year shoots.

After the fifth year of planting currants need to rejuvenate the bushes.
Old branches cleaned at the root. The remaining shoots are pruned in
according to age.

Proper pruning of the currant in the fall increases its winter hardiness.
Young branches accumulate enough nutrients for
good wintering.

How to prune currants in spring

Spring conduct sanitary pruning bush. Molding pruning
set aside until autumn. In the spring, they cut out frost-damaged branches,
dry and twisted shoots growing inside the bush.

Pruning is needed before bud break and start
sap flow. Air temperature should not fall below

Cut need to all creeping shoots that grow at the bottom
bush, as well as shoots that emerged from the ground.

Why cut currants in summer

Black currant is recommended to be cut in the summer before the start.
flowering This contributes to more floral arrangements.
the kidneys. In early July, the tips of the shoots need to pinch. Such reception
promotes good yield, early ripening of berries and good
branching bush

Pruning смородины по Мичурину

Many gardeners take a completely different approach to
growing currants. Institute of Michurin offers other
rules for trimming black currant.

1. In the first five years after planting, currant bushes are not pruned.
Harvest from the second year of cultivation.

2. In the sixth year of cultivation, 50% of all bushes are cut off at the root.
The rest of the bushes are left for fruiting.

3. In the seventh year, the remaining currant bushes are also cut under
root. Other plants are pruned and thinned.

4. After such a rejuvenation, harvesting is carried out for three more seasons.
Further, all the bushes uproot.

It is possible to apply such technology of cultivation only
industrial scale and large areas of currant planting.

Sanitary cutting of blackcurrant

Sanitary pruning is carried out only with sharp instruments and
files You can not break shoots, it leads to infection
plants fungal diseases.

When pruning you need to remember that black currant fruits on
branches of three years, all other shoots can be safely removed.

When removing shoots at the root, you cannot leave a stump, otherwise
bush affected by rot.

It is necessary to thin out heavily thickened crown. When bad
light and airing the bush is attacked
pests, pollination decreases, yield decreases.

Radical pruning of black currant

If currant bushes are no longer pleasing to harvest, then surely
you need to carry out a radical pruning, which stimulates the growth of new
shoots. This is the cheapest and most effective way to rejuvenate a bush.

To carry out such pruning is better in spring or autumn. Cut off all
branches at 3 cm above the ground. The soil under the bushes well fertilized
humus After such pruning, the bush will start growing well again.
next season, and a year later will be pleased with high yields.

Useful tips when pruning black currants

1. The harvest of the black currant takes place at the age of two.
branches. When pruning, you can safely remove all branches older than 4 years.
Cut them to the ground.

2. Old branches differ from young ones in the color of the bark. Than старше
the escape is the darker the bark on it.

3. Too thickened bushes thin out not immediately, but within
several years.

4. To increase the yield you need to pinch the tops of the shoots.
на шесть the kidneys. Each year, leave only 4 strong escape.

5. After harvesting, remove the bred branches, freeing
место для молодых shoots.

6. In hybrid varieties, fruiting is more intense at first.
year, then you need to regularly clean the otplodivshie shoots. Have ordinary
varieties of currants remove only part of the shoot. Fruiting goes on
shoots two years.

Cutting black currants is necessary not only with
age of shoots, but also focusing on varietal characteristics. Sorta
with weak branching shoots need pinching and shortening
branches 1/3 of the length.

The yield of black currant is directly dependent on the
trimming. Achieve abundant fruiting and rejuvenate the shrub
You can, carrying out the planned pruning currants.

The flow of black currant starts quite early in
March, may already appear young leaves. Pruning bush spend
in two stages. Most of the bush pruned in the fall, then in the spring
it remains only to carry out sanitary pruning and correct the identified

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