Ways to lose weight in 2 months

  • 1 How to lose weight in 2 months at home?
    • 1.1 How to lose 2 kg in 2 months?
    • 1.2 Way to lose weight by 10-15 kg
    • 1.3 What exercises can you do?

Beautiful, toned and slim figure – the dream of many women and
men. In pursuit of their goal, many have tried various
diets that often provide only short-term results.
You can lose weight quickly, effectively and without damage to your health.
for 2 months at home, without the help of nutritionists and
excluding fasting. The main secret lies in revising your
mode and diet, exercise and time
good rest, which after 2 months will bear fruit in the form
coveted harmony.


How to lose weight in 2 months at home?

Lose weight without compromising health at home for 2
month without starvation more than real. To begin with
deal with the causes of excess weight. It may be
daily stress, sedentary work, the consequences of some
diseases, but often unhealthy diet. Excessive
eating fatty and sugary foods, fast food, soda, chips,
food at night contribute to the accumulation of fat deposits. For,
to effectively lose weight at home you need
drastically change your diet.

Basic rules to help lose weight in 2 months
home conditions:

  • Fractional power. Contrary to popular belief,
    frequent meals in small portions (200-250 g) contribute to
    acceleration of metabolism, improvement of metabolic processes, which helps
    effectively lose weight without fasting.
  • Control of power mode. Many people
    get better because of the dense meal at night. Dinner should be
    no later than 3-4 hours before sleep and consist of easy-to-stomach food
    (vegetables, greens, low-fat dairy products).
  • Reduced daily calorie intake. For
    In order to effectively lose weight in 2 months you need to reduce your
    habitual diet of 20-30%.
  • The ratio of BZHU in the diet. For, чтобы
    to lose weight, you need to eat 40% of proteins (lean meat,
    poultry, fish, dairy and dairy products, 20% fat
    (olive oil, nuts, seeds), 40% of complex carbohydrates (vegetables,
    fruits, herbs, cereals).
  • Сокращение потребления соли, которая
    contributes to the retention of excess fluid in the body, leading to
    puffiness. Spices also need to be excluded from their diet,
    because they provoke an increase in appetite, which only interferes with
    fight overweight.
  • It is necessary to carefully monitor the water
    . Drink daily for 2 months
    at least 2 liters of water per day. Purified water without gas accelerates
    metabolism, which leads to active fat burning.
  • Регулярные физические нагрузки. Correct
    food in combination with daily physical activities (exercises
    sports, running, walking, exercising) help not only to lose weight, but also
    strengthen muscles, improve skin elasticity, prevent the appearance
    stretch marks.
  • Режим отдыха. Full 8 hour sleep
    beneficial effect on the whole body. According to
    scientists, from 22 to 2 am in the human body is produced
    hormone (somatotropic) that promotes the active breakdown of fats,
    therefore, it is precisely at this time that it is necessary to sleep in order to lose weight.

Observing all the above recommendations for 2 months
You can clear the body of accumulated toxins and toxins, to establish
metabolic processes, speed up metabolism, improve complexion and
get rid of extra pounds.

Противопоказано резкое похудение в подростковом
and old age, during pregnancy and lactation, with
cardiovascular diseases and any illnesses
gastrointestinal tract.

How to lose 2 kg in 2 months?

For, чтобы похудеть за 2 месяца на 2 кг,
it is necessary to abandon all harmful products that interfere

  • Confectionery, pastry from sweet dough;
  • Fatty dishes (lard, butter, lamb, pork);
  • Fried and smoked dishes;
  • Sugar, sweet desserts;
  • Spices and sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, salt);
  • Alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Eliminating from your diet foods that lead to the accumulation
overweight, you can lose one or two sizes in 2 months,
нормализовав работу gastrointestinal tract. Should eat
often. Three meals should be basic (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
between them should be snacking savory fruits, vegetables, or
low-fat dairy and fermented milk products. With strong
feeling hungry before bed is better to drink weak tea (green,
herbal, black) without sugar and additives. Within 2 months
it is necessary to monitor the daily level of fluid intake,
because water-filled fat cells burn faster.

A way to lose weight by 10-15 kg

Many people, страдающие от избыточного веса задаются
вопросом: «Как за 2 месяца похудеть на 10 — 15 кг?» For, чтобы
getting rid of excess weight requires a balanced,
low-calorie diet. To lose 10-15 kg in 2 months, in
average daily calories for women should be
1500-1600 Kcal, for men 2000-2200 Kcal, depending on
initial weight, age and level of physical activity.

To lose 10-15 kg in 2 months, the diet should
consist of the following products:

  • Low-fat meat (beef, veal, rabbit meat), poultry
    (turkey, chicken), lean fish (sturgeon, pike, perch). Use
    meat, poultry and fish are boiled, stewed, baked. Can
    Steam or grill. Shows the use of 1 serving per day.
    data protein products, volume 150-170 gr.
  • Low-fat dairy and fermented milk products (cottage cheese, natural
    yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt). Can be consumed daily
    no more than 200 g / 200 ml of these products in order to effectively
    lose weight by 10-15 kg in 2 months.
  • Light starchy vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, spinach,
    broccoli, carrots, beets, and greens). Used as in
    raw and in salads, seasoned with lemon juice or 1
    tablespoon of olive oil. Vegetables can boil, stew,
    cook for a couple. They should be 50% of the daily diet.
  • Unsweetened fruits and berries (mango, grape, melon,
    bananas). Fruits are best consumed in the morning for better
    assimilation by the body, because they contain glucose and
  • Cereals and cereals (oats, buckwheat, rice). Cereals promote fast
    saturation of the body, as well as bowel cleansing and normalization
    работы gastrointestinal tract.

During the day, you must drink at least 1.5-2 liters
non-carbonated water, as well as weak tea (herbal, green),
decoctions and tinctures of the berries, but without additives (sugar, cream).
Snacking can be freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices,
a glass of kefir or yogurt 1%. Salt is better to completely eliminate.
or minimized.

Sample menu for 1 day to lose weight by 10 kg in 2
months at home (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon tea,

  • Muesli 150 gr. Green apple;
  • 1 glass of tomato juice;
  • Vegetable soup 150 ml. Boiled chicken fillet 150 gr;
  • 1 cup of kefir 1%;
  • Greek Salad 200 gr.

Faster to lose weight in 2 months at 10-15 kg at home
in addition to the diet will help daily exercise (exercise,
sports, walks), and various cosmetology
procedures (food film wraps, massages using
anti-cellulite cream, contrasting souls, etc.).

What exercises can you do?

For, чтобы за 2 месяца сбросить 10 кг лишнего веса
It is necessary to perform daily a set of exercises. Load should
increase gradually. You can start with 10 repetitions of each
exercises in 3-4 approaches, after a month to make 15-20 repetitions
in 4 sets, and after a month and a half, increase the intensity to 25
reps in 4 sets. The most important thing is regular classes. To
to lose weight effectively, you need to exercise every day
for two months, not missing a day.

Exercises to lose weight in 2 months at 10

  • Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, close your palms
    head, elbows straighten. As you exhale, raise your upper body.
    and touch the chest knees. Stuck in this position for 2 seconds
    smoothly return to the starting position.
  • Lie on your back, arms stretched out, legs straighten and lift
    perpendicular to the body. Smoothly lower the legs without touching the floor
    pulling socks. Hold for 2 seconds, return to the original
  • Lie on your right side, leaning on your right arm, bent at the elbow,
    legs straightened. When exhaling, raise the hips so that the back and back
    the surface of the legs were on the same plane. Stand for 2 seconds
    вернуться в исходную position Do the exercise on the left
  • Feet shoulder width apart. Bend to the right, raising the left hand
    up. Legs must be straight. Linger on a few
    seconds, return to the starting position, repeat the tilt to the left,
    already raising my right hand.

Effectively lose weight also help Mahi, mill, squats,
push ups. Will help effectively lose weight in 2 months, in addition to
regularly performing a set of exercises at home,
additional physical activities: pilates, fitness,
swimming, jogging. To похудеть, лучше отказаться от лифта,
take long walks in the fresh air
jump rope, twist the hoop. In conjunction with the right
nutritional results of exercise and exercise will not force yourself
wait and after 2 months the extra 10 kg will go irretrievably if
further maintain your fitness.

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