Watermelon diet (three options)

Half of the summer has passed, which means that soon around the city
will sell tasty, juicy and ripe watermelons. if you love
This fruit, and in addition also want to lose weight, this is wonderful
period. On a diet based on watermelon in this article will tell our
expert nutritionists.

Watermelon diet (three options)


  • Watermelon benefits
  • Contraindications
  • Diet diet
  • Meals before and after

Next we look at:


Watermelon benefits

Probably there is not a single person who would not know that
watermelon is tremendously useful. Its beneficial properties are superb.
combined with all the tasks that any
diet. What exactly is the use of watermelon, and how good it is
for a diet – we will tell further.

The main advantage of watermelon are its diuretic qualities.
Eating a watermelon will be taken out of the body several times more.
liquid than you consumed it with watermelon. Fluid removal
promotes not only weight loss, but also cleansing
body, which is also very good for losing weight and
Of course, on well-being.

As for cleansing, thanks to a large number
cellulose contained in watermelon, toxins, slags
and other harmful components from the body, and cleansing is not only
the main way to lose weight, but also to the preservation of the achieved
results. In general, it should be said that watermelon has
beneficial effects on the body, enriching it with vitamins.

Thanks to watermelon, you can not only lose weight, but also clean
Gastrointestinal tract and liver. In addition, this berry helps to get rid of

Our pumpkin representative includes a lot of vitamins,
such as: A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, E and PP. In addition, the fruit gathered in
yourself and a number of macronutrients: calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and

As for the watermelon as a fundamental product of the diet,
then it’s just a find. In addition to the diuretic and cleansing properties, watermelon
is very nutritious, so you will not experience
feelings of hunger. And that is not all. Watermelon low-calorie product, on
100g it contains only 38 calories.

Кусочки арбуза


Watermelon diet is not suitable for those who have an allergic
reaction to the berry. In no case can not use the diet, if
you have kidney problems because of the diuretic properties
berries, it can lead to negative consequences. Please note that
a large amount of consumed watermelon has a serious
load on the kidneys.

If you feel unwell, unwell or have
there are problems with the digestive tract, then the diet should be postponed.

Diet diet

Next we look at the description of diets and their diet. Your attention
2 options of diets will be presented, for 3 days, for a week and for 10

Diet for 3 days

It is this version of the fast watermelon diet used more often.
Total. Despite its severity, this diet will help effectively
lose weight by a few pounds. The essence of the diet is that
that during all three days you need to use
only watermelon.

It is necessary to consume the fruits according to a certain formula, based on
calculating your body weight divided by 10. That is, if your weight
is 60 kilograms, then we divide this figure by 10, we get 6,
Thus, in the day you need to eat about 6 kilograms
fruit You should divide your received rate into 5-6 parts, and
eat for the appropriate number of approaches.

We would like to draw your attention that it is necessary to consume watermelon in
uniform quantities.

Ideally, each watermelon intake should take place at intervals of 3
hours In turn, try to have the last meal for
2-3 hours before bedtime so as not to go to bed with full urinary
blister that can result in morning edema.

Дольки арбуза и арбузный сок

Diet for 7 days

Along with the three-day, there is also a weekly diet for
slimming watermelons. In principle, this type of diet is similar to
previous (1 kg of watermelon per day for every 10 kg of its weight), only in
addition to watermelon, for each meal you can add a couple
pieces of bread, it can be grain, rye or flour
coarse grinding.

Diet for 10 days

For those who do not prefer complex diets, there is this
ten day option. In the diet period, you should eat at
breakfast and lunch: fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, cereals, and cereals
dairy products. As for the watermelon, it is necessary
use every evening, 3 hours before you go to bed.
The calculation of the rate of use is as follows: 1 kg of fruit per 30 kg of weight.


In terms of their effectiveness, all diet options are similar, because
prolonged diets include extra foods
which somewhat reduce the performance, but, nevertheless, without
These products can not do. On average, thanks to any of
types of diets, you can lose about 5 kilograms of excess

Арбузная диета

Features of the diet

The main feature of the diet are watermelons themselves, or rather their
right choice. There are a lot of questionable products on the market,
therefore, it is best to buy watermelons in proven places.
Give away Preference costs domestic watermelons, best
Astrakhan. This sort of watermelon has a striped color and is endowed with
maximum useful properties.

Beware of buying fruits that contain pesticides
and other negative components. Such berries not only will not bring
benefits, but also can cause significant harm to health.

Use of diet is necessary only specified period,
after which you need at least a break for a week, and preferably 2
of the week.

Another feature is the use of water. Despite,
that eating a watermelon doesn’t really want to drink after that,
less per day allowed to use up to 2-2.5 liters
mineral, still water. There are no restrictions during the heat wave.
No, you can drink as much as your body requires.

Meals before and after

Well, let’s say a few words about the preparation and exit from the diet. As in
any diet is very important: how to prepare for it to achieve
maximum results, and how to get out of it in order to
to fix and save these results.

Before you start a diet, you need to go on a light diet, which
eliminate the use of heavy calorie and long digestible
products. No overeating 2 days before the start of the diet
it should, otherwise your entire diet will be reduced to unloading the stuff.

No less important, and further diet in order to save weight
after the diet. This process is somewhat more complicated and should last.
about a week. During this period, it is not recommended
eat high-calorie and hard to digest food. Serial
The diet should include protein and carbohydrate foods: chicken,
fish, vegetables, cereals, eggs, herbs, cottage cheese. When cooking her
it is not recommended to fry, it is best to cook on the grill, bake in
oven or cook.

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