Want to lose weight? Do not forget the melondiet!

dynya-dlya-pohudeniya-polza-kaloriynost-menyuWith what personally
Do you associate a diet? With a fresh Bonn soup or boring
buckwheat? But you can lose weight and with pleasure. For example, when
gentle and sweet melon.

The peak season comes at the end of July and August, when fragrant
guests come from Central Asia and southern countries, matures on the dacha
Plots familiar from childhood kolkhoznitsa.

Today, however, melon supermarkets are available all year round, so
why not take advantage of all the advantages of this “sunny”

Melon, like squash, belongs to the pumpkin family. Nearest
relative – cucumber. The most popular varieties are Azgyn, Cantalupa,
Torpedo, Kolkhoz Woman, Canaria, Agen, Muscat, Gulyabi. Pulp
fruits can be honey-sweet and soft, like those of nutmeg,
white and cream like Kasaba, or hard, more like
the taste of the cucumber, but always ripe melon exudes a rich sweet

Melon, like other fruits, helps to maintain
optimal weight and make nutrition more healthy.

Melon is not only sweetness …

All varieties contain essential vitamins and trace elements.
Their content varies depending on the variety. On average, at 100
gr. Melon is located:

• vitamin C – 50-60 mg, • vitamin A – 250-300 mcg,

as well as folic acid and vitamins of group B. This is an amount
covers about 30% of daily needs for men and 37% for
women Of the other substances, the content of microelements is especially high.
potassium (250-350 mg), selenium, as well as choline amino acids.

Especially prized Cantaloupe melons with bright orange flesh:
в них больше калия, чем в бананах, примерно 325 мг в 100 gr. By
the content of beta-carotene, these fragrant fruits are among the
leaders among all fruits. Pulp канталупы плотнее и тверже, она
excellent accompaniment in salads and suits as a side dish to

Byчему дыня весьма эффективна для похудения?

The surest way to lose weight is to cut calories and limit
amount of sweets. But if you can’t imagine your life without
sweet, then useless chocolates and sweets can be replaced by
healthier alternatives. Unlike other desserts, melon
contains natural sugars that will help satisfy
the need for sweet, but will not have such a detrimental effect on your

Melon – a great option for losing weight. It absolutely does not contain
fat, and also extremely few calories, but a lot of water and fiber. AT
one cup of diced melon contains approximately 45-60
kilocalories depending on the variety and sweets. For comparison, in that
the same portion of peaches contains 80 units more. Thereby
Melon can be eaten in much larger volumes than other sweets.
Melon refers to products with low energy density.
A large amount of water in it allows you to experience the feeling
saturation and reduce servings of other, more high-calorie foods.
ATсе это неизбежно приведет к снижению веса.

Fiber, found in abundance in melon, acts in the intestine
like a soft brush and has a laxative effect. ATысокое
the amount of vitamins and minerals will allow you to lose weight without
harm to health.

AT 2008 году в ходе масштабного исследования американские
nutritionists have found that a large number of foods with low
energy density in the diet reduces the risk of developing
type II diabetes and cardiovascular


Melon diet – a good menu for the day!

ATзрослому, урезавшему свой рацион до 1400-1800 килокалорий,
to lose weight, 1.5 cups of diced melon are enough, or 3
medium lobules per day.

Melon is usually eaten on an empty stomach, but it can also be combined with other
products. For example, for breakfast a cup of chopped melon can be
mix with a glass of unsweetened natural yogurt. AT этом легком
A dish of only 200 kilocalories and an adequate supply of protein and fiber,
so as not to experience hunger before dinner. A more satisfying option is to mix
melon with curd fat content of 0-5%. ATитамин С из дыни поможет усвоить
150-300 mg of calcium from such a breakfast. A mixture of slices of melon with muesli
and nuts or soft-boiled eggs – an option fortified with iron

ATо время обеда салат из несладких сортов дыни с ароматными
herbs can serve as a low-calorie garnish for meat or poultry.
Byлчашки дыни – отличный перекус или полдник. Melon with cheese
for example, ricotta or parmesan, – another unusual and tasty
combination. Mixing sliced ​​melon with berries or other fruits and
seasoning with balsamic vinegar, you get an exquisite dessert,
which can replace cake or ice cream.

Trying to lose weight with the help of melon or other low-calorie
foods, remember that your body also needs protein, which
can only be obtained from meat, fish, legumes, dairy products or
whole grains. ATключайте в свое меню различные группы, чтобы ваше
the food was complete and not harmful to health.

Aim for your children to drink less soda and
packaged juices? Prepare a melon drink for them by whipping it.
pulp in a blender. If possible too sweet, add water or
ice Cellulose in the composition of this drink will not allow sugars too
quickly absorbed into the blood, therefore, you can not be afraid
surges in glucose levels.

In winter, when fresh melons are not always available, please note
on dried. It is sold, usually braided or
pressed into briquettes, and different unusual spicy
by taste.

How to choose a melon?

To enjoy the amazing taste of melon important correctly
choose a fruit.

  • On the peel should not be cracks, rot, dents or other
  • Melon is not a watermelon. When tapping the ripe fruit makes a deaf
  • The tail of a ripe melon is dry, the color is uniform, although
    a small speck of green or light yellow is allowed
  • The surest sign of a delicious melon – honey aroma, without
    herbal notes.

Do not forget to thoroughly wash the melon before eating, since
rough peel always accumulates a lot of dust and dirt.

Be careful!

  • Although melon contains fructose and only a small amount
    sucrose, people with diabetes and various metabolic disorders
    substances it is better not to abuse.
  • If you have a “weak” intestine, it is better not to mix the melon with other
    products because of the laxative effect, and there is an empty stomach. Before
    The next meal should take about half an hour.
  • Fasting days on the melon are shown only to those who do not have
    serious health problems. During the day you can eat 1 kg of pulp,
    dividing it into 5 equal tricks. Since the melon contains
    small amount of proteins, be sure to compensate them
    shortage in the following days.

From fragrant Cantaloupe to winter varieties, melons, as if large,
sweet, refreshing pills filled with natural vitamins and
antioxidants, all year long help fight overweight and bad

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