Want to grow bonsai, but do not know how?Features of growing bonsai at home: tips andsubtleties

Ср, 08 ноя 2017 Автор: Наталья Овченко

In recent years, bonsai cultivation has become fashionable.
home conditions. Beginners need to remember that care, trimming, and
also transplanting and improving the design of such a plant should
be continuous.

But for those who manage to grow a tree, this luck
turns into a real fascination for life.

Homeland amazing plants

This plant came to us from Japan. In translation

1. “tree grown in a pot.”

2. “tree that is cut”.

About growing in buns near the houses of plants for culinary and
medical purposes are stated in the chronicles of ancient China and Egypt.
Later, the Japanese were interested in this way of growing bonsai.
turned this process into real art.

How to grow bonsai

Bonsai really grow from the usual seed of almost any
tree. But it is only by experienced craftsmen. For beginners
experts recommend starting to gain experience while caring for
sapling of one of the following trees.

It can be purchased at the garden center or dig
young sapling in the forest:

– Birch tree;

– oak;

– Pine;

– ficus;

– Chinese juniper;

– elm

Native tree species are more durable compared to
exotic species. Besides, we know better what kind of soil they
suitable location, diseases and pests that threaten them.

Of course, you can experiment with soil moisture. But such
experiments are unlikely to benefit the tree. The best option
is the observation of how it grows in nature.

The following points are important here.

1. The composition of the soil.

2. The amount of light needed for normal growth.

3. A shaded or lit area prefers a tree.

4. Dry or wet places like wood.

In addition, they are frost-resistant, so that the tree can winter, its
it is not necessary to keep heated in winter

Bonsai will grow and develop like a regular tree in autumn
the leaves will fall off, in the spring it will release the buds (except
coniferous trees). Miniature size and original form
consequence of active pruning and constant growth inhibition.

Step by Step Bonsai Growing Instructions

1. We take a tree sapling, about 15 centimeters high. The roots
we cut off, leaving no more than 8 centimeters.

Tip! To make the tree easier to stick, you need to take
familiar land, ie from the place where the tree grew.

2. The next step is pruning. Leave only
те, которые расположенные горизонтально относительно tree.

3. The growing tank should be small and wide. Land
will suit the following composition:

– garden soil – 3 parts;

– peat – 1 part;

– sand – 1 part.

On the bottom of the pot stack plastic grid. Before landing
the container with the prepared soil is carried out to fresh air.

4. Plant bonsai better in the fall, then throughout the winter
root well and take root in the new conditions better.

5. When the trunk grows more than 30 centimeters, it is necessary
cut off the crown, after which they are wrapped with soft wire. For
In order to get the tree of the desired shape, it is necessary not only to cut
branches are superfluous, but also some of the buds.

To get the desired shape will also help the following way: on
tree trunk put horizontal cuts. But it concerns
only some parts of the trunk, not all of it. In this way
удастся behindмедлить поток сока, а соответственно, рост tree.

6. Pegs will also help you to get the desired shape, as well as
Attach the barrel to the edge of the pot.

Bonsai tree forms

There are many forms for bonsai. But the most common of
consider them.

1. Наскальный. Most to form
such a bonsai tree suitable oak or cherry.

2. Наклоненный. The tree is tilted slightly in
the side.

3. Склоненный. Leaned so hard
(sometimes below the pot) that it seems as if he was blowing
wind. It is very important that the pot for such a plant is stable and
did not let the plant fall under its weight.

4. Мертвое дерево. Its feature is
in the absence of bark, so it resembles a dying tree.

5. Два the trunk. The tree is a common crown,
from which it grows two trunks or in one pot from one
точки 2 tree.

6. Иероглифы. Is a tree with a crown
leaves at the very top.

7. Полукаскад. The tree first grows up
then sharply down.

Caring for a bonsai tree at home

From the proper care of bonsai depends on the result to which
every gardener is keen. So in winter they remove large trees
shoots, sticking to the chosen form. Used for such works
sharp knives. Чтобы behindмедлить рост, при персадке
thick roots must be removed.

Полив надо осуществлять часто, но при небольших
amounts of water. But in any case, you need to focus on the breed
tree. So deciduous will need more moisture. Besides
watering trees should also be sprayed.

Удобрение тоже важный пункт ухода behind
dwarf trees. Feeding is necessary once a week special.
fertilizer, in the winter once a month.

Bonsai diseases and pests

Besides того, что при выращивании бонсай этому дереву понадобится
тщательный уход, ему может угрожать еще и множество behindболеваний и
pests. Among the pests are worth noting such:

Растительная тля. There is on the bottom
листьев, высасывает соки из tree. Aphids are removed from the leaves by a piece.
gauze, the plant is sprayed with insecticide.

Caterpillars She destroys the leaves and shoots. As a wrestling tree
treated with ashes or gypsum.

Щитовка и ложнощитовка. More often affects branches
the trunk. Bonsai is treated with a special insecticide.

Муравьи. They spoil the bark of the trunk, the leaves.
Corrode them can be a special poison.

Жук-точильщик. Makes maze under the bark
tree. For борьбы с ним, возможно, придется удалить часть

Клещ. Entangles cobweb leaves. Very small
in size, but is capable of causing tremendous harm. Places of defeat
after removal of the pest is treated with alcohol or acaricide.

If you decide to buy a bonsai tree

Разновидности бонсай – это не карликовые растения, а самые
ordinary trees, which can be given a wide variety of forms,
if time to pruning. Before buying a plant,
should know the following.

1. You can find on sale expensive bonsai tree, and more
its cheap counterpart. Only in the second case you should remember: you
purchased a young bonsai tree, so you have to
continue to shape and improve its shape. Also
это мог быть дерево низкого качества – обычный саженец, посаженный
in the pot and pruned.

2. Лучше откаbehindться от покупки бонсай в обычных садовых центрах,
they prefer a specialized nursery.

3. When buying a plant, request an information sheet, where
indicates for which soil the plant is intended: indoor
or for open ground.

4. Familiarize yourself with the bonsai tree formation styles. Plant
must meet one of them.

5. Pay attention to the leaves. They should be green
and look healthy (if it is, of course, not autumn). Branches must
to be healthy. The presence of dry twigs indicates unhealthy
able to bonsai. Дерево должно быть надежно behindфиксировано в
potted wire should not be ingrown into the barrel.

6. The soil in which the tree grows is of considerable importance.
It should be moderately moist, not tightly compacted, loose,
not covered in moss.

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