Walnut: beneficial properties, calorie andcomposition. Walnut: contraindications, precautions

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The healing properties of walnuts have been valued since ancient times.

Then they made all kinds of broths and infusions, which
coped effectively with many ailments.

Walnuts, which have a lot of useful properties, are
used today in medicine (nontraditional and
traditional), cooking and cosmetology. It is worth noting that
not only the kernels have healing properties, but also the leaves and bark
wood and peel. Walnuts do not have many contraindications
but better to get acquainted with them, to avoid unpleasant consequences
for your health.

The composition and calorie content of walnuts

Purified kernels are characterized by high nutritional value. Per 100
a gram of product accounts for 650 Kcal, so overeat nuts are not
recommended for those who watch their weight.

The composition of the product includes a large number
beneficial for the body of vitamins and minerals.

1. Vitamins – groups B, A, C, E, K, as well as omega-3.

2. Minerals – calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc,

3. Important amino acids for the body, as well as tannins

Walnut: useful properties

A product whose composition favorably affects the general
the state of the human body is also very nutritious.
To keep your health in good order, doctors recommend
daily use 5-6 purified nuclei.

Walnut: useful properties

1. Nut leaves are able to heal wounds, as they have
anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

2. Improve memory, stimulate brain activity.

3. Regular consumption of nuts allows you to saturate the body
antioxidants that inhibit the development of cancer

4. Enhance male potency.

5. Strengthen the immune system, nourish with vitamins and minerals,
allowing the body to better withstand various infections

6. A positive effect on the work of the heart muscle,
normalize blood pressure.

7. Normalize metabolic processes. Consuming nuts,
man cleans his intestines from toxins and slags forever
forgets about constipation.

Walnuts have few contraindications, they are recommended.
use patients with diabetes. Also the kernels are
excellent obesity prevention. Despite really
impressive calorie, if used correctly, they will help
quickly lose weight.

Use for therapeutic purposes: recipes unconventional

Walnut has so many beneficial properties that in folk
medicine, he simply could not go unnoticed. Every mistress
It is recommended to have in the arsenal a few simple but effective
recipes to be ready to meet any ailment.

1. To normalize the work of the intestine. If a person is often
faces constipation, he is recommended every day on an empty stomach
use 50 grams of walnuts with honey during the week.
This tool normalizes the gastrointestinal tract in the shortest possible time.

2. With hemorrhoidal bleeding and inflammation of the gums. In such
situation will help the infusion, made from walnut leaves.
They must be ground well beforehand. Then 1 tablespoon
the obtained powder from the leaves of a walnut is poured 250
boiling water, infused to cool completely, filtered. With
hemorrhoids need to be applied to the site lotion with infusion, and when
bleeding gums rinse the mouth with 2 times a
day during the week.

3. Tonic. On the basis of walnut can
cook a miracle cure that enhance
human performance, will give him vigor for the whole day.
Walnuts and dried apricots (100 grams) are thoroughly ground to
the formation of a homogeneous mass, there is added a single peel
lemon, 2 tablespoons of raisins and the same amount of honey. All is well
mix, store in the refrigerator. Recommended every morning
on an empty stomach to eat 1 teaspoon of funds.

Walnut: useful properties для красоты, применение в

The composition of a walnut contains substances that
favorably affect the condition of hair and skin. Not surprising,
that the kernels and leaves of the product are often used when creating
cosmetics. There are several recipes that you can do yourself
make at home.

1. Mask for oily skin.


• chicken egg protein – 2 pieces;

• ground oatmeal – 2 spoons;

• walnut oil – 1 spoon;

• honey – 1 spoon.

The face is washed with warm water, wiped off. All submitted
the ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained, obtained
The mask is applied to the epidermis for 20 minutes.

2. Mask for dry skin.

Chop the walnut kernel, add 1 tablespoon to it
melted butter and chicken yolk. All is well
Stir, add 1 teaspoon of honey. The mixture needs to be brought to
condition gruel, then put it on your face for 20 minutes. Such
It is recommended to carry out the procedure 2 times a week.

How else to apply in cosmetology грецкий орех? Beneficial features
The product extends to the hair. Oil Based Mask
walnut nourishes curls and scalp, returns hair
natural brilliance and volume. Withготовить такое питательное средство не


• walnut oil (2 tablespoons);

• liquid honey (1 tsp);

• egg.

All components are mixed until homogeneous.
consistency, mask gently rubbed into the skin with your fingertips
head, spreads evenly through the hair. Head necessarily
need to cover with plastic bag and tie a towel. Mask
washed off in half an hour with shampoo.

Withменение в кулинарии

Ways to use walnuts in cooking
incredibly much.

1. From the unripe green fruits of walnuts jam is prepared –
it is a valuable source of beneficial substances and an excellent delicacy.

2. Kernels serve as an excellent filling for cakes, pies,
chocolate and even cottage cheese desserts.

3. Nuts are indispensable when cooking oriental sweets –
baklava, Turkish delight, sherbet, nougat.

4. Kernels perfectly complement salads, perfectly combined
with fish and meat dishes.

5. Walnut oil is added to sauces and dressings to

Walnuts: contraindications to use

A nutritional product has a number of contraindications that
need to know.

Walnuts: contraindications and measures

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the product to people who have
there is an allergy to it or an increased sensitivity to
белкам растительного origin.

2. Because of the high calorie per day is not recommended.
use more than 5 kernels of nuts.

3. The product is not recommended for gastritis and gastric ulcer.

4. With панкреатите грецкие орехи категорически запрещены.

Walnuts do not have many contraindications, but their best
know to avoid unexpected body reaction to the product.
We must remember that everything is useful in moderation. If planned
use the nut for medicinal purposes, you must first
consult with your doctor.

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