Vitamin E: the benefits and harms of vitamin beauty.The secrets of using vitamin E with health benefits

Пн, 27 фев 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

The benefits of vitamin E are commonly discussed in connection with rejuvenation.
body and beauty of the skin. But recently a negative one has appeared
Information: scientists said that tocopherol could cause
development of cancer. Who is to believe and whether vitamin is useful


For what and in what dosage vitamin E is responsible

Contradictory information about tocopherol is alarming. However not
It is necessary to rush from one extreme to another: let’s see, for
what the body needs is a substance.

Vitamin E (another name tocopherol) is one of the most important
substances, without which the normal functioning of the body. If a
the concentration of tocopherol is low, problems begin in all
major systems and internal organs.

This vitamin is especially important for women:

• along with folic acid, it promotes well-being
conception, and safe childbearing;

• Vitamin E benefits from normalizing your menstrual period.
cycle, increasing libido;

• the normal content of the substance contributes to the overall
health of the whole body.

However, for men, the value of tocopherol is great. This substance
contributes to the normal production of sperm, and with their
failure increases the number of viable specimens. With
tocopherol deficiency in the male half of the world decreases
interest in sex, reduced production of sperm.

If a дефицит витамина Е испытывает женщина, она жалуется на
increased menopausal syndrome (emotional instability,
bad mood or his sudden jumps, sweating), dryness
vagina, violation of the cycle. A pregnant woman can occur
complications, so vitamin E protects the future baby from the negative
the environment.

There are also consequences of insufficiency that are common for men and women.

• destruction of muscle tissue until the development of muscular dystrophy
a skeleton;

• decrease in personal protection, frequent colds and illnesses.

How much vitamin E is required for normal flow
physiological processes in the body? Scientists have calculated the following
the rate of daily intake of the substance inside the human body:

• children under the age of 14 – from 6 to 12 mg;

• adult women and men – 12 mg;

• pregnant and nauseous women – 16 mg.

Get the vitamin the body needs daily. Otherwise
there will be a shortage. So carefully read the compositions of those
vitamin and mineral complexes that you take.

Where is contained

Chemical vitamins from the pharmacy – a mysterious thing. Many scientists
believe that the value is low since only natural
substances are perceived by the body as necessary, but artificially
the ones created are of no use (and this is at best). So that
need to replenish vitamin E deficiency
and more familiar to him with food.

The main source of vitamin E is edible vegetable oil,
but only unrefined. It can be not only butter
sunflower or olive, but also soybean oil, sesame, flax. Eating
just a spoonful a day, we prevent total cell destruction.
True, the entire value of the oil is preserved only if
not heat treated. Therefore, they need to refuel
porridge and salads in the cold.

The good news is that tocopherol is contained in many
food that can be easily found in our kitchen. List

• eggs;

• whole milk;

• sunflower seeds;

• nuts;

• cereals;

• beef liver;

• butter;

• fresh greens;

• spinach, radish, salad;

• potatoes, carrots;

• broccoli;

• avocado;

• sardines, salmon and other fatty fish.

From natural products, vitamin E is well absorbed. therefore
you need to plan your daily diet with an eye on
enrichment of the body with tocopherol. The harm from vitamin E can be in
extremely rare cases, and even then with the artificial addition of the diet
synthetic vitamins.

Vitamin E Benefits

The main function of tocopherol is to enrich the blood
with oxygen due to the protection of red blood cells – blood cells containing
hemoglobin. Vitamin E, among other things, thins the blood,
preventing the development of atherosclerosis and the formation of blood clots.

As a powerful antioxidant substance, tocopherol reduces
probability of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular
diseases. However, the benefits of vitamin E are not limited to
ability to postpone the onset of old age. Wonderful stuff
helping a person cope with other ailments:

• reduces disease progression by more than 30 percent

• protects the lungs;

• reduces the risk of prostate cancer;

• normalizes the reproductive system;

• has a positive effect on the endocrine system, which allows
more effectively fight diabetes and asthma;

• reduces the level of bad cholesterol, prevents
regeneration of normal cells into cancerous.

Tocopherol is prescribed in violation of the production of hormones, with
increased physical activity, after chemotherapy and abdominal operations,
in violation of the pancreas glands, gallbladder and
liver, in the treatment of alcoholism and diseases of the nervous system, for
cataract treatment.

Irreplaceable tocopherol and to preserve the beauty of the skin. is he
prevents the appearance of senile pigment spots, deep
skin wrinkles and fine wrinkles, maintains the strength of nails and gives
live shine to hair. In addition, vitamin E protects against

Can vitamin E harm

If a не превышать рекомендуемую врачами норму поступления
tocopherol in the body, no harm vitamin E will not bring. it
the substance is completely non-toxic. However, it should always be remembered that
any medicine can turn into poison if exceeded

Симптомы превышения количества tocopherol:

• nausea;

• diarrhea;

• flatulence;

• pressure increase;

• internal bleeding;

• enlarged liver;

• violation of blood clotting;

• allergic skin manifestations (rash, itching, urticaria).

It is dangerous to exceed the dose in the first weeks of pregnancy, since
the harm of vitamin E to a fetus can be fatal: cause
congenital abnormalities of the heart.

With одновременном приеме токоферола и стероидов, а также
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen,
diclofenac) the effect of the latter is enhanced. Harmful can be
vitamin E and if used together with drugs
iron (anticoagulants). In addition, incompatible tablets
tocopherol with drugs pressure.

Extreme care should be taken when taking tocopherol when
the presence of the following diseases:

• myocardial infarction;

• cardiosclerosis;

• thromboembolism.

Scientists have found that smoking is high in fatty foods.
adversely affects the state of the cardiovascular system. but
taking tocopherol in pill form did not improve the condition
these people. therefore надеяться на то, что витамин Е снизит вред жира
and nicotine for the lungs, liver, stomach, not worth it.

To be treated with tocopherol, of course, is impossible. But in quality
prophylactic medication prescribed by a doctor this substance will have
strong support for the immune system.

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