Vitamin E during pregnancy and not only

Thu, Mar 24, 2016

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is a very important element: it participates in
many metabolic processes occurring in the body is
Excellent antioxidant, prevents blood clots,
strengthens the walls of capillaries, immunity.

And most importantly, he is simply indispensable in such a matter as
reproduction, i.e. ability to reproduce and continue
kind of. Tocopherol is translated from Greek as “bringing
offspring “:” tokos “- childbearing,” ferol “- to bring.

An interesting experience was put by scientists in mice: as soon as
rodents stopped giving food containing vitamin E, they
became fruitless. Tocopherol deficiency in the body of a woman
leads to disturbances in the ovaries, and in men – to
improper spermatogenesis. Therefore, prescribe vitamin e for
pregnancy to future moms, and at the planning stage of the baby –
also future fathers. It helps to improve the quality of seed
fluids: sperm motility increases and
germ cells with abnormalities decreases. For women
at the planning stage, tocopherol plays an even more important role: he
maintains the balance of hormonal levels, which contributes to maturation
ovum and leads to ovulation.

At the time of conception a woman should have a certain reserve.
vitamin E because he contributes to the safe attachment
the ovum to the uterus and is necessary for normal development
embryo. After all, important organs and systems are laid at the future.
child from the very first weeks and he begins to scoop the necessary
�”Building” material in the form of vitamins and trace elements from
maternal organism.

Why do I need to take vitamin e during pregnancy

The value of tocopherol for the mother’s organism, as well as
The normal course of pregnancy is very high. He is not only
takes part in the formation and maturation of the placenta, but also
prevents its aging and detachment, provides through the placenta
blood flow between mother and child.

Vitamin E is necessary in the body of a pregnant woman for the synthesis
many hormones, including prolactin – a hormone that after
childbirth will be responsible for lactation – the formation of breast milk
feeding. Usually vitamin E during pregnancy in the first 12-14
weeks are prescribed to everyone, since he contributes to its preservation,
prevents spontaneous abortion, keeps hormonal
balance in the body of a woman and participates in the process of laying systems and
important organs of the fetus.

In the second and third trimester, vitamin E during pregnancy in the form of
capsules do not have to be used: it is sufficient
found in multivitamin complexes that are in this period
prescribed for pregnant women.

Is it necessary to take vitamin E during pregnancy in the form of

If a woman has the ability to provide themselves in the right
quantity of natural, organic products rich in
tocopherol then take extra vitamin e during pregnancy
в виде capsules нет необходимости. After all, great efficiency on
The body has those vitamins, microelements and other beneficial
substances that come with food. But, as shows
practice, expectant mothers are still more comfortable to take vitamin e with
pregnancy in the form of drugs. First, it is convenient
– no need to calculate the amount of tocopherol contained in
products, just drink a pill or dragee.

And secondly, not always a pregnant woman can
eat well, for certain reasons, for example, when
tormenting toxicosis. You can combine both ways: partially vitamin
E will come with food, in part – in the form of medicinal
drug. В этом случае дозу витамина в capsulesах нужно

Taking synthetic vitamins is recommended while taking
food, so vitamin e during pregnancy is better absorbed. Special
Vitamin E is well absorbed with fatty foods, so vegetable salads
it is better to fill not with mayonnaise, and not sour cream, but vegetable
oil. Vitamin E is found mainly in herbal products, and
also in egg yolks, liver, milk. Tocopherol rich:

– germinated wheat grains; – unrefined vegetable oils
(sunflower, olive); – avocado; – mango, peaches, sea buckthorn; –
bran; – spinach, broccoli; – nuts, seeds; – raspberry leaves, fruits
wild rose; – dandelion, nettle. A large amount of vitamin E
found in unrefined vegetable oils. Therefore, for
replenishment of tocopherol, can be mixed cedar, olive and
sunflower oil, taken in equal quantities, and consume this
смесь ежедневно, по столовой ложке утром и вечером.Витамин
E during pregnancy: overdose, compatibility with other
препаратами, побочные действия
Токоферол — жирорастворимый
витамин, поэтому capsulesы, для лучшего усвоения, покрывают жировой
shell. Assign vitamin e during pregnancy, usually 300-400mg
every day. The dosage is determined by the doctor, due to the individual
features of a pregnant woman, he can reduce or increase the dose, but
no more than 1000 mg per day – maximum safe
limit. In medical practice, there were cases when
vitamin e during pregnancy was taken by women in a very
high doses (more than 1000 mg per day), which resulted in
Fetal Congenital Defects. Tocopherol is a very necessary vitamin when
pregnancy, but it should be taken only with the approval of the doctor,
which sets the duration of the course. With long
drug overdose is possible because it accumulates
in the body in adipose tissue. Therefore, when it detects
allergic reactions, skin rashes, diarrhea, nausea, weakness,
taking synthetic vitamin should be discontinued. Vitamin e with
pregnancy is not used in conjunction with iron preparations, because these
two elements are incompatible. After taking tocopherol, must pass
at least 8 hours so that he has time to digest himself in the body, only
then you can take another drug. The same rule is necessary
adhere to and nutrition: foods rich in iron and enriched
vitamin E should be consumed at different times.


Marina Evgenievna 03/28/2016 Women used to work the whole pregnancy
and in the field they gave birth, there was no time to think about vitamins. Modern
a woman in position is a completely different plot. Alika 03/28/2016
The main thing, as in everything, is not to overdo it. Still, vitamin E –
drug. Dashulya 03/28/2016 Once again made sure
need to take vitamin E. Specify the rate at the gynecologist, because he
found in complex vitamins, which I drink regularly.
Catherine 03/28/2016 Planning a pregnancy. Will have to husband not only
folic acid to feed, but also vitamin E. Nothing would agree as
sweetie! Diana 03/28/2016 What is a delicious vitamin E.
Just look at the photo! To my pregnant desires added
green pea. Just where his spouse will get, not crazy
I will attach :)))

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