Vision during pregnancy

Thu, Dec 01, 2016

Many women who have had vision problems since childhood
are confident that they will not be allowed into independent deliveries by prescribing
compulsory cesarean section (CS). But problems problems
discord, therefore, according to the rules, a pregnant woman is observed
ophthalmologist throughout pregnancy, watching the state
retina. In fact, observation is reduced only to mandatory bypass.
all specialists, including an oculist, at the end of pregnancy, for
recommendations for the management of labor. Women often complain about not
every doctor practices attentive and individual approach,
therefore, two extreme options apply. Doctors — reinsurers
send any future mom with vision problems to
Caesarean section, or conduct a quick inspection, recommending
natural childbirth with the excluded period. In which
Cases applied by the COP?

Ophthalmologist examination

By itself, poor vision, myopia or hyperopia,
indications for the prohibition of natural childbirth are not considered. Some
mistakenly believe that there are certain limits – for example,
with vision, 3 deliveries will be natural, but with 8 CS
inevitably. But the specialist pays attention to other parameters:

  • There is a risk of retinal detachment;
  • Progressive myopia;
  • Changes in the fundus.

During the examination, the ophthalmologist checks precisely these factors –
examines the retina for changes. Pregnancy is not easy
condition, therefore, those who have any vision problems,
It is recommended not to postpone a visit to an ophthalmologist, but to be observed in
this specialist once a month. Excessive loads during
pregnancy and childbirth can aggravate existing problems and lead

  • Retinal dystrophy;
  • Retinal tears;
  • Отслойке retina.

Independent birth

Additionally, the doctor conducts fundus research – this is how
once the same, unloved by many, the extended check procedure
using pupil drops. If there are no violations,
a woman is allowed to separate childbirth, while
recommended excluded period. What does this mean?
The second period of labor involves significant efforts.
on the part of the woman in labor – because for the birth of the child she will have
use all the power, directing it to push the fetus. For
facilitate and accelerate this step can be applied
mandatory procedure episiotomy – cutting the perineum. Much
depends on the correct behavior of the mother and the prenatal
preparation. The ability to properly push allows you to reduce the load
on the vessels of the head and significantly accelerates the process itself.

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