Diet without salt and sugar: the pros and cons,basic principles. Everyday menus and effective diet recipeswithout salt

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Diet without salt и сахара набирает все больше популярности среди
wanting to lose weight.

It has been proven that man uses this seasoning in much
more than his body needs.

It is the abuse of salty foods that causes problems with excess
weight and diseases such as osteoporosis, kidney problems,
high blood pressure, diseases of the joints.

The list is endless.

However, this does not mean that salt must now be abandoned to the full
a life.

A small “rest” in 10-15 days will benefit the body.

Diet without salt: положительные и отрицательные стороны режима
power supply

If there was a perfect diet, the problem with
obesity. However, given the fact that overweight people
every year it becomes more and more, we can conclude that not all
режимы power supply для похудения так хороши, как их описывают. Diet
without salt и сахара не является исключением. She has her advantages and
cons, which you need to know before you start the fight for
slim figure.

Positive sides

1. Salt-free diet will get rid of edema and excess

2. Effective and has no contraindications.

3. Does not require extra costs.

4. Useful for people who suffer from kidney disease or
heart disease.

Negative sides

1. It is not recommended in the summer period, as a diet without
salt deprives the body of large amounts of moisture.

2. Not recommended for people who are constantly exposed.
heavy physical exertion.

Diet without salt и сахара: разрешенные и запрещенные

Если женщина планирует изменить свой рацион power supply путем
сведения к минимуму употребления соли, нужно знать, какие products
you can use, and which are in the category of “taboo”.

В список продуктов, которые разрешает диета without salt и сахара,
includes the following:

• oven-dried bread;

• whole grain bread;

• first courses cooked in vegetable broth;

• lean meat and fish;

• vegetables with cheese and boiled (zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers,

• seasonal berries and fruits;

• молочные products (свежий творог, кефир, яйца).

It is also very useful to cook at home without adding
sugar and salt compotes and jellies from seasonal berries and fruits.

В список продуктов из категории «табу» includes the following:

• broth on meat or fish;

• too smoked, fried and fatty dishes;

• marinades and pickles;

• sweets and flour products;

• pork and lamb.

Несмотря на то, что диета without salt влечет за собой отказ в
favorite foods, you need to remember that it will benefit. Excess weight
adversely affects human health at any age. Diet
without salt и сахара — это возможность урегулировать свой ежедневный
diet, revise the menu and stimulate the proper functioning of the stomach
and intestines.

Diet without salt: особенности режима power supply

Salt-free diet does not urge a person categorically
refuse to use this seasoning. The bottom line is
to reduce its amount to one that does not harm
to the body. Few people know that the daily human need for salt
makes 5-8 grams. In the summer, the dose increases to
30-40 grams per day.

В составе продуктов power supply уже есть соль, этого количества
enough to compensate for the daily
the need of the body. However, not everyone understands this, so assiduously
use seasoning, seasoning her soups and other dishes.

Diet without salt и сахара подразумевает отказ от дополнительного
use seasoning. Through две недели такого режима power supply
уходит от 5 до 7 kilogram. Instead of salt, the flavor of the dish can be given
with onions, garlic or spices. The body will not
experience discomfort.

To enhance the process of losing weight you need to eat often, but
in small portions. It is important to pay special attention to seasonal
vegetables and fruits, other products that include healthy
for humans, minerals and vitamins.

Sample menu for 15 days

Меню диеты without salt можно составить самостоятельно. If this
causes difficulties, you can use the presented
рационом, рассчитанным на 15 days

1. The first three days can be made “meat”. During the day
consumed no more than 500 grams of boiled chicken breast. She is
very nourishing, so the feelings of hunger will not have to.

2. The next three days, “fish.” The body will get used to
a small amount of food consumed, so 500 grams of boiled
low-fat fish will be very well digested.

3. From day 7 to day 9, emphasis is placed on cereals. This may be buckwheat,
oatmeal. It is allowed to add a small amount to the serving.

4. Day 10-12 – focus on vegetables. They can be anything but
potato Few people know that potatoes give empty calories and not
nourishes the body with nutrients.

5. The last three days you can indulge yourself with fruits and berries.
The only caveat is to limit it to grapes and bananas so
as they have a lot of sugar. Any other fruits are allowed,
Especially attention should be paid to citrus. For example, grapefruit
burns fat well and is characterized by a small energy

Useful tips

1. If suddenly on the street caught hunger, you should not despair.
You can quench it with fruit or low-fat yogurt, purchased
in the nearest shop.

2. To cook the dishes were not fresh, instead of salt there
turmeric, lemon juice, mustard or horseradish is added.

3. You need to train yourself to put portions not in large dishes, but
in small plates. So you can visually deceive your stomach.
It will seem to him that a person has eaten a large plate, feelings
hunger will not.

4. A diet without salt and sugar should be observed at work.
place As a snack, oatmeal quick
cooking, no added sweeteners.

5. Useful advice for housewives – to rid yourself of the temptation
salt the dish, the salt shaker must be removed from the working surface and
put on the dining table. If any member of the family wants
use seasoning, let him do it only in his
a plate.

Diet without salt: recipes

1. Vegetable low-calorie soup

For cooking you will need:

• radish (10 pieces);

• fresh cucumbers (2 pieces);

• celery (2 stalks);

• tomatoes (3-4 pieces).

This instant soup is great for a diet.
without salt and sugar. All ingredients are finely chopped and
laid out on the plates. Tomatoes are dipped in boiling water to
The skin was easier to take off. Then the tomatoes scroll in a blender until
formation of a homogeneous mass with garlic. Laid out by
the plates are filled with vegetables and low-fat kefir
Tomato mixture is added.

2. Fruit and vegetable salad

In a convenient container is mixed in the same quantity (300
gram) chopped apricot, white cabbage, zucchini.
There is also added red onion to taste. You can add a little
cheese Salad dressed with olive oil.

3. Chicken fritters with vegetables

A small piece of fresh chicken fillet is cut into small
cubes. There is rubbed onions. The resulting mixture should be allowed to stand.
30-35 minutes. For meat, carrot is cut into small cubes. Taste
the mixture is seasoned with lemon juice and herbs. A spoon of soda is poured,
to make it easier to sculpt form. Pancakes are roasted over low heat
10 minutes on each side.

4. Fish in batter

Favorite fish fillets crumbly in flour, raw egg and breading
bread crumbs The pieces are fried in olive oil to form
golden brown crust.

5. Spring recipe

Simple and quick recipe for a delicious dish. Finely chopped root
celery and zucchini. All fried in olive oil, watered
lemon juice. The minimum number of calories, besides, the dish
contains a lot of vitamins.

6. Salad dressing

This dressing is suitable for any vegetable salad. Notice
no salt will be impossible, so it gives a rich flavor
and impeccable taste. It will take 4 tablespoons of olive oil,
100 grams of basil and squeezed juice from two lemons. Everything
grinded in a blender – salad dressing is ready.

7. Fillet of fish in foil

Fish cooked in foil is the perfect diet meal.
without salt and sugar. Portioned sliced ​​fillet mixed with
нарезанной зеленью и поливается lemon juice. The resulting dish
wrapped in foil and baked for 30-40 minutes.

Many recipes can be created independently, knowing
permitted foods for diet. From any vegetables and fruits
the woman will easily make a delicious smoothie, whipping everything in a blender. Such
Cocktail is a great substitute for breakfast.

Salt-free diet: the principles of the organization of the diet

1. Water – during the day, you need to drink no less than 8-9
glasses. It removes slags and toxins from the body, excess salt.
A small amount of water can be replaced with green tea without
sweeteners or fresh citrus juice.

2. Diet without salt implies separation of meals by 5-6
time. Last time you need to eat 3 hours before bedtime,
so that the stomach has time to digest foods.

3. In no case should you allow yourself to pass, even if
This is a fruit salad. Of course, the first time will be hard to get used to.
to reduced portions. A little trick will help faster.
adjust to the diet. 15 minutes before meals you need to drink a glass
water. It will fill part of the stomach, which will allow a feeling of fullness.
come faster.

4. If a person conducts active brain activity, a diet without
salt and sugar can reduce its performance. To prevent this
happened, it is recommended to purchase a complex of vitamins and drink them on
throughout the 15th day of the new diet.

5. The duration of the diet without salt is not more than 15
days After this, a break is necessarily taken.

6. Charge in the morning. Some physical exercise will help.
pump up muscles, improve metabolism and stimulate the burning process

It is important to understand that the first days of a salt-free diet will be launched.
dehydration process. For this reason, do not need wonder what
The number of kilos dropped will be quite impressive. Through
5-6 days the body will get used a little and stop experiencing stress.
A day will go on 200-300 grams of weight.

After a diet without salt and sugar, it is important to continue to monitor your
diet and not return to the full use of spices.
This will result in extra pounds coming back.

A diet without salt is a complete diet based on
eating healthy foods and nourishing the body with nutrients
in the allowable amount. If there is a desire to get rid of forever
hateful kilogram, using the presented recipes and
useful advice is sure to succeed.

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