Variety of gooseberry breeding methods.Features gooseberry reproduction and further carescrub

Ср, 06 июл 2016 Автор: Ирина Унжакова

Gooseberry – high-yielding and perennial garden culture,
loved by many gardeners and gardeners.

Gooseberry care is based on fairly simple.
principles of its cultivation. Timely watering, loosening the soil,
choice of sunny spots for landing, as well as preventive
the treatment of this shrub from pests, here is the main care for this
picky plant.

But gooseberry breeding is not quite easy.
by occupation. To a large extent, success in this matter depends on the choice
of a plant variety. And for each variety has its own
The breeding method is suitable for this particular plant for several reasons.
his individual character.

For example, European gooseberry variety is recommended to propagate
layering, hybrid – green or combined cuttings.
But lignified processes of the gooseberry reproduces badly because of
their weak rooting him.

You can even try to propagate this shrub seed
However, this method will not yield a harvest soon, and
taste and size will be great to differ from
maternal plant.

Gooseberry can even be planted on currants of different types, but
There are ways that are much simpler and less laborious.

Gooseberry breeding method – horizontal layers

Propagation using horizontal layouts is more appropriate.
hold in mid-autumn or early spring until blooming
gooseberry buds, and while the soil is still saturated with moisture.

You must choose a healthy shrub of five years old with
three-year branches of the lower tier. After these branches need
trim one-year shoots to 1/3 the length, which will contribute to
future best growth of lateral buds and the formation of strong
shoots with a well-developed root system.

After cutting, the twigs must be pressed to the ground and laid them
in small trenches prepared in advance and secure
special hooks. Then the trench with the twigs need to be powdered
with fertile soil, water and promulgate them.

Important! Water and feed the future
Gooseberry is needed regularly.

In a short time, new shoots will appear on the allotted branches.
After they reach ten centimeters, they need to be
Spud and after a fortnight to repeat this procedure.

In late autumn, a sprig with a well-established root system
need to cut off from the parent plant, dig and divide (by
cutting) based on the number of rooted branches.

Then the shoots need to be sorted, cut them off (1/4
length). After landing on a permanent place for further growth and

Gooseberry breeding method – arcuate layering

Some gooseberry varieties have shoots in the form of arcs that
reach to the ground and rooted with ease. Therefore rooting in
this case can take place without the intervention of the gardener and
pretty quick.

Although the plant can be a bit and help. For this in the place where
there is a touch you need to dig a small hole in it
put a twig, fix and sprinkle it over the ground.

By autumn, a rooted tap must be separated from the main
bush and dig it. After seedlings with roots to plant on their
permanent growth place.

The method of such reproduction is considered the easiest, however, with
gooseberry twigs are only one

Gooseberry breeding method – vertical layers

This method is used if they want to rejuvenate the gooseberry. AT
spring you just need to sprinkle the shrub fertilized and
moistened soil to a height of 20 cm, and then as the branches
sprout their spud.

К началу осеннего периода при верном за scrub уходе можно
will already be preparing for the process of separating the rooted
young saplings

Method of reproduction of gooseberry – lignified cuttings

It is recommended to harvest cuttings from spring, not yet
buds have blossomed. And in the autumn, it is better to cut them
just before landing. For better rooting and development in
future gooseberry need to cut cuttings from the tops

After the earth thaws in spring – cuttings can be planted on
required depth. Before landing, they can be stored in
refrigerator, wrapped in a moist cloth beforehand and pack in

In the autumn, the cuttings must be planted in pre
prepared ridge with fertile soil. Distance between
cuttings should be at least 15 cm. For better rooting
cuttings are recommended to land at an angle of 45. After landing
cuttings the soil around them is compacted, then watered and mulched
compost or peat.

After snow melting the soil next to the seedlings is necessary
loosen, level and continue, thus, further care
for gooseberry during the remaining season.

Method of reproduction of gooseberry – green cuttings

This breeding method is much more efficient and more reliable than
previous. The best time to graft in this way is
mid summer. But the development and growth of cuttings will completely depend
from weather conditions.

Long cuttings should be no more than 15 cm and they should be cut
knife or razor. Thus prepared cuttings
it is better to handle a special solution for effective
growth and good rooting. AT таком растворе срезы черенков нужно
maintain for a day at a temperature of 25.

Then the slices need to be washed under some water and landed in
a special nursery (schematically, 3 * 6 and 1.5 cm in depth).

Land in the nursery must be prepared
in advance:

• the surface layer should consist of compost with sand
(1: 1).

• the middle fertile layer should consist of last year’s

• The drainage layer should be slightly damp when disembarking, but not

It is also important for seedlings to create the necessary conditions for their
better rooting. Saplings should be warm, and the humidity level
quite high. Air temperature during the daytime should not
drop below 18 degrees and be less than 16 at night

After the roots have formed the roots they need to start
constantly weed away weeds, loosen the soil and
feed the plants.

Gooseberry breeding method – by dividing the bush

This method of reproduction is used if
the need to transplant any valuable gooseberry bush with
one place to another.

A year before this process, cut all the old ones under the root.
branches. Для проращивания новых shoots. A year later, the bush is necessary
dig up, divide it into several parts and land in advance
prepared pits.

It is better to make such a transplant in autumn or spring.

Method of reproduction of gooseberry – perennial branches

After circumcision in the spring or autumn period, the remaining old
branches must be placed in the prepared holes and sprinkle
them over the ground. And on the surface should remain only
makovka and green shoots of this year. Before the start of shoot growth
soil should be regularly moistened. Autumn branch need to dig out and
divided into individual seedlings, and after planting them on a permanent
a place.

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