Varieties of universal balsamines: their features,description and photo. Subtleties growing cultivar balsamines inthe room

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Balsam remains one of the popular plants.
Today, many varieties of this crop have been developed, which can
выращивать как в открытом грунте, так и в the room. it
unpretentious shrub, almost continuous

Balsam flowers uncomplicated, but very beautiful. Special
popular terry varieties, buds that resemble
roses Grow balsam easy.

Universal types of balsam for indoor floriculture

Balsam comes from tropical forests. In the natural environment
habitat it grows as a perennial, but we have it most often
cultivated as an annual crop. Some varieties form
compact bushes that are quite suitable for planting in
containers or pots. Такое растение выращивают в the room, на
veranda, in the balcony boxes. Flowering continues to the most
frost, and if you remove the pot in a warm room, then all winter
bush will be covered with buds.

Popular varieties for indoor floristry on the right
are considered:

– Walser balsam;

– Peters Balsam;

– New Guinea balsam;

– Fiesta;

– Tomb Samb.

These low-growing plants are most adapted to the conditions
content. They are cultivated as perennial indoor flowers or
pot annuals.

Known balsam Waller varieties and features of care

Бальзамин Валлера или известный в народе
�”Roly wet” is characterized by a variety of colors and structure
flower Modern hybrids with terry flowers and lush green
leaves are especially in demand among flower growers.

The first terry grade is considered “Tik-Tac”. Coloring colors from
pink to dark red. Modern hybrids are painted white,
purple or blue color. The flowers are large, bright, pretty
attractive. Varieties with brown-red

Серии бальзаминов Валлера пополнились
two-color varieties:

– Cinderella;

– Zig-Zag;

– Rose Star;

– Novetta Star.

The flowers of these plants have characteristic white stripes on
petals and stained core.

Серия Fanciful Tropical включает в себя сорта с
semi-double flowers. Coloring petals from coral to

Balsam Waller has its own characteristics of cultivation, about which
worth remembering. If the plant is planted in a container and in warm weather
is on the balcony, it should be protected from strong wind
and rain. Its stems are too fragile.

In room conditions balsam often suffers from a lack of
lighting and dryness of the air, so the lower part is exposed. From
This decorative flower spoils, you need to cut cuttings and
re-root them.

For abundant flowering balsam requires a low
temperature that in room conditions is not always possible. �”Roly
“prefers wet soil, so watering should be
plentiful. Between watering the soil should dry out.

Сортовой бальзамин Петерса: уход и содержание в the room

Разновидность бальзамина Петерса в природе
reaches up to 1 m in height. В the room выращивают только карликовые
varieties of this plant. They form compact bushes up to 25-35 cm.
Outwardly, this look is similar to Waller’s balsam, but it has a dark
foliage, and the color of flowers often bright red. Today exist
varieties with lilac, white and rose colored petals.

itт цветок лучше располагать на южных или западных окнах. For
full bloom he needs about two hours of bright light in
day. Watering a bush should be 2-3 times a week. In the period of active
growth fertilized with complex mineral supplements. Generally,
non-capricious flower, does not require high humidity.

Varieties of balsam new guinean universal purpose

The New Guinean hybrid is widely known as a houseplant.
The seeds of this hybrid are grown in greenhouses, and for sale
pot plants are already coming. Self grow new
copy will not work.

Fromличительной чертой этой линии бальзаминов являются крупные
flowers that bloom throughout the year. Coloring
petals can be varied. Leaves of these plants
bright green or bronze. Externally, it is compact
attractive bushes.

Все новогвинейские сорта бальзаминов объединены
in the series:

– “Harmony”. Bushes well branched, large flowers, leaves

– “Mini Gini.” Small-flowered plant with dark leaves,
blooms continuously.

– “Exotic”. Varieties with two-tone color petals.

– “Macarena”. Variety with dark saturated leaves, coloring
petals orange.

– “Jungle Rain”. Varieties with bed gamut shades.

New Guinea balsams prefer warm and bright light, not
carry gusts of strong wind and drafts. They are grown in
the room, на террасе или в балконных ящиках.

Compact bushes need regular watering and dressing.
Planted them in the peat substrate. Throughout the season
air humidity is required to avoid fungal

Balsam Fiesta: characteristics of varieties and rules of care

Серия Фиеста славится махровыми цветами
various colors. Varieties are easily propagated by cuttings, which
cut off throughout the season.

Все популярные сорта собраны in the series:

– Tempo. it невысокие кустки до 25 см. Существуют сорта с
peach colored petals and orange heart. And also with
pink flowers, the middle of which is crimson.

– “Accent”. Растения компактные до 15 см. Coloring лепестков
two-tone in pink and salmon tones. The flowers are large.

– “Farfly”. Bushes up to 25 cm, flowering profusely. The flowers are small,
delicate shades.

These balsamines prefer moderate air temperatures,
therefore, on hot days they are recommended to spray. At the same time you need
make sure that the moisture does not fall on the flowers. Winter sprayed with
caution, only in a warm room. If the pot with
the plant is cool, then spraying is not carried out.

For полива используют отстоянную воду. Regular watering is done,
when the soil is 1 cm dry

Balsam variety Tomb Samb and planting tips

it изящное растение с крупными махровыми цветами было завезено
from China. But today it is grown everywhere as a room or
pot plant.

Compact bushes densely covered with elongated foliage. Flowers can
to be a variety of colors, but more often it is delicate pink tones.
Petals of terry type, large. Flowering occurs in the first
half of the summer and lasts until the end of autumn.

При выращивании в the room цветоводы сталкиваются с проблемой
lighting. Shoots often pull out and lose their decorativeness.
This is especially noticeable in the cold season, so pink
balsam is recommended to grow as letnik, gardening balconies and

Shoots Tomb Samba fragile, watery. Do not have
pots in open areas and drafts. Variety lends itself well
cuttings, so in the fall healthy shoots can be cut and
root in the greenhouse. All winter young balsam contain in
cool conditions with good lighting. Spring plant endure
to fresh air.

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