Valery Leontiev sits on a oatmeal diet

The cult singer Valery Leontiev, even at sixty
incredibly energetic and smart. Slim and young singer
are not easy. But he understands perfectly – thinness is not given
easy. A couple of months before his anniversary, Valery Yakovlevich surprised
fans: on his ideal waist, he somehow found
a few extra pounds.

Valery Leontiev sits on a oatmeal diet
The singer took the matter seriously and dropped in one fell swoop as much as half
ten. For four weeks, Leontiev was starving and drank only water. By the end
term, he began to allow himself to lean fish and some fruits. TO
besides, he did not stop training at the home gym.

The most interesting thing is that Valery Leontiev does not refer to
nutritionists and constantly diets are not sitting. In his opinion, the best and
The most effective diet is not at all. Singer abandoned
potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and alcohol a couple of decades
backwards Today, his menu is some boiled meat, boiled fish,
vegetables and fruits. In general, nothing unusual – except fanatical
devotion to the stage: for her sake Leontiev puts his body on
most severe diet. And most importantly – he does not eat after six
o’clock in the evening and forbids doing it to your home. Artist believes
that successful weight loss is facilitated by joint efforts throughout

Food restriction is not the only means by which Leontiev
maintains its shape. The artist rehearses a lot every day.
spends several hours in the gym and on the treadmill.
Even on vacation, Leont’ev continues to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
of life. And from the new year of 2010, Valery Leontiev decided to pay
your physical form even more attention, and quit smoking.
To fight the addiction Valery decided with his wife
Lyudmila. And this singer succeeds. He hasn’t smoked for months now.
very angry when in the intervals between rehearsals someone from his
dance group smokes behind the scenes.

Quitting smoking, the singer gained four kilos, but as always
quickly overcame them. TOак только он замечает, что начинает
get better, immediately sits on an oatmeal diet. For a week of eating
Leontyev’s oatmeal boiled on water loses three kilograms. To
to diversify the oatmeal menu, he allows himself some vegetables and
fruits. The Russian pop star drinks only pure water – and
no compotes, fruit drinks and jelly.

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